What a Fun Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

What a fun weekend!  So much fun!  Started off Friday evening with a fantastic date night; which was like a part 2 of our anniversary celebration.  As I mentioned last time, my husband got tickets to see Arcade Fire for our anniversary, but he also made surprise reservations for dinner beforehand, so we set up a sleep over for the kids with my parents and hit the town.  It was stormy when we left my parents, but it was looking promising as we drove down the highway, and then it soon looked worse.  But weather was not bringing us down. He took me to the Tip Tap Room by Beacon Hill, which was super fun and sooooOooo good…and a few minute walk from the concert venue.  The place was a buzz, super busy, but we had great service.  And great apps and dinner …and four drinks later, we walked down to the Garden. The rain magically stopped for us, which was great in my outfit and shoes haha, and we made it in time to see friends there.

As soon as we got caught up, which was super fast, we heard the band was starting to come out on stage.  WHAT A SHOW> so we saw them in 2014 when they were touring Reflekktor..and this show just blew that away, and that was pretty amazing to beat.  They played all the best tracks from Everything Now, peppered with Neon Bible (best album ever), The Suburbs and The Funeral.  When Regine sang Electric Blue the place blew up.  She is such a talent.  I love her. BUT the best was their encore of Wake Up.  It just blew me away and the whole place was a blaze during it.  SUCH A GREAT TIME, and I danced my behind off the whole time.  Sorry to the couple behind me! haha


^this is what I recorded of Wake Up.

Yesterday started as a crazy mess of picking up the kids, grabbing my car and getting who to dance and what to the recycling event in our town, all before having to go to our bffs son’s first birthday party. It was such a great time.  I can’t believe he is already one.  This year went by way too fast.   The crew had such a great time that I invited them over afterwards for drinks.  They brought a super fun game about memes, we never laughed so hard.  It was a pretty great Saturday..

Now today..I am trying to squeeze in some time for slime creating, caramel apple making and house deep cleaning because the girls’ big birthday bash is next weekend!  WOO!  Birthday party time..my fav time :).  I have a big week ahead of prepping!

Well, I am sad this weekend is already coming to an end, but I am super excited for next weekend.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Mommy Chronicles.. Middle School already?

Hey everyone!

Well, I thought turning forty was my embarkation into my older self but…it isn’t. I actually love how I feel at this age. Forty rocks! (at this moment at least haha). But, it isn’t my age, it’s having a child starting middle school!!

Yep, middle school.

Ugh. This town starts Middle School at 6th grade.  Isn’t that too young!??  Hah

Whether I am ready for this or not, it is happening. Last month, as Summer was winding down, I was explaining the school year changes to my youngest daughter.  Where they were moving up in school. Basically about her sister’s big adventure ahead going off to middle school, a new school further away as she will be going onto fourth grade…so without her.

As I was talking through the situation, I started bawling my eyes out. Idk why either, I am so happy to see her growing up, and how she is growing, but the thought of her moving up to middle school so far away without her sister just made me feel how much she is actually …growing.  Up. She is growing up. 😦

I can’t believe my bubbly blue-eyed baby who once needed me to show her how to spell is now a blooming young lady. I can’t believe this FOR REAL.  How?  When? Where did all this time go?

Do my parent friends remember when they were knee deep in diaper changes, feedings, splashy baths, crazy defiant bedtimes and running after them thinking like that was the longest day of your life!?!  Now, blink an eye and they’re asking about interpreting dreams and growing out their hair.  0.0

So, here I am, forty, with a middle schooler who turns 12yrs in a few weeks and her baby sister who recently turned 10yrs. Which means I will have tweens by the end of the month.  The fact that she is a super bright, beautiful, wonderfully sweet, kind girl makes the thought of her growing up hurt less, but it hurts nonetheless. This is the first step of her moving into her own self, her first bits of her identity start now. It’s beautiful because it is pivotal in her preteen life to step further step by step, and  though watching her grow over these years have been some of the best moments in my life, it’s somewhat sad too. I just didn’t think the years would be passing by this fast.   I guess I just wish I could make time slow down.

But I can’t. 😦

Ok ok, no more moping over this.  I have a lot to look forward to…like tween GIRLS.

God help me!

Thanks for reading!


Recital and Mother’s Day 2017

Hey Everyone!

Wow, I can’t believe how fast this weekend flew.  I mean, it was just Friday!

