Unicorn Birthday

Unicorn Birthday!

Happy birthday to my September girls!

We celebrated our daughters’ birthdays Saturday with an Unicorn theme party.  Our daughters are obsessed with unicorns and rainbows, so when I suggested some options for a birthday theme this year (between a unicorn theme, Just Add Magic theme, or an emoji theme) they jumped at the idea of an unicorn party.

So.. where to begin with creating such a colorful party?..


The Invitation

Making the invitation ourselves is always a fun part of the party brainstorming.  As I have mentioned before, having an artist in the family makes creating things like invitations or decorations a lot easier.  I have a lot of ideas swirling in my mind but am not talented enough to do them on my own, so something that would take me days or cost me a lot, ends up being made in an hour and basically costs pennies using our printer.

We knew this invite had to have at least one unicorn on it and the kids caricatures.  I always like to incorporate them into the invite, it brings me joy and giggles. So this is what we came up with. The kids LOVED IT!


The Cake and Sweets Table

The first thing I bought for the party was the Unicorns are Real cake topper by Meri Meri.  Their designs are swoon worthy.  So when I found the cake topper at Marshall’s for $3.99 at the beginning of the Summer, it was just too good to pass up and became the theme of the party.  It was a huge score because that brand is uber expensive.   The pack was perfect, it had two unicorns, a rainbow and a sunshine, it was literally the party theme all in one packet.  The best was the following week when I swooped up the same theme Meri Meri party supplies at Homegoods…cupcake kit ($5.99), paper dinner plates ($3.99ea) and dessert plates ($3), gift bags ($5.99 for 8) and lunch napkins (2.99) and dessert napkins (same).  I had looked online to see if anything else was part of this collection and bought the I Believe in Unicorns banner to match off Ebay for $15.  I paired everything with coral/orange colored paper cups and rainbow striped table covers.

The cake itself was real pretty with the theme.  I ordered the cake from our go to bakery, Modern Pastry in Boston, and had it shipped to Medford to pick it up easily.  I ordered a chocolate cake with chantilly cream center draped in a light yellow whipped cream frosting that had a lavender ganache drip.  It matched the cake topper kit perfectly.  I did use the sunshine pick from the kit for the cupcake holder, it all worked out great.

Along with the cake, I had made some unicorn colored chocolate pretzels, fudge and ordered colorful donuts for those with food allergies. After we served cake (I don’t have any photos of it) I set up the table full of colorful candies.  You can see a few of them behind the cake, but the table was insanely stacked with candy.  I think I went a bit overboard with the candy this year.  Noted not to do that for the next one.

The girls (and their friends) loved it all.  The tables were wrecked in minutes, and snacked off of for a long time.





The Craft

The party craft idea came to me when my kids were watching YouTube videos on making slime at the start of Summer.  It made sense to incorporate that into the birthday, it’s glittery, colorful and can be played with over and over.

The girls and I started by making sample slimes to see what recipe made the best one in a group setting. We tried the fluffy kind with shaving cream (smelled great but the color wasn’t pretty), the adding glitter to white glue kind (the glitter kept flaking off during play), and the glitter glue kind (color was vibrant). We found that the simplest one using three ingredients (glitter glue, baking soda and contact solution) was the best one to make.  And once I saw how much slime we would be making per child, I got to work on what type of container could cart it home…jelly jars!


Decorations and Photo Background

For some reason when they decided on the party theme fluffy clouds were on my mind.  Idk why.  But I ran with it and started crafting fluffy cotton clouds for the main entrance and the photo booth/background.  Making the clouds was so much fun and so easy.  I bought foam boards from my local dollar store, along with cotton and crafting paper.  The clouds were drawn free hand (by me) and then cut out with a utility knife.  While watching some TV one night I glued on all the cotton balls in as uniform a way as possible..starting at the outside and lining them up and down on the inside.  After it dried, I cut out some fun Kawaii inspired faces to glue on top.

