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25 Random Facts About Me

Hey Everyone!

I have been wanting to get back into blogging more fun things like this, so why not start with this!? Here are 25 random facts about me, and I am not sure if they’ll be interesting, but here we go! 


25 Random Facts About Me 

  1. I was born in 1976. 

  2. I have a large scar on my left leg from an incident involving one of those old school, metal spike bike pedals.

  3. I really like watching murder mysteries, like those featured on Dateline or that UK show World’s Most Evil Killers. But. Then I am freaked out for days following.

  4. My favorite band (completely bonkers for) growing up was Motley Crue.  My bedroom had posters and magazine cut outs of Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee all over it!

  5. The first time I had a taco I was 16 years old, and in Long Island, NY.  

  6. I apologize to inanimate objects that I may bump into or drop. 

  7. My Boston accent only comes out of me if I am tipsy.  Weird right?

  8. Decorating for all the holidays brings me so much joy, and I am completely obsessed with holiday or seasonal window gel clings.

  9. After graduating from high school, I spent three months in Italy and then took a year off to work before going to college.

  10. My favorite candy bar is a 5th Avenue bar. 

  11. One of my favorite ways to relax is painting my nails; which is why the color changes so often.  

  12. When I was thirteen I had gotten sick from eating Chinese food during dinner on New Year’s Eve night, namely from overeating chicken fingers.  I have not had a chicken finger from a Chinese restaurant since. NOT.A.ONE.

  13. As a pre-teen, I slept in my roller skates a handful of times.

  14. My handwriting is so horrible.  Thank the Lord for texting!

  15. I have only skied one time, but have been on ski trips many times.  

  16. I consider myself spiritual.

  17. My first car was an old clunky sports car, a 1989 Nissan 240SX.  I bought it with my own money at age 18.  I loved that car, and in all honesty, I bought it because I liked how the headlights were independent of the car …and it looked like it was winking.  🙂 

  18. I have wanted to cover my body in tattoos since I was 14… but because I am picky about artist/my visions, I have not felt secure with anyone I have met with to ink me. 

  19. I am the youngest of three children (all girls).

  20. If I hear a lyric, a musical word or a tune, I will spontaneously belt out in song without thinking. My husband has spent 22 years scheming out ways to get me to sing.

  21. The UPS guy, who delivers to my home regularly, knows me by name.    

  22. My feet went down a half-size after I had my youngest daughter.

  23. Flavored coffees repulse me. Even the smell of them.  

  24. I am pretty intuitive, and it can be both a blessing and a curse.

  25. Cold cuts, every Italian person loves them, except me. I find them absolutely disgusting, but I love bacon.  🙂

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This is Halloween… 2018

Happy Halloween! 

Hope you all had a fun Halloween filled with lots of spookiness, laughter… and CANDY!  

Halloween is the best holiday of them all, isn’t it? Dressing up. The creative makeup. Pumpkins. Haunting decorations. Spooky treats. Fun snapchat filters! (which I know you all love dearly from me!) 

I get so ramped up for Halloween that I decorate my house the first week of September; which I have been coining for years as Septemberween.  IT IS MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY TO DECORATE FOR OF THEM ALL!!! Halloween is some serious decorating business.  I set aside two days to fully drape each room of our first floor in spooky goodness. Sometimes it takes me three days because I don’t really like anyone touching my Halloween stuff.  ha  I have a ritual here!  There is lots of singing, coffee and skeletons. 

🙂 The trifecta of fun!

I collect these funny skeleton ceramics, called Boney Bunch, that make a preview in each room. I buy a new one, or two, or three!, every year. They make me laugh because they are super cute and silly with spooky puns, and they each have a meaning relating to some special event in my life.  For example, I have a skeleton baby in a high chair for the birth of my oldest daughter. A skeleton baby in a carriage for the birth of my youngest.  A skeleton couple engaged and a skeleton bride and groom in a car for my wedding.  Snow White skeleton with skeleton dwarfs because I am Snow White. A skeleton cook because I love cooking. There’s a skeleton guy using an English phone booth for my first trip to London.  There is a skeleton ghost holding an eye-ball for when I bought my first iPhone. haha Yes I am eccentric. And I won’t go through them all, I have so many.  They always bring smiles to my face when I walk by.  And as I am sitting here typing, looking at the  Boney Bunch dish on the table and my Halloween decor around me that I have to take down this weekend, I am just utterly sad.  Big frown face.  I love how the house looks dressed up for the holidays, any holiday. It feels warmer, fuller, and happier. 