So what a great weekend; started off with our kids’ dance recital.  What a great time.  The girls skipped dance last year, and were eager to get back to it this school year. I missed it slightly too.  (I don’t miss the hectic end of year schedule, but I missed them dancing)

All their hard work paid off because this year’s recital was the best we ever went to by far..not just the girls’ dances, but the whole show.  Our youngest had two dances, ballet and tumble jazz, and our oldest had one dance, hip hop.  Hip hop was new to her, and she was the youngest in the class.  The year started off bumpy for her, she was not sure she could handle this new way of dancing, but she really did so well and made me tear up a little watching her up on the stage.  So cute.  Our youngest is a real life prima donna.  She is graceful, while loving the movements of dance.  She is so cute. I just love her face to pieces.

After recital, we did what we always do, we treated everyone who came to the show out to eat (pizza n sangria).  It was a lot of fun, but man oh man, I was spent by the time we got food. The girls had so much fun with their cousin, whom they rarely get to hang out with alone. After everyone left, we went home to watch a movie (Fantastic Beasts) and hang out.  It was my fav part of the day.  :)~


Saturday, May 13- The Dancing School’s recital, Legends

Then Sunday was Mother’s Day!  Yay!  I have to say that I got entirely too spoiled this year; is that even a thing?  I got to sleep in super late (well late for me is anytime past 7:30AM!), and got woken up with my favorite breakfast foods…roasted asparagus, cinnamon donuts, Nutella on Italian bread toasted (Nutella- I won’t buy normally cause I will eat the whole jar!), black raspberries and a latte.  It made my day!

The kids showered me with cards and activities… a “mom” scavenger hunt, a song written by my oldest, and a special “bob’s burgers mad-libs”  haha.  My husband also showered me with gifts and lots of love, he is real good like that.  I am happy to share that I now have a fancy new chair for my bedroom’s makeup table…something I have always needed, and desperately wanted! haha

After we hung out relaxing over coffee and chatter, I was taken to lunch.  The girls got ready for me without a squeak…that is a big deal, people!!  The clan took me to The Blue Ox, which is in Lynn, one of my fav spots, but it doesn’t feel like it’s in Lynn.  It’s a beautiful hideaway from the craziness with great food and drinks.  Believe me, go check it out, then tell me you love it, too.   We ate (some amazing dishes), drank (some amazing drinks), laughed and had a real wonderful time together. We always do, but I really did feel special Sunday.  The girls were just so sweet about it being Mother’s Day this year.

After we left the restaurant, we swung by my in-laws, then ran home to change to head to my parents.  Did I ever mention how much I love my parents?  I love my family just so much.  We got to their house late, but we spent a fun evening together laughing, exchanging stories, and gifts.  I love the moms in my family and so happy to celebrate each year with them.

I really appreciated all of the extra love and attention Sunday. It is overwhelming at times for me to think about how much they care for me, because I don’t expect much, but they always go beyond anything I could imagine.  I am real lucky and I am grateful.

*You guys make me feel so good, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the thoughtfulness and love. xoxoxoxoxoxox  

Mother’s Day!- May 14, 2017

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, too.  Especially, all the moms on this Earth who work so hard to give their families love and everything they need the best way they know how.


Much love to all of you.


Easter 2017!

Hey guys n gals!

Right now, we are in Washington DC!  We got here earlier tonight. What a cool city.  Just wow.   This trip, I can feel, is going to be a good one!

Though I am here, this post is just a quick rundown of Easter yesterday.

Easter Sunday was a wonderful day for my family and I.  Woke up, at a decent time, to the girls shouting excitedly over their full baskets…and an extra basket of more bunny related snacks for our trip!

This might be my last big Easter Bunny super secret basket reveal, our little one started asking me some ‘is he real’ questions the other day…and added in Santa, too.  Ugh. My heart.  I hated going through this with our oldest last year, she broke my heart, it made me feel horrible the way it happened too!  We were watching Big Fish, and the son makes some off cuff comment to his father about his stories being as fake as Santa and the Easter Bunny.  Ugh eff. Noooo!   Our oldest squirmed in her seat and I saw tears streaming down her face.  My heart!!!  The movie ended and we had the talk.   She wanted to ask us about it anyways, but didn’t want to find out the truth.  Explaining how lucky she is because of the magic we created her whole life was actually a great conversation.  That magic never ends.  That’s our greatest gift!   They always say we are greatparents  but that particular conversation made our daughter  understand a different level of how awesome.

I am real lucky to have her, well, both of them!!