For the photo background I wanted it to be shiny and cheerful, and I also wanted to make one unicorn because I didn’t have one anywhere yet!  My husband traced out the unicorn form for me on foam board and I took the reigns for the transformation. With various paints, glitter and tissue paper the unicorn turned out pretty cute.  I bought two lavender plastic table covers and two opalescent door curtains for the background.  Then I painted a foam board with a rainbow and their names. My husband assisted me in tacking up a huge scrap bead-board panel to the fence.  We adorned it with the covers and screwed it all together, which worked out real great.

This annual birthday bash is a pretty big one. With it celebrating two kids at once, it has to be!  It is an all day affair with a ton of food, drinks and alcohol, foods and sweets, AND PEOPLE.  This year we had 24 kids and 21 adults, which can be overwhelming at times, especially with all those little hands and feet everywhere.

My top recommendations for parties large like this is:

  • set up variety of hands on food and drinks; things they can grab and go and can easily dispose
  • stage the party as spread out as you possibly can; space out games or jumpy house locations so there is a clear grouping around each activity
  • play games or activities that are easy to make and fun for all age groups
  • remember people roam around your house and yard when they are free to, so remove anything you cherish from around the house/yard that you don’t want broken or are easy to grab with tiny hands
  • plan for anything and everything; have band aids on hand, ice packs too, and make sure there are boundaries for the kids..like no wee lil ones in the bouncy house at the same time as the bigger kids
  • lastly, JUST HAVE FUN!

Having fun is key! 🙂


We had a wonderful day celebrating these two cute kids Saturday, and I am so thankful the weather cooperated better than we had figured, the food was super good and the cake was delicious.  I’d say that it all went off without a hitch.  Which is always a good time!

Here are some random photos of the day!


I still can’t believe I now have a ten and almost twelve-year-old here. These girls are the best part of my life, and I love them more than anything in this world.   Happy Birthday, girls!  🙂


Thank you for reading!


The Big Man’s 4-0!

Ice Cream Cake from Mad Maggies

Hey Everyone

Sunday was my husband’s birthday.. the big FOUR OHHH!  

Still can’t believe it.  We met 21 years ago on the eve of his 19th birthday, and here we are now both 40 year olds.  Craziness.  

So my husband. Here are some fun things you need to know about him… he is a real nice man, loves traveling and making me laugh, hardworking, great father, always level headed, extremely talented yet humble, which also means he is not big into being showered with gifts.  Especially for his bday or anything. It can be frustrating for me at times, cause I am all about the hoopla of gifts and birthdays..uhm, especially my own.  Does that make me narcissistic or festive?  idk haha I just like to celebrate everything because life is too short not to.

Ok, so as I was stealthily starting to plan a party for him he casually asked not to have a surprise bday during dinner… two months ago. Actually said, he didn’t want a party at all this year.    *frown face*  (I had thrown him a surprise bday for his 30th; I was 9 months pregnant with our youngest then..what a time!) After a week of moping, because it really did depress me for some reason, I think he saw how bummed out I was about that decision and he started coming around talking about having a get together. He kept stating he wanted no surprise and only his family and closest friends.  Ok I can live with that!  *happy face*

You ask and you shall receive, my love!

Some of the deets…

The cake.  So I got an ice cream cake on the sly, he may have asked for no surprise party but some things are better a surprise, right?  I ordered the cake from our fav ice cream place, Mad Maggie’s in North Andover.  The cake was one layer Coffee & Cookies and one layer Chocolate Chip.  Uhm, if you need to get an ice cream cake, I highly recommend Mad Maggie’s.  IT WAS THE BEST CAKE EVER!  And the staff was so great to work with.  Especially, if you have nut allergies.  They treat their cakes in the same manner as when they scoop it fresh..new clean scoops, they use the gallons of ice cream from the back and their cookie/fudge center is all made on premises, so there’s no cross contamination.  Which was a big bonus for us with our oldest daughter.