Well, I guess I have Thanksgiving decor to look forward to putting up.  Meh  Turkeys.  haha

But back to Halloween, we had a fun month overall.  Lots of family fun and parties with friends, so spooktacular!  We do have a lot of fun traditions in the Fall, like pumpkin picking at our favorite local farm as we scarf on cider donuts and feed the farm animals, pumpkin carving, watching spooky movies, or hitting up a local Fall themed event. This year we went to two, Screeemfest at Canobie Lake Park and the Great Pumpkin Festival at the Ecotarium.   Both were so much fun. Screeemfest was frightening for our oldest daughter.  She is a ‘fraidy cat’, but I even freaked a few times from the crazy clown wielding the chainsaw chasing people!  I am not that big into scary experiences like that, but I appreciate the scare nonetheless.  If that even makes sense?

Oh wait! The Ecotarium wasn’t without a scare, though.  Here’s a story I haven’t told anyone yet from our night there.  They had a slew of fun things going on and a special feature of fire magicians every forty-five minutes performing.  When we got there the people working the event told us the fire show was happening soon, and to make our way down to the large white circle in the parking lot.  Ok, so we did. 

We arrived to find a guy dressed in a full skeleton costume kneeling down by a speaker blaring Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne.  He was the MC apparently.  We all huddled close around the circle because the night grew chillier pretty quickly. A few more people joined in the circle. Within a minute, a steam punk dressed lanky guy with a large beard made his way into the center of the circle.  He started by telling us to stand on the outside of the circle, as he inhaled from this giant pipe, then exhaled into his hand lighting his hands on fire.  By this time more people were standing around the circle enthralled by the flames. And warmth.  Then the performer set two large batons on fire and started fire eating along to the music. 

The show was not terribly exciting, however, it’s fire and it is beautiful, and my kids seem pretty happy. The guy was shaky but was doing a great job being creepy and mysterious. Then another guy, dressed similarly came out to perform further with lager intricate batons (multi fire points) and fire chains.  He was the more daring one of the pair.  He was performing minor acrobatics with these fire props.  Allowing the pipes to roll across his body and lightly torch his beard.  And, by this point, the fire was so hot from one of his large batons, that I just had the urge to back up. I notice the circle now is encompassed with tons of tiny kids sitting in costumes along the edge and some in carriages. Worry swam over me seeing those kids on the ground. As I looked at my kids to say let’s move another step back, the guy performing the swinging chains moves onto swinging fire pipes and by mistake he let go of one of the fire pipes! It went cruising on the ground into the crowd right for those little kids!!! The pipe misses them by mere inches! It was just the craziest of luck they didn’t get burned. 

Needless to say, we left, as we all didn’t want to die. So.  It was a miracle not a kid was touched by the flames, seriously.

Well, that wraps up tis Halloween! Here are some pictures from our Halloween month of fun…


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Surprise! Arcade Fire!

Hey everyone!

Yes, we went to the Arcade Fire show last night! I cannot believe it still.

We went to see Arcade Fire at The Garden last year in September for their Infinite Content tour, it was our second time seeing them; we went a few years before to see their Reflekktor Tour. A few months ago, I saw this show added to the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion. When I had seen it I mentioned it to my husband in passing, but followed the conversation acknowledging this busy Summer and backing myself out of it. I don’t know why I do that, but I do. Thinking we probably wouldn’t have the time I guess.

Then this week happened.

It has been a week of surprises… Why?  I don’t really know, but I try not to question things because I like surprises.  Actually, my husband does this sometimes for no reason, but I think it’s because he feels guilty working so much.. or at least that is what I feel.

So, Thursday, of last week, my husband came home with a vintage map of our town. Something I had mentioned I wanted because the history here is kinda cool.  It is a lithograph from 1872, hand painted, and it shows the layout of the town with streets/pin dots for houses with owners last names. It looks so bare. Our house is not on the map, though our street is. We spent all night Thursday after the kids went to bed looking into the history of some of the street names and neighborhoods from our Memorial Hall Library website.  I just had so much fun looking at all the history!!


Then on Saturday he came home with a baseball cap I have been wanting for a year or so. It’s the Fenway Park Citgo sign trucker hat.  I just liked it to wear to the beach or when we travel and I don’t feel like doing my hair.  IT IS SO CUTE ON! I can’t wait to wear it on our lake trip in a couple of days!