Ok focus… this Easter!  After baskets, we got dolled up then headed to the 11:30AM mass.  It was a full house, we got in our seats just in time!  Then we raced home to grab our niece and nephews’ baskets… and a few holiday pictures together. Haha. Gotta get them in somewhere!!

Ok enough selfies!   It’s dinner with my family!!  We made reservations for the Tuscan Kitchen in Salem, NH, one of my fav spots.  We wined and dined, and had a real nice time.  The new Sicilian Spritzer was tdf.  Gah soooooooooooO delicious. My dinner too; I got tuna crudo and then the tagliata …and couldn’t of been happier!

After that we hung out at my older sisters for more drinks and cake, very sweet.  The kids opened their gifts; overjoyed with all the new toys.

Beautiful day with my some of my fav people. 🙂

Happy Easter to you!!

Catching up!

Hey Everyone!
Egad, September was my last post?! Really?  I am drafting out a couple of posts, as we just returned from a big family trip overseas Sunday morning, and noticed that I have been horribly behind in posting to this blog.  
Well, let me rectify that right now.
Since my last post… My oldest daughter, 11-year-old/fifth grade, went away on her first school overnight trip to Outdoor Education down The Cape, for a week!  Ugh, I was so nervous about this, but I didn’t want her to know that.  She had just went to her first “not a cousin” sleepover birthday three days before this trip, and that was freaking me out enough! She was super excited to go, I secretly was too, and she was acting so grown up about it. The whole fifth grade class, with teacher chaperones, no parents allowed, went for four days.  We had no contact, but prewritten letters we sent with her, and an email or two from the teachers just giving a run down of their activities.  I was so sad without her.. but when she got back she was lit so bright telling me all the stories.  It was one of the best days of my life watching her tell me of all the wonderful things they had done collectively, and that she made a lot of memories. 🙂
Halloween, my fav holiday of all, was a blast. Though my kids were struck with a stomach bug the days leading up to it, and on the day, we all still got dressed up.My youngest was a girly pink sugar skull and my oldest was Joy from Pixar’s movie Inside Out…and I was Cleopatra.  Since they were so sick, we stuck to local trick o’treating instead of our annual big get together with our sisters.  We took the car around in case of emergencies, and ended up with two kids that had no more issues so we were out for hours bumping into or walking with our local friends.  It ended up a fantastic night unexpectedly.   
What else? We had traveled to NYC a couple of times, in September for our Fifteenth wedding anniversary.. FIFTEEN YEARS!! How crazy is that!? My husband and I decided to jet off to SoHo, and really live it up. I love NYC, try to go often, and he surprised me with a special getaway. Just last month, we took the kids with us for our last trip there, which was a super fun trip.  I was dying to go for my birthday, because we used to go all the time to check out the holidays in the city.  Since our girls had never been to NYC during the holiday season, we wanted to make it a family trip. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go in December with work and stuff, so we took a weekend right after the New Year to take them. Thankfully, we caught a lot of the city still dressed up…and a lot of snow! ha  We were glad to take them to Rockefeller Center to see the big tree; which now that area has a light up show across the street (where it used to be simple snowflakes..it is now a complex light show!).  I was blown away!  We also took them to their must see spots..i.e., Times Square for the M&M, Disney and other stores, and their favorite bagel shop.  haha I love their bagels too so I liked saying “let’s go!”.  We got to dine at some fun, and delicious, restaurants,  Eolo, Hide Chan Ramen, and the gorgeous Refinery Hotel’s Parker and Quinn. We even got to take them to MoMA to check out an exhibit we were trying to catch and share some special moments with our artist daughter.  Think that was my favorite time of the weekend, and we did so much sight-seeing.  
Oh yeah. So someone had a pretty, pretty, prettttttty big birthday.  <me>
I was surprised with a big bash, cause I, uhm, turned the big 4 0! YES 40!  My husband got me good cause I was in shock the whole time! He had planned a trip to take the girls to see Santa down at the Jordan’s Furniture in Avon, cause we know the person that plays him.  Well, my husband said we got invited to hang out with him at some Meet Santa event and I believed him because it didn’t sound so far-fetched.  I went crazy getting my kids dolled up for pictures.  Rushing around to get myself done up, too, in case we did family pictures… only to be told that on the way there we had to stop because my husband’s employee needed paper for a drawing job.  Which does happen, we rush somewhere, only to have to drop off a ream of card-stock to someone he has working for him.  So, he takes us to bring Dave paper..except Dave wasn’t answering his phone, so my husband had to go to the restaurant that Dave was working to give him the paper. This is where I am completely oblivious.  So we pull up to this place, no Dave, but my husband is talking to him on the phone somehow now.  But when he puts the phone down it says “Jessica”, his bff’s wife.  I think he misdialed. Then we see one of our friends with her daughter getting out of the car.  My husband rolls down the window, says hi along with other words I don’t remember hearing, then she goes inside the restaurant.  Ok, so my husband isn’t getting out of the car, so I am about to nudge him to see what was up..and all of a sudden it’s like a crazy scene from Big Fish. You know the part when the son sees everyone at his father’s funeral?  A circus of people with stories.  Well. Everyone I care about in my life starts pouring out of the front doors, flooding the sidewalk in the front.  I am still not following what is up cause all I say is, “what is going on here? Why is Jessica here? and my Mom? and your Sister?”, and I start crying cause it struck me all at once. A SURPRISE PARTY!! My kids are screaming, “what is going on daddy?”, cause they had no clue either.  
He grabbed my hand and said,”what is the one thing you always want to do?  Have brunch with your family and friends, right? Well, we are having brunch…”.   He put together this big party all by himself!  <–holy moly right?! …I had one of the best surprises of my life. Surprising me is super hard, and he pulled off a perfect day for me.  (Thank you so much for all that you planned, love!!  You know how much that meant to me and will always stay in my heart.  You are my bestest friend and favorite person.) Though we never went to meet Santa for holiday photos  hahah jk jk!!  
Ok, I think that is the best, and quickest, update I can put out there at this second.  I will be posting about my big trip this week, so keep an eye out! 