The restaurant. My husband picked Tulip in Stoneham because he really enjoyed it when we went two years ago. They have a big Sunday buffet set up, and its variety is quite good..plus it has a teppanyaki section so I liked it, too.  We had a great experience with the food Sunday.  We ended up in the smaller function room, and aside from the bad lighting in that space, it worked out great.  Everything from the buffet was fresh and delicious, and the drinks were pretty awesome, too.  I drank single scorpion bowls that were big enough for three ppl..which I had two because scorpion bowls, annnd I didn’t share.  haha Their Mai Tais were real good too, and I saw a lot of you with the tall versions, so I know you were happy hahah.  

What I am saying is we all were having a reaaaaal good time.  🙂 

During our drive home, he told me he loved every bit of his day.  He loves his family and best friends more than anything and his happiness is all I could ever ask for after all that he does for us.

Here are pix from Sunday.   



Happy Birthday love!!

Thanks for reading!

Fourth of July 2017

Happy 241st Birthday,Merica!

Hope you all had a fun (safe) Fourth of July!   Man, I can’t believe the Fourth has just passed us by!  I sound like a skipping record, I know, but…’time flies when you’re having fun’.

We threw the Fourth of July bash this year, again.  I just love the Fourth, ya know.  There is an electric vibe that I get on this holiday; something about the fireworks, all the family, the sunshine, the great food and drinks, all the colorful outfits and gear, relaxin’, the decorations…it all makes me happy.

This year my husband and I wanted to change it up a lil bit by not being slaves to the grill. Usually, we are grill side cooking (in the heat) while drinking (sweating) and talking to everyone, which we love, but last year we grilled sooooOOOooo much food that we felt like we missed out on our friends.  We decided to do a lot ourselves again this year, but cater the two main dishes from Pit Stop BBQ.  Which worked out pretty great because that helped me immensely with not being stuck cooking all day, but mamma mia!, we had so much food!  haha Not that this is a bad thing.  

Fourth of July Menu

  • Raw Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli, Kale Salad
  • Corn on the Cob (thanks Gabriella)
  • Carrot Salad (thanks Trina)
  • Cornbread
  • Cole Slaw
  • Mac N Cheese
  • Pulled Pork
  • Beef Brisket
  • Baked Beans
  • Hot Dogs
  • Potato Salad (thanks Mum!)
  • Eggplant Parmigiana (thanks Mum!)
  • Veggie Plate (thanks Aunt Helen)
  • Roasted Zucchini and Summer Squash
  • Roasted Asparagus
  • Roasted Onions

We did end up cooking; I made all the veggies, hot dogs, and mac n cheese in the oven in the late morning before the party.  This was a big task with the time, but so worth it.  Everything was hot on the sternos, cooked fresh, tasted great and looked delicious in their pans, and we were free to hang out!

There was a ton of drinks, like beer and wine..  oooh, I made a white sangria for the first time.  YES, first time..for me sangria is red, and red only, but I was aiming for a fruity, dryer, refreshing drink. It actually came out great!   I got drunk, I mean, it was delicious, and, I had to make two large batches of it as it disappeared fast. So I am taking that as a sign that my family and friends liked it, too.

My White Sangria Recipe (party sized)

  • 2 ripe peaches, cubed
  • a pint of raspberries
  • a pint of blueberries
  • three liters of dry white wine (I used a pinot grigio)
  • 3/4 cup triple sec
  • 32 oz peach flavored seltzer

So there you have the food and drinks portion of the party, which is uber important right?  haha

We peppered our lawn with a tent, chairs, beach blankets, bocce, some other lawn games then at the end of the yard it was anchored by an inflatable waterslide, which was a huge hit.  I have never seen the kids enjoy an inflatable we have gotten like this one before.  It was a large slide that went into a good-sized pool at the bottom, so when the big kids weren’t in it the lil ones could hang out in the pool.  I didn’t see a kid fight, cry or anything..which was grrreat!  Everyone enjoyed that.