THEN, he tells me on Sunday night that he planned out a date night for us.  Nothing more.  Then Monday mentioned that he got us tickets to see Arcade Fire!!  AHHHH WHAT!?!?!  And that he reserved dinner too.  I was so excited to hear that!!  He got us tickets in Section 2, row U.  SO CLOSE!!

The night of the show, we had dinner at Legal’s Harborside, my favorite spot on the harbor.  After talking there a few minutes, he told me we had VIP access at the show.  Which meant CLEAN BATHROOMS!  YAHH!  haha  I hate public bathrooms…blech.

The show was amazing.  They are definitely a great band to see live. Their set list was different from the other times we had seen them, and I LOVED IT.  They played a lot of their older songs, which made the place go nutty.  A lot of super fans there, not just me.  The whole place sang along and danced, it was a lot of fun.  I hope to get the chance to see them again someday.

Here are some shots of the night..and a video of their song Reflekktor.  So. much. fun!!

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Dance Recital 2018

Well, hallelujah hallelujah, dance is officially over for the school year!

After 8 months of getting the girls’ classes straight, washing and drying leotards/tights/pants each week, primping hair, and a lot of driving to rehearsals, we have made it to the big day!  YAHOO!!  (Recital, like Memorial Day weekend, gives me the feels to kick off Summer …for me anyways.)

The school put on quite the performance this year, it was fun from the first dance to the last.  And my girls did a wonderful job with their peers in “Game On”.  Games was this year’s theme.  My oldest daughter performed Capture the Flag (ballet), and my youngest Family Feud (jazz funk) and Memory (ballet)..some pretty great games.  There were so many special dances this performance, and I wish I could share them all with you.  Each game was matched with a song that was of that game, like “Twister” was danced to “Twist and Shout”.  So many clever matches.  They even put on a verse from Hamilton as an interpretation of Call of good!!  These kids worked so hard, and it showed!  GREAT JOB, TDS!!!

I always get super emotional during recital.  I don’t know if are catching on to my theme of crying yet, but apparently I cry a lot and tell you guys.  SMH.  It’s just so emotional for me to sit through these productions at times.  Watching all the tiny little preschoolers perform at the start, bumbling and forgetting their positions..just at that sweet age my girls started dance.  Then the trotting, voluptuous, high schoolers dancing perfectly poised in such complicated numbers, who my girls will one day become.  It just gets me at times. These girls are growing up way too fast, and it’s freaking me out!!  I got them dressed today and was like, “I have a twelve-year-old?”.  Like when did that happen?!?!

But it did.  I have a preteen!!

After the performance, we treated everyone to pizza, which was fun, and now I am here at home doing laundry with a house of preteens (niece included) ripping up the place and hollering craziness.  Which I love.


Here are some fun pics of the day.


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Mother’s Day 2018




Kicked off Mother’s Day Friday after work with my sister and Mom. It was a little chilly Friday, but sunny. When I arrived to my sister’s there was a lot of commotion going on in the streets. The town was on lockdown, lots of cops on the street and helicopters flying around.  Apparently, a strange man was seen wandering the woods near the local elementary school threatening to have a fire arm. It was creepy to feel some crazy person on the loose but within a half hour the lockdown was called off as they got the man.

We had a great time chatting, laughing and enjoyed some pizza before we exchanged all the cards and gifts, and the kids starting a fire to make s’mores!!  They made me feel so special. And I hope I did the same for them. It was a great way to end a long week, though the week wasn’t over..the kids had school Saturday!  Yes, school on a Saturday! It was the last weekend to make up for some snow days that infringed the calendar year. Phew!


Saturday, after the kids got out of school, we got together with our friends for some Chinese and scorpion bowls, my favorite. Afterwards we finished the night at our bffs playing games.

I was actually pretty proud of myself Saturday, because I didn’t eat any Chinese food, got maki rolls/sushi and stuck with only eating that. I have started a challenge this month to be mindful about eating; without feeling deprived I started to control portions, eat less carbohydrates and ramp up my workouts. So far it has paid off because I have lost 8lbs and I am still motivated. Feeling great in your skin is a wonderful feeling.

I love black and blue.. OOTD: INC pants and J CREW Tulle Tshirt


Today I gave myself a day off from the challenge to just be a total pig. As you know, it is Mother’s Day and I have been too accountable eating and just needed a day to eat steak n’ drink. Haha.