Paris Birthday!

A Paris Birthday!!


Woah! I cannot believe the girls’ birthday bash has already come and gone!  Is anyone else experiencing the quickest year of their lives, too?


So, yes, the girls’ bash, lemme talk about that.  The girls this year picked the theme Paris. I always mention this on the birthday post, but they started to have a joint birthday celebration because they are twelve days apart in the month, and having one party was easier for me and for family when they were little, but now this one big party has become their tradition and they love it.  They haven’t yet stopped it and I am going to enjoy this for as long as they let me (cause I love to plan and make the magic happen for them).

So, let me start with the details and finish with the party pics…


The Decor

Oooh La La!

My husband and I went to Paris in 2011, and absolutely loved it.  The food.  The wine.  The views.  It was chic yet old world, urban yet country; it was an amazing place.  So, I started with an idea that instead of doing an all out girly party with eiffel towers everywhere, I’d actually invoke the feeling of Paris.  This year is the first year in all my party planning history that I used Black and White as the base colors, with a splash of baby pink.  Usually, I try to make everything shabby chic with soft greens, so this was hard on me hah.

I dressed the food and drink tables in b&w, white bases and black tops. Then I used all and any materials I had to create a Parisienne feeling. There were eiffel towers, vespas, mannequins, signs and even streamed a French Jazz station from Pandora that was perfect!

The food table:  I had created a sign that read Sister’s Cafe in French and draped some white tablecover from it above the table.  Then placed a large garden Eiffel Tower in the corner (that lived in my baby’s room) and then a mini pink vespa in the middle.  Then used that faux china that was white with silver lining rings and real silver utensils wrapped in thick white napkins tied in black satin ribbon.

The drink table: I dressed it with a drink dispenser, glasses, milk glasses adorned with black satin ribbon and polks dotted straws, three mannequins, a chalk sign and a large print photo..which is from NY, but this is the reason for all this.  1. My sister lives in Italy, and most of these items are hers from when she lived in my parents apartment.  Since she wasn’t here, I thought to pay tribute to her fav city by having her ‘here’.   2. NY and Paris are connected by the beautiful Statue of Liberty… annnd  3. The woman in the photo recently died this week and well, it all just felt right at that table!

Then at the entrance, which I didnt capture a photo for the first time in six years, I had a large Paris sign with lamp posts flanked on each side.  Then I used my bike (because it has a vintage feel) as a decoration with a basket filled with French inspired flowers, a faux bottle of wine and some potatoes.  Because everywhere in Paris is side dished with potatoes..  Viva les Frites!



Mais Oui!

Having access to an artist, well, you ask them to do a lot of things for you because it comes easier to them. So I had asked my husband to print out some signs but he decided to hand pain them for a more vintage feel.  The front entrance and the photo booth had the center Paris sign and the food table the cafe sign.  So super cute in person.


Girls Outfits

Comment La Mode!