I did manage to get the kids together to take a group picture, which I love doing..and I also got them to take a LIVE video for my sister in Italy, through Fbook.  It was super cute with them all screaming “HAPPY FOURTH!” and I know she loved it.


From the food to the drinks, to the kids playing so well, and the relaxing with family, it was a pretty great day.

Hope you all had a wonderful day too!  xoxox

Paris Birthday!

A Paris Birthday!!


Woah! I cannot believe the girls’ birthday bash has already come and gone!  Is anyone else experiencing the quickest year of their lives, too?


So, yes, the girls’ bash, lemme talk about that.  The girls this year picked the theme Paris. I always mention this on the birthday post, but they started to have a joint birthday celebration because they are twelve days apart in the month, and having one party was easier for me and for family when they were little, but now this one big party has become their tradition and they love it.  They haven’t yet stopped it and I am going to enjoy this for as long as they let me (cause I love to plan and make the magic happen for them).

So, let me start with the details and finish with the party pics…


The Decor

Oooh La La!

My husband and I went to Paris in 2011, and absolutely loved it.  The food.  The wine.  The views.  It was chic yet old world, urban yet country; it was an amazing place.  So, I started with an idea that instead of doing an all out girly party with eiffel towers everywhere, I’d actually invoke the feeling of Paris.  This year is the first year in all my party planning history that I used Black and White as the base colors, with a splash of baby pink.  Usually, I try to make everything shabby chic with soft greens, so this was hard on me hah.

I dressed the food and drink tables in b&w, white bases and black tops. Then I used all and any materials I had to create a Parisienne feeling. There were eiffel towers, vespas, mannequins, signs and even streamed a French Jazz station from Pandora that was perfect!

The food table:  I had created a sign that read Sister’s Cafe in French and draped some white tablecover from it above the table.  Then placed a large garden Eiffel Tower in the corner (that lived in my baby’s room) and then a mini pink vespa in the middle.  Then used that faux china that was white with silver lining rings and real silver utensils wrapped in thick white napkins tied in black satin ribbon.

The drink table: I dressed it with a drink dispenser, glasses, milk glasses adorned with black satin ribbon and polks dotted straws, three mannequins, a chalk sign and a large print photo..which is from NY, but this is the reason for all this.  1. My sister lives in Italy, and most of these items are hers from when she lived in my parents apartment.  Since she wasn’t here, I thought to pay tribute to her fav city by having her ‘here’.   2. NY and Paris are connected by the beautiful Statue of Liberty… annnd  3. The woman in the photo recently died this week and well, it all just felt right at that table!

Then at the entrance, which I didnt capture a photo for the first time in six years, I had a large Paris sign with lamp posts flanked on each side.  Then I used my bike (because it has a vintage feel) as a decoration with a basket filled with French inspired flowers, a faux bottle of wine and some potatoes.  Because everywhere in Paris is side dished with potatoes..  Viva les Frites!



Mais Oui!

Having access to an artist, well, you ask them to do a lot of things for you because it comes easier to them. So I had asked my husband to print out some signs but he decided to hand pain them for a more vintage feel.  The front entrance and the photo booth had the center Paris sign and the food table the cafe sign.  So super cute in person.


Girls Outfits

Comment La Mode!

The girls always ask to dress up for their parties, and this year was no different.  

Thinking about old world Paris fashion, all I could think about were stripes!  I got online to scour Old Navy, and found a super cute outfit that I pieced together.  It was super cheap, $15 each outfit!, and that they can use all year long as separates.  


A black and white striped swing top and a black circle skirt from ON. Then through Ebay, I had found two colorful wool berets that matched their personalities perfectly.




The food for this party was all on my shoulders as I decided not to get this catered.We always end up with way too much food and I just wanted to do it myself. So. My husband and I stayed up late two nights in a row and nailed it. Trying to make everything from scratch as we could.