I woke up to cloudy skies, but that didn’t matter much since the girls came into the room acting super sweet. Lots of hugs and kisses in bed. They were so excited to start our day. Coffee was being made while my baby girl was showing me a PowerPoint she made for me. It was a slew of slides saying she loved me and why, and embedded with my favorite Mickey Mouse shorts. Haha. She knows me so well. Then they got me to sit at the table so they could present their gifts. First was my baby girl, who made some impressive cards. Then my oldest gave me her cards, who totally made me cry with her thoughtful words and a wooden structure that wrote out ‘love’. Melted me completely. Then my husband handed me coffee and gave me all his cards and gifts, he always spoils me too much. I really felt so loved, and of course, I cried. Like a lot. Even when I went to go get ready for the day.

They always know how to make me feel so good. 🙂 I really got lucky here with these three.

My husband took us to a new favorite location, the Ledger Restaurant in Salem, MA. We had been to this place for a party two month ago and loved it. Today did not disappoint. They offered a three course fixed menu, which actually rocked. We started off with side cars, because it is our cocktail of choice. I love me a side car. Mmmmmhm mm. I love em. My husband got the same appetizer, asparagus w a soft egg over grits and hollandaise sauce, which was to die for. The girls ordered off the kids menu, mac n cheese and pan seared salmon. Then for our main I got the steak and he got the scallops, and I have to say I was way happier than I thought I would be. Every bite was delicious. Then we finished the meal off with a large homemade yodel and ‘donuts and coffee’, and the girls meals came with a homemade cookie (which was warm and delicious). The yodel was so good but the donuts were amazing!! Ahhh maaayyy zinnng.



As we left the restaurant the skies opened to sunshine, and the city of Salem was vibrant with lots of families and people walking around.  We took some time to run errands then ended up back at home where our friend stopped by for a bit.  Once they left we started off on our evening plans..  watching a movie and relaxing before the week starts.

It was a great weekend, lots of love here, and I hope all of you had a lot of fun, too!



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Walt Disney World April 20- Day 5

I am pretty sad this is already at day 5, I have been having such a fun time going over all the details and pictures!!

Day 5

Disney Park: Hollywood Studios (open till 9PM)

This day we started off by packing so Bell Services could transfer our luggages to a new resort!   The first part of this trip has been at the Bay Lake Tower resort and we were moving to the Saratoga Springs Resort.  We, ourselves, were going to eat some breakfast at the quick service inside the Contemporary Resort then head straight over to Hollywood Studios.

Before leaving on this trip, we had planned to meet up with a local family we heard was also going to be in Disney during the same week. We tried to make a FP together or two. Then more plans were made when we landed in Orlando with an old high school friend,too!  Great day ahead. 🙂

We ended up having some spectacular weather this trip, and today was no exception.  It was 84F, but it was dry and breezy.  A perfect day, truly.  When we got to the park we had good fun talking with the Disney photographer on Sunset Blvd, who was a retiree from Maine, and a sweet sweet man.  I loved his ‘dad jokes’, like not knowing how to use iPhones so when he gave me mine back he told me that most of the guests he deals with go home with selfies of him.  hahah None on my phone though, I kinda wish I did!!

From the entrance, we contacted our hometown friends to let them know we made it to the park, and we made plans to meet up after they got off Toy Story Mania..which was at an hour wait at that moment. So we got ourselves to our first FP for Star Tours at 11:35AM.  I am not sure if you guys are noticing, I didn’t make one FP for before 10:30AM, not a one!  We enjoy not having to run out extremely early on our days off.  Our every day is getting up before 6AM, so when we go away we try not to do that much unless it’s absolutely necessary.

From Star Tours we took a quick jump to Muppet Vision, which is always a good time in the AC!  I grew up watching The Muppets, and I can’t ever skip this attraction.. like ever.  At about this time, our friends messaged us saying they were outside of Ariel to meet up, so we quickly made our way there.  We had such a great time greeting one another, these friends have been over for parties, they are just so funny and a nice group of people.  Their youngest daughter is besties with our oldest daughter, so they were so excited to finally see each other since they text all day as they don’t go to the same Middle School.  They try to hang out as much as possible after school, but without being at the same school it’s just not the same.  This crew was super hot by this time so we took a walk onto Star Wars Launch Bay to watch a quick video.  Then we parted ways so they could eat lunch at their reservations and hit up their FP, we made plans to meet up for our last FP for Tower of Terror at 4:50PM that we booked together.  So we went to get in line to meet Chewbacca as they went on their way to eat.