The girls always ask to dress up for their parties, and this year was no different.  

Thinking about old world Paris fashion, all I could think about were stripes!  I got online to scour Old Navy, and found a super cute outfit that I pieced together.  It was super cheap, $15 each outfit!, and that they can use all year long as separates.  


A black and white striped swing top and a black circle skirt from ON. Then through Ebay, I had found two colorful wool berets that matched their personalities perfectly.




The food for this party was all on my shoulders as I decided not to get this catered.We always end up with way too much food and I just wanted to do it myself. So. My husband and I stayed up late two nights in a row and nailed it. Trying to make everything from scratch as we could.

See when in Paris the big things to eat are steak and fries, everything chicken or eggs, and potatoes.. EVERYWHERE ahah.  Since we are living French this day I figured to keep it Frenchy as possible, and I came up with this:  Croissants placed in a French wine crate, a mix of Olives, a Salad, BLT baguettes, Mac n Cheese, French Fries, and Chicken Fingers (for my dairy allergy friends).  For dessert: Madeleines (a french butter cookie), elephant ears (a french cookie that I call elephant ears hah), the cake and cupcakes, my mother’s pizzelle cookies, donuts (for my allergy friends) and grapes. It was all a big hit! And leftovers were at a major minimum than usual. That’s huge!

The Cake

Tres Belle!

We also made the cake and cupcakes ourselves, too.  I think this will revert back to being bought at the bakery because it’s just a lot of work and I didn’t think it was as pretty as my mind haha.  THOUGH everyone liked it a lot. I am particular I guess.  

We made marshmallow fondant from scratch, after seeing it done on the British Baking show! It came out great.  We colored one portion pink and left the other white.  We layered the white fondant over a pink and white checkerboard cake then added heart cutouts.  We then topped it with the polka dotted cake bunting I made earlier in the week.  The pink cupcakes had an overlay of a pink heart with a cupcake Eiffel Tower pick I had made the night before. 


Madeleine Rose

Une Rose!

For the Madeleine cookies, I decided to make a rose shape out of them. I went to my local WalMart to grab a ten inch foam ball and a plastic bowl.  I glued the two together and then covered the foam in press n seal wrap.  The cookies were then fastened on with toothpicks in an alternating pattern around the foam ball starting from the top.  This was super cute in person.



Les Enfants Seront Les Enfants

We decided to make our own piñata again, to try it, because if we failed then we could buy something. So my husband made the cardboard shape and I decorated it. Yes! We made another piñata!  This time it was easier and faster for me to make than the Harry Potter one.  And what is more Parisienne than the Eiffel Tower?  The girls and all the kids loved it.

The Photo Booth


So, I think I am obsessed with photo booth stuff, because this is the third birthday I have made one.  SMH.  This time I wanted to take the theme and shed that feeling of Paris on everyone.  I bought some table covers from the dollar store and draped them with one of the signs, then added tissue pompoms and more of those lamp posts.  I thought it came out real cute!

The props; I had my husband make me some that I felt were feminine and different from the past years, so he got to painting.  I love them!

Painting and Face Painting

Quel Visage!

The whole reason for this theme was from my daughter’s request for a painting party.. when I think of art I think of Paris, so she jumped when I suggested it and when I told my youngest she could make the cake she jumped, too hah.

Each guest was given an 8*10 canvas, a pallet, then an array of paints, water and brushes were on the table.  They were free to paint whatever they liked, and my husband guided them all along the way.  They had a great time, didn’t get messy!, and made some impressive pictures..the one photo I got was of the last remaining kid’s paintings unfortunately.

Before lunch was served my mother in law opted to face paint all the children.  She is so talented, and really made some impressive faces for these kids.

All the fun!


All the children had fun, and behaved so well.  The weather worked out in our favor, thankfully. And my family and friends got together for these two beautiful kids who deserve the moon.

I am so glad to have this opportunity each year to make my kids feel special on this day.  They are beyond special to me, and because I know this time of their lives is short-lived, I want to make sure when they look back they know how crazy their mom is for them.  Just like when I look back on my childhood.  

They are my everything.  

Jouyeux Anniversaire mes beautes!!  xoxoxoxo


Vacation Diary-Day 4- Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Hey Everyone!

We are on day four.. Port of call: Ocho Rios!

As I mentioned yesterday, the cruise had to change its course from Princess Cays to Jamaica, to avoid terrible storms that were too risky to travel into.  The cruise ship arrived at port at 7AM, and by 8AM passengers were allowed to disembark. My husband and I had been to Jamaica before, not Ocho Rios, but the other side of the island for our honeymoon in 2001.