See when in Paris the big things to eat are steak and fries, everything chicken or eggs, and potatoes.. EVERYWHERE ahah.  Since we are living French this day I figured to keep it Frenchy as possible, and I came up with this:  Croissants placed in a French wine crate, a mix of Olives, a Salad, BLT baguettes, Mac n Cheese, French Fries, and Chicken Fingers (for my dairy allergy friends).  For dessert: Madeleines (a french butter cookie), elephant ears (a french cookie that I call elephant ears hah), the cake and cupcakes, my mother’s pizzelle cookies, donuts (for my allergy friends) and grapes. It was all a big hit! And leftovers were at a major minimum than usual. That’s huge!

The Cake

Tres Belle!

We also made the cake and cupcakes ourselves, too.  I think this will revert back to being bought at the bakery because it’s just a lot of work and I didn’t think it was as pretty as my mind haha.  THOUGH everyone liked it a lot. I am particular I guess.  

We made marshmallow fondant from scratch, after seeing it done on the British Baking show! It came out great.  We colored one portion pink and left the other white.  We layered the white fondant over a pink and white checkerboard cake then added heart cutouts.  We then topped it with the polka dotted cake bunting I made earlier in the week.  The pink cupcakes had an overlay of a pink heart with a cupcake Eiffel Tower pick I had made the night before. 


Madeleine Rose

Une Rose!

For the Madeleine cookies, I decided to make a rose shape out of them. I went to my local WalMart to grab a ten inch foam ball and a plastic bowl.  I glued the two together and then covered the foam in press n seal wrap.  The cookies were then fastened on with toothpicks in an alternating pattern around the foam ball starting from the top.  This was super cute in person.



Les Enfants Seront Les Enfants

We decided to make our own piñata again, to try it, because if we failed then we could buy something. So my husband made the cardboard shape and I decorated it. Yes! We made another piñata!  This time it was easier and faster for me to make than the Harry Potter one.  And what is more Parisienne than the Eiffel Tower?  The girls and all the kids loved it.

The Photo Booth


So, I think I am obsessed with photo booth stuff, because this is the third birthday I have made one.  SMH.  This time I wanted to take the theme and shed that feeling of Paris on everyone.  I bought some table covers from the dollar store and draped them with one of the signs, then added tissue pompoms and more of those lamp posts.  I thought it came out real cute!

The props; I had my husband make me some that I felt were feminine and different from the past years, so he got to painting.  I love them!

Painting and Face Painting

Quel Visage!

The whole reason for this theme was from my daughter’s request for a painting party.. when I think of art I think of Paris, so she jumped when I suggested it and when I told my youngest she could make the cake she jumped, too hah.

Each guest was given an 8*10 canvas, a pallet, then an array of paints, water and brushes were on the table.  They were free to paint whatever they liked, and my husband guided them all along the way.  They had a great time, didn’t get messy!, and made some impressive pictures..the one photo I got was of the last remaining kid’s paintings unfortunately.

Before lunch was served my mother in law opted to face paint all the children.  She is so talented, and really made some impressive faces for these kids.

All the fun!


All the children had fun, and behaved so well.  The weather worked out in our favor, thankfully. And my family and friends got together for these two beautiful kids who deserve the moon.

I am so glad to have this opportunity each year to make my kids feel special on this day.  They are beyond special to me, and because I know this time of their lives is short-lived, I want to make sure when they look back they know how crazy their mom is for them.  Just like when I look back on my childhood.  

They are my everything.  

Jouyeux Anniversaire mes beautes!!  xoxoxoxo


Happy Fourth Flipagram!

Hey everyone!

Hope you guys had a fun filled, safe and fantastic Fourth of July!🇺🇸  God bless, America and Happy Birthday!  We really do live in an amazing country!

Yesterday, we threw a bbq for all of our family and friends.  The weather was hot, the sun was shining and that made me happy!  Hah. We rented an inflatble slipnslide that seemed to keep the kids…and, some adults, cool!

Though it was a great time, so happy to see everyone and enjoyed all the food and sangria….  It just wasn’t the same without my mom there, but she will be home soon! Yay!!