Well, we stood there for a quick minute then changed minds. The girls really wanted an ice cream, so we decided to break from the line to go get an ice cream.   While we were eating the ice cream, we made our plans before meeting up with our friends again.  We got back to meeting Chewbacca since the line was at under 10 minutes.  What a fun character meet up.  This costume was super impressive, and the CM in there did a top notch job interacting with my family.  We laughed a lot… and he loved my Starbucks pin in my ears. 🙂  I only shared one photo cause my bruises in the other family photos were kind of sickeningly gross, even for me who had them! haha

Our next FP was for Indiana Jones, which our girls had never experienced last time we visited four years ago as it was under renovation. I forgot about how well choreographed this show was, and all the fire and action!  The girls really enjoyed the show, and the tricks of all the stuntmen/women.  And the Mickey Mouse face shaped pretzel they ate during the show, as well.

Once we hit the sunshine, we took our chances at waiting for Toy Story Mania.  They weren’t processing FP for this ride while it’s been under construction, and the time for Stand By was 50 minutes.  First, on the way, the girls wanted to check out the Walt Presents museum; so we decided to make a quick trip of it before we got in line for TSM.  Glad to say that we didn’t wait more than 49 minutes.  hahaha  I am jk, it was more like 35 minutes, the longest we have waited in a line on any trip!, but we spent the time in line playing games, snapping and just enjoying the breezes.

The entrance was sweet. All the new graphics, and imagery.  Since we are all big Pixar fans, we enjoyed the revamp going up to Andy’s room. From Toy Story Mania we got ourselves up Sunset Blvd for our meet up with our friends to ride Tower of Terror.  They were leaving this day so basically after Tower of Terror they had a short time to make it to the airport.  The best part of this was that both moms of the families opted out of the ride, which gave the kids an extra FP each to ride it again…and for us, margaritas and sunshine.  Which was a perfect way to spend time.  The people watching in Disney is absolutely entertaining and not to be missed.  The things I had seen this trip, like the bald man sitting in front of us during the Star Wars Launch Bay film with HIS full face – mustache and sunglasses- tattooed on the back of his head, were memorable.  That must’ve hurt, that’s all I am saying about it.

Ok, so sadly, after Tower of Terror, we walked towards our dinner reservations and had to say goodbye to our friends. 😦  We all had a fun time together, but sad it had to be cut short… I am looking forward to our hang out this Saturday though!

Our dinner reservations were to a place we had taken our kids last trip, and they DID remember, 50’s Prime Time.  Why did my kids remember this place?  Well, it was the first restaurant we let them have a milk shake with dinner and there was a TV at the table. (We don’t have TV in the kitchen, cause I don’t allow it.  I don’t allow it many parts of the house actually. Especially NOT their bedrooms. I grew up with one in my room, and well, I don’t want that for them.)  This restaurant is such a fun experience for all of us.   We had a crazy waitress, who cracked us up the entire meal with her indifference and jokes.  She would call the girls to the kitchen entrance to grab things, which confused them, and threw straws at them when they got drinks, which sounds horrible but it was funny.

We sat at a cute corner dinette set with a vintage TV just like the 1950’s.  My husband and I both got the fried chicken, and the girls meatloaf. They, of course, got milkshakes, my husband a cocktail that lit up and I got a glass of NZ sauvignon blanc.  My fav wine.  I can’t believe it, but I ate my entire dish of chicken.  Something I rarely do!

I think my favorite part of the meal was, aside from the insanely good fried chicken, was talking about our family during this time. Because my parents didn’t grow up in America during the 50s, my stories of my parents past during the 50’s are totally different than what my in-laws had experienced. That quintessential modern era Americana.  So we got to talk to the girls in good detail all about the fun things my husband learned from Grammy and Grampy about this era and what we know of it.  They were so into the conversation with so many questions and comments.

I LOVE THESE TWO KIDS!  They are so inquisitive and smart, and beautiful.  That’s a bonus.  🙂

While finishing dinner, I got a message from my friends from our second meet up of the day! Our plan was to get together after dinner to see Fantasmic and maybe the Star Wars show.  Before getting to the arena, we grabbed a cider and wine, and set up the girls with their light up garb.  Our friends got to the seats first, saved us a bench.  We were about 8 rows from the show, and my kids were really excited.  We had met up with these friends a few times during our trips to Orlando before, last was in 2016 when we took a trip to Universal after a Caribbean cruise out of Ft Lauderdale.  They have a young daughter, but she was so little last time that she basically stayed in her carriage. My kids didn’t get to play with her much, plus another two sets of friends were with us at that time too, which both had children their age keeping them busy, it was a lot of people.