Wow, I forgot how absolutely beautiful Jamaica is.

March 22– It was another balmy 81F day, and I was really in heaven by this day.  I love Summer weather.

Before getting off ship, we all decided to grab some food up in the buffet and a few bottles of water.  Then we decided to take the leap of faith at port to find a local taxi to take us to a local beach.  Man, we were surprised at how easy and awesome this leg of our unplanned trip was to be!!

We disembarked at around 9/9:30AM, I was nervous because this was the first port stop in my life.  I wasn’t sure how hectic it would be or how easily things would go, like would it be a huge ordeal.  Well, Regal Princess is seriously amazing at this process. It was seamless and we were off the boat in no time.

Right outside the port there were tons of taxis lined up along the shopping zone, and they are there at every port, so we chose a van/bus taxi that looked reputable.  The two people running the service were two of the nicest people ever. Everything was marked with numbers and their company information.  We ended up agreeing on a trip that was $90USD for the nine of us to ride two ways; the bus would take us over to a private beach resort, Bamboo Blu, then pick us up to get back to the ship.  The resort was free to use, except food (which we packed our own from the buffet), drinks and lounge chairs ($10ea).  Because the bus was also driving other tourists to their destinations along the way, we got to see a little bit of the area, too. Their first stop was to Dunn’s River Falls, then to our beach.  The total trip to the beach took about 15 minutes. The bus also had free wifi..bonus!

We arrived to find a beautiful resort beach.  As we walked into the place, the bus company tagged us with their bus number on a wrist band and made sure we would be waiting ready to go back to the ship at our time choice, 2PM.  The resort had everything you needed…sand, sun, ocean, bathrooms, loungers, a gift shop, bar and grill.  We took our towels off the boat, so we were clutch no matter what.  We got there to find a beautiful Jamaican woman dressed in traditional garb dancing at the entrance, teaching a group of kids how to dance. We scouted the place, and it was too nice to be true.

We walked to the end of the beach where there were palm trees and a little more quiet.   My husband and I got two loungers, then immediately laid out.  Our friends went for a swim.  The kids had a blast in the clear blue waters chasing fish and digging in the sand.  It was perfection.  We grabbed a few beers and cocktails, and really enjoyed the time together talking and exploring the beach.  The area we chose to camp out was on the end of the beach where they had a cut off line with a guard; who was the coolest guy.  He was guarding the other side; the private beach beyond him belonged to the houses on the beach. Very swank.

We got back to the bus drop off area for 2PM.. the bus was right on time! Phew!  We trekked back to the port, and our friends went shopping for some souvenirs.  My family jumped back on the boat to secure some beach chairs and relax a little while longer by the pool.  Our friends soon followed.

Then after a great long hang out, where the music of that time was the resident Barbadian singer giving a tribute to Bob Marley, since we were in Jamaica.  He was so fun, and the band was ‘jammin’.  As the sun started to go down and our skin was now a delicious color red apple haha, we decided it was the perfect time to get to our rooms for a little unwinding and get ready for our next dinner.

This night we decided to meet up at Alfredo’s.  This was a restaurant on the cruise’s dining plan.  Alfredo’s is an Italian pizzeria with pastas and salads.  It was amazing pizza, seriously.  The capricciosa pizza without ham was tdf, If you love mushrooms, that pizza is for you …  and I ate two! (yes, though personal sizes, I pigged out on two.  we all did!)  To say that we loved this place is an understatement.  The waiter of the night was this hilarious Serbian guy, Vlad, who really made the night memorable. He was a great waiter, but with this hilarious ‘don’t give a f*ck’ type attitude, that I am not so sure he knew he was giving off. hah  OMG, we had a great time with him and his stories and all the drinks he kept running to get us.  Great service, and a great time.  We hung out here all night long eating and drinking.   It was a very special night with our Australian friends.

After dinner, we decided to take the kids down to the gelato place for some ice cream.  Surprisingly, the gentleman working the place was also Serbian..and you guessed it, one of Vlad’s friends. We learned that Vlad has Serbian friends all over the boat that we should ask for ..  After hanging out on the piazza with gelato, we took a quick glance around the boat.  My pal grabbed me a coffee, and we talked till I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.


It was a wonderful day!  Surprises around every corner, and it was just perfect.


Moving onto Grand Cayman/day 5 next!