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What Lifting Has Taught Me This Year

Helloooooooo WordPressland!

It dawned on me how long it has been since I last posted as I was looking at today’s date. Then I also realized that it was an important date for me, as well.  As a year ago, I made the decision from going to the gym every other day, three days a week, to going to the gym more often; taking it seriously to try to change my life. This conscious drive, wanting to go in a different direction in my physical life, turned to a major leaf turner and it has made a big difference in my being.  

I honestly am a changed person from a year ago; not just physically, but mentally.

At first, going back to the gym, I had that usual ‘Mom’s Guilt’, which btw, I am also Italian and Roman Catholic, so I am a pro at feeling guilty over everything.  So dumb.  But, with my kids in the prime of their elementary school lives, I felt very selfish at first.  Like I was taking time away from ‘my real life’ to go do something for just myself.  Until I realized, doing this for myself isn’t just for me.  It’s for my health, yes, but for my mind and if my family sees me trying, even if I am struggling, or, reaching personal goals, it will change them, too.  It will show my kids that mom is not just a mom, which I haven’t ever really been anyways, but, I want to show them that being strong and fit and clear, is a lifelong process…something I wasn’t ever shown or taught, unfortunately.  

Changing myself is not something that just stops now, it is forever. 


The Physical Changes

Once I got over my guilt, which was surprisingly fast! haha  I saw myself so differently.  The physical transformation in my body has been a very personal change.  The things I am capable of doing now is astonishing to me.  My core, my weakest part of my body, is now my strongest, something I decided midway through this year to try to strengthen.

To be completely honest, working on my core was extremely hard at first.  It was actually embarrassing at the beginning.  I couldn’t even do many exercises I was seeing the other gym goers doing.  So sad.  But, I never let that embarrassment stop me.  If I could just keep at it, even if I couldn’t do more than a handful of reps, I would walk away knowing I tried. If I kept trying more and more, I was ahead of myself from before. SO I kept at it, until one day I could do something I couldn’t do before…like 3 reps of 10 in a row or graduating heavier weights.  

Long journey here, but my God, so worth it!!!

I decided to get strong, not focus on losing weight.  It was so difficult at first because going for strong and not skinny, is a different ideal than I’ve ever been used to thinking about. In 2010, when I started on this initially, losing over all 67 lbs, I had always been focused that to be fit meant to be skinny and, well, not like I am being curvy; thick thighs and hips.  

But it doesn’t, not at all.  

I definitively decided this go around that I don’t want to try to be a railing. I don’t want to be anything or anyone but me with realistic goals.  This body acceptance means a lot and it’s not easy, but, it means I am happy in my feelings. I know I am not weight training perfection; you all see me on social media everyday. BUT, I am me; with my hips, hard scars, cellulite, pregnancy induced stretch marks, all my wonderful imperfections. It is just, well, I don’t think that I ever realized that these scars and imperfections are something I have earned.

I am a woman with a story and a past and a HUGE future ahead.  

And… No one can take this away from me, because I know what I do everyday.  I know what I do to keep myself physically able to move. I know what I do to keep my mind clear.  It is hard work. Lots of sweat. Lots of aches.  Moving parts of me I never thought of.  Exhausting sessions. Loss of motion from muscle fatigue. But these things make me happy somehow.  To have muscle fatigue makes me work harder.  To feel exhausted when I am rolling back home from the gym makes me shine.  

Somehow, someway, going in this direction over the past year made me feel good.   

Made me clear. Which brings me to the mental changes. 


The Mental Changes

One of the biggest reasons I started hitting the gym harder, was the fact that I needed a mental release, too. When I took that big gym hiatus, over 2 1/2 years ago, I started feeling, well, uncentered, and just not right because that long hiatus caught up and I was feeling the ramifications. Keeping my mind clear is important to me, and having my own time to focus on myself and whatever my mind feels like is, too. ..and what’s cheaper than therapy?

Working out. Haha 

I have a totally different perspective on thinking things through, somehow, like how I am dealing with issues in my life, not being over analytical about people, caring less about being perfect and feeling more confidence in myself. 

Confidence is such a wonderful feeling, guys!

Holy fuck.  Really, this is probably the first time in my life that I just like me and I love the way I feel; the way I see myself.  Who knew I could actually do the things I am doing?  And that it could have a profound message for me more than just body strength? 

