Sober October Journal- day 8

It’s been a full week, everyone! 🎉

To date I have been keeping myself pretty positive about this whole sobriety this month. I’m not sure many people know about Sober October, but it is a worth while challenge. And it isn’t always just about not drinking alcohol. Most times people try to take the thirty-one day challenge to change health habits like quitting smoking, not abusing drugs, stop overeating, or tackling laziness. Or some deranged people like to tackle all the bad health habits at once to reallllllly suffer.

That is me. I’m deranged. I decided to take on no alcohol, no junk food, mindful portions while eating and being more active. Like I have mentioned, I am a potato but this mamma wants to be at least… a hot pear. Maybe a cucumber? Gourd? Wait, what fruit is the sexiest body shape?

As of today, I feel really good. My face looks good, my skin is bright. But that’s not my big issue. My issues are my weight and alcohol consumption that could be affecting my health in the future. I am hoping this challenge will help me keep my wits to drink only for celebrations and such.

Since I have cut out wine nightly, and haven’t looked for it, I think that is tell tale of doing good on that front. I have kept up with being more active. I started yoga last week. Which I will repeat, is hard! Today, I did a half hour of weighted abs and arm work along with a PopSugar youtube trainer. My goal is to alternate yoga and weighted workouts at least three days a week.

Maybe I need a camera phone 🏗 crane?

I tried hard this week to eat smaller portions without giving into any wants for junk food. Technically, I don’t eat terribly, I have great willpower with regards to junk food but I don’t when it comes to meals. I like eating a big meal. I eat to feel full rather than listening to my body and stopping before the signals fire. Because..I’m Italian. Food is our everyday version of passion. We cook. We share. We enjoy. We express ourselves through it. We use it to celebrate and we make every excuse to eat. Seriously. We develop so much of ourselves in tune with food it’s like a cult.

I dont know if I have lost any weight though I feel less bloated and my stomach feels good. My scale had run out of batteries this week, WHICH we bought at Costco yesterday. I haven’t had a chance to put them in yet. Also, I am sort of reluctant to. That is my anxietal inner Debbie Downer. What if all this hard work gives me no visual results? Like what if that scale number is not going down? I’d be devastated. Just deflated.

Ugh I know, I just have to do it and shut up.

Well, I gotta run back to working now. thank you for reading! Take care! Xo

2 thoughts on “Sober October Journal- day 8

  1. Keep going, you know you can do the challenge! I didn’t like what the weigh scale said to me this morning. Great photo, I love your smile! 😊

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