Instead of posting all of my photos individually on here, because I’m starting to lose a little bit of the free space that I’m given  through wordpress, I thought I would just post a flipagram!

And bonus, it comes with holiday themed music! LOL

Hope you all have a great July!  Blog real soon!


Click below:


First Holy Communion Party

Hey WordPressland!
Our daughter’s First Holy Communion was this Saturday, and it was a wonderful gathering to celebrate our baby girl; which I still can’t believe happened. It seems like yesterday we just celebrated our oldest daughter’s communion, but it was two years ago in fact!  Yeesh!
Saturday we luckily woke up to bright sunny skies, and I jumped out of bed to dress the backyard, transforming it into a garden party.  Very similar to the one we threw for our oldest daughter since I kept a lot of the same accessories.  The weather of the morning was warm, and it was the perfect way to begin this day.  The whole morning meshed well, and the last-minute details went up without a flaw.  Phew, what a relief!  Soon after showering, and letting our kids relax around the house, my parents and sister, with her family, arrived to drop off some amazing homemade desserts and apps, and for my sister, my daughter’s godmother, to present her with a gift.  She gave her a sweet cross bracelet that my daughter can enjoy and wear for years to come, always thinking of her favorite Zia (=aunt). 
We arrived at the church very early, as the communicants had to be there to assemble in the hall downstairs from the church.  Our daughter was one of the first, so she got to take some professional photos early on and chill out waiting for her classmates to show up.  She wasn’t nervous or anything, which I was expecting otherwise.
The church was decorated all in white, with white floral arrangements adorning the altar, and the sun shining in perfectly through the stained glass windows.  So pretty..  I really love the look of my church, which I have mentioned before. It is just so beautiful and feels like home.  The ceremony began, and the children all filed in along the outer aisles of the pews where their artwork was hanging for all of us to see.  There were those nerves I was expecting.  hah  She looked so beautiful in her dress and veil, and she kept giving me the eye to stop making faces at her.  She sat down with us and we got to enjoy the services together.    The whole mass and ceremony felt like it was enjoyable and we got to witness our baby girl take her second sacrament.


Soon after the ceremony was over, we got a call that our catering was EARLY and waiting at the house. So we shot one family photo and dashed to the house…this is when the weather decided to cool down a lot, so you will notice the photos of us go from dressed up to sweatshirts quite fast!  ha  oh well.
Now… Let’s talk the whole shindig!!
First…let me backtrack to the start of how we got here.  🙂

The Invitation:

We went with a shabby chic designed invitation which was a perfect match to the garden party theme.

Her Dress:

Her dress was so pretty, and the photos just don’t capture it right.  The dress was a satin a-line with the top smocking detail of organza, flanked by tiny daisy rhinestone details that sparkled.  She wore the identical shoes of her sister, but in her size, and the same gloves and tiara.  She looked like a doll really.



So, I am Italian right?  I think. ha.  Well, the party favors are a big deal for us, as I mentioned here.  This time, however, I did not make the confetti that topped the favors, but had them made.  I then purchased frames, placed a cute photo of her in them, wrapped it all in pink and glued the confetti on top.  The frame is a white version of the one we gave away at our oldest daughter’s party.


The Cake:

For the cake, I had mashed a few of my wants into this design.  It’s a shabby chic take on an elegant rose inspired cake.  It’s a two tiered cake that was frosted with whipped cream and decorated with roses all along the second tier, and a mass of roses topping the topper.
Since the weather changed so much, we ended up inside for dessert..I changed out the cloth to a sequins one, and placed all the goodies on top.  Yum!
I loved it!

