Hey hey guys! Hope today is finding you well. I’m currently sitting in the ‘pool’ for jury duty. I wish it was a real pool with sunshine, hot weather… and a cocktail in hand. Instead I am here with way too many angry looking strangers coughing around me. Since I am here with all of … More Confirmation

Thanksgiving 2020

Hello guys! I totally forgot to update you on my holiday! Bah. My brain these days. This year’s Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. It has been a handful of Thanksgivings that I am the hostess. I like entertaining- from cooking, setting tablescapes, cocktails to everything in between. I love it all. Normally, we have … More Thanksgiving 2020

1950s Birthday Theme

Hello!! This weekend we celebrated my two most favorite human beings on the planet… my two daughters! It was their annual big birthday bash!  My girls are two years apart, with their birthdates two weeks apart in the month.  We throw their party together because it makes the most sense for family and friends to come … More 1950s Birthday Theme


Hiya WordPressland!! It has been incredibly busy this month for me and my family.  If you follow me on IG you know why in my story.  Those who do not follow me there are missing out on my crazy life with my eldest sister home, parties that seem to be happening every weekend, prepping for … More Forty-two

Celebrating My Mom

Hey everyone! Even though the celebration for my mom was a week ago, (my eldest sister is here from Italy so for scheduling we had to do it then), I am posting the party pics now.. on her actual birthday. It has been a crazy week of life and work.  Seriously, what a week. Before … More Celebrating My Mom

Top Ten Thursday- Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions

Top Ten Thursday on a Wednesday? What!? Yes, my second Top Ten Thursday post is on a Wednesday.  For good reason though.  I won’t be able to post tomorrow, and before I am engulfed in prepping for the big day today, I am publishing my… Top Ten Thursday -Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions today! Valeria’s Top Ten Favorite THANKSGIVING … More Top Ten Thursday- Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions

Let’s Fiesta!!

Hello Everyone! This Saturday we celebrated our daughters’ birthdays.  The theme this year if you can’t guess from the blog title was…a …. FIESTA! Olé!   Every year we throw a themed party, of our kids’ choosing, and we try very hard to make sure it is not just a theme thrown together, but one that … More Let’s Fiesta!!

Fourth of July 2018

Hey Everyone! July 4, we cooked together and drank together…and sweat..uhm, together? Haha.  It was actually a lot of fun! This year we decided last minute to throw the big BBQ bash, just a little smaller than years past.  Just family (and our besties).  The decision came after we had made plans to travel up … More Fourth of July 2018

Easter Brunch 2018

Hey Everyone!! Yay!, it is almost Springtime! Next week, in fact. Yes! Finally!  I’m seeing it now. Rising temps. Warm breezes. Kisses lit by sunshine. Windows rolled down. Wearing colorful sundresses. Blooming flowers and green leaves popping from the naked trees. Getting closer to Summer. And most importantly…NO SNOW!! Can’t wait. (Ok I hear we … More Easter Brunch 2018

Christmas 2017

May your days be merry and bright And may all your Christmases be white.” Greetings from a winter wonderland up in Massachusetts! This Monday we were given a ‘White Christmas’ like those from the movies. We had quite the snowy view out each window as we opened presents by our tree, but as soon as … More Christmas 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

Gobble gobble! Hey guys! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday with family and friends. This year we hosted Thanksgiving again, going on a handful of years now hosting this dinner; which the process is always a lot of fun for me. I look forward to the Wednesday before to prepare the dinner with my … More Thanksgiving 2017

Unicorn Birthday

Unicorn Birthday! Happy birthday to my September girls! We celebrated our daughters’ birthdays Saturday with an Unicorn theme party.  Our daughters are obsessed with unicorns and rainbows, so when I suggested some options for a birthday theme this year (between a unicorn theme, Just Add Magic theme, or an emoji theme) they jumped at the … More Unicorn Birthday