It also meant that I got reacquainted with her this night, too.  From the second the word hello fell from my lips, she was enchanted. (little girls seem to like me, idk why. haha)  And when I told her that my baby girl had the same name as she did, well, that was it, they were besties all night. I gave her some light up necklaces to match my kids, and well, she was all into being my bestie, too. She sat on my lap then my daughter’s, stood next to me, next to her, narrated the show, told me who her favorite characters are and cracked us all up dancing and singing.

We followed Fantasmic with watching the Star Wars fireworks show, Galactic Nights, together.  We stood to the right within the plaza.  We really enjoyed the theatrics and pyrotechnics of the show, it was quite thrilling actually.  The feel of the fire shots that they let out towards the end was blasting us all with so much heat, I felt happy (on the account that I love hot weather!).

We said our goodbyes then hopped on the bus to go over to our new resort..Saratoga Springs!  We were all excited to check it out, and sleep!  Ok, I was excited to sleep, I was wiped!

We checked in, grabbed our luggage and were driven to our room.  All in the dark, so we had no clue what anything looked like. We were in building 65 on the second floor.  The room was way bigger than at the Bay Lake Tower.  The layout was different, too. Like, the bathroom sink was unattached, and bonus they had a large entrance to the room.  We had a pretty great day at Hollywood Studios, loved seeing all our friends!

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We Are Back!!

Hello WordPress friends!

We are back from…WALT DISNEY WORLD! Wooo! But, really, womp! We had such a great trip that we are all bummed about it being over and back to work and school. Ok, tears wiped, but yeah, Disney has definitely changed some since we were there last; which was four years ago, when our kids were 6yo & 8yo! And I was 3…7. Huh, not as cool to think about that. Haha. But. This trip was all kinds of awesome, as our past Disney trips have been, but Idk, I think this is our favorite Disney trip of them all.

A lot of why I am feeling like this has to do with our girls’ ages. They are at such a great age for all the parks, never missing a beat walking miles a day and still a great age for those family magical moments.

Another major part of this trip’s success was the weather! We left home Monday the 16th with chilly rain and arrived to Orlando to a stretch of 9 days of sunny, breezy, 84F-87F. WOOOTOTHEHOOOO!! I never felt happier to be in FL than this week. We couldn’t of been luckier. Actually, now that I think of it, we were lucky this whole trip together… We got to sleep in some, enjoy a lot of pool time, scored the best additional fast passes each day, Magic Hours were truly magical, the park/resort buses always showed up when we walked to the gate number, when it was supposed to rain we got clouds or a drizzle while we were inside/on a ride, the girls rode EVERYTHING without a fear…it all just really worked out!

Considering before we left how I was a wreck from a car accident. I didn’t really share this with many folks because it was just a lot for me to go through. But yeah, Thursday the 12th, 4 days before our trip, I went to treat myself to a coffee only to be struck by a speeding car that cut me off turning out of nowhere. (notice this one is heart shaped?)

He slammed right into me, so hard that he knocked me/my car a few hundred feet. Thankfully, my car didn’t hit anyone or anything as it was thrust into a parking lot (and I had no clue what had occurred till I felt glass in my mouth and smelled burned rubber). I walked away from the crash with some wild bruising and bruised ribs, a tiny scrape and aches from impact but ALIVE. A ton of wonderful people came to my rescue and defense, witnessing the other driver’s reckless behavior on the road. My car was deemed totaled so we grabbed a rental last night to take us home from the airport. This is depressing me because I didn’t need this, I mean, who does, but now I have the expense of finding a new car.

So ….I am taking a new car and how well this trip went as my guardian angel’s way of saying everything is ok. Brighter horizons ahead. Because every time we talked to either insurance company or I felt down because of all my noticeable bruises while in bathing suits, shorts or tank tops, I saw hearts. It’s a weird thing that happens to me, I literally see heart shapes, and in Disney it was kinda crazy how many we all saw. 🙂

OK, so I am going to draft out my day to day posts and photos over the week between work and stuff. Keep an eye out!

Annnd, is that rain I hear outside!? Yup it is… welcome home.

Hope you all missed me! Hah oxox