What I crafted:

I have always wanted clear milk bottles for parties.  They are so versatile and just adorable.  For this project, I scored big time acquiring glass bottles for super cheap..$6.99 per box of 6!  I then went to my local craft store to buy some lace and ribbon to change-up the look of these bottles.  I used all water-soluble glue, and got to work.  Here they are:
BTW: the glue came off perfectly after a ten minute soak in hot soapy water..as I just washed them all now. 🙂



For this party, I used a lot of the same elements from our oldest daughter’s party.  I just had to because for one I already owned them and spent a lot of cash on the stuff, and two I loved how it looked and wanted to make it happen again.
So a shabby chic garden party it was going to be…again!
This time around though, to change it up, I used the color pink to accent around.  This is our daughter’s favorite color and it was an easy way to make the feel of this party different from the other.
The appetizer table:  Inside the house I had draped the kitchen table in a shantung pink table cloth. The table was then set with a large slab of marble, which was dressed with salumeria/cheeses, fruit, chips, balsamic onions and olives. Across from the table I had set up a wine bar stocked with chilled white wine and reds, and shiny glasses.


The dining tables: We rented white table clothes, and topped them with my burlap squares as the center runners.  On top of each table, as centerpieces, I used lace laser cut pink planters from Ikea; that I had bought months ago for a super great steal at $3.99 each!  Then inside of each container I placed three 4.5″ pots of very special, locally sourced “Colleen Ritzer daisies” ($7 each) from Konjoian’s Greenhouses.  These daisies were cultivated by The Ritzer family on behalf of their daughter, and the foundation they created in her honor.  The daisies matched the containers perfectly, and with this purchase I feel like I did my quarterly part to give back to a cause.   (I try to donate every quarter, either towards St Jude, Dana Farber/Breast Cancer research or a cause one of my friends are participating in if it hits at the right time.)  Ok back to this day.


Here’s some more shots of the day:

Well, that is all I have for pics between myself, my sister and friends.  I didn’t go all “Valeria crazy” taking them because the time just kept escaping me between prepping and breaking down stuff..and drinking wine haha; so I missed out on a lot of formal pictures, but we enjoyed every minute and hope it shows!
Till next time everyone! 
Now who’s going to heat up some arancini for me!?

Halloween Weekend 2015


Hey Everyone!  
It has been a while, but I have been so caught up with the every day that I just kept pushing updating you further and further.  We are almost in the swing of homework and school fun, so I can push myself to talk to you more again.  I have had great gym news, fun social things that have happened, but just haven’t been able to sit down and grind type it out.  I will start here now since the kids are off to CCD and well, I am finally alone.  Something I haven’t been in a long while.. lol  (and I am a typical Sagittarius;  we love beyond anything being social, but desire alone time to digest life and collect thoughts.)
So.. Halloween came and went this weekend, and I am so super bummed already.  I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE Halloween!  I love dressing up the kids.  Myself.  My house. My food. My everything.  It is so much fun to get taken away to a fun time and place when being a kid is so much fun.
This year we headed to my sister’s again. This is two years in a row now.  We used to be the house that everyone (four families) would meet, drink and go out from.  But it all changed three years ago. My town is the lamest town on the planet apparently.  It has its perks, don’t get me wrong, but they have time limits on trick o’treating, which upsets me; and it seems like this year it was an hour shorter.. ugh people.  A few years ago, my Halloween family had an awkward run in with a down the road neighbor for being out ten minutes later than the limit.  The woman was quite rude to our children, and we all decided that it was just enough to force us to go over to my sister’s.  
We love it!  My sister lives near a neighborhood that is lively, and full of kids and families walking around.  Very ET-esque.  One of the best parts is that my husband knows a lot of people from this area, since he grew up and still plays softball in this town.  The other best part is that some of the houses in this nice neighborhood give out great candy, and some have fire-pits and full apple cider bars going.  Needless to say, we stop, hang out and talk to people like we’ve known them for years.  (I love that part!)  I don’t drink cider, of any type, but I love to stop and chit chat, with my own thermos cup o’wine.  ha

Halloween Night


Sunday, which is today, is Day of the Dead.  It may be one of my favorite traditions next to Halloween.  I have always had a fascination with it, before it became super trendy and accessible.  We have a party to go to later, so I am taking my costume from yesterday, Halloween, and tweaking it for today…Sugar Skull Snow White.  
Here are pics of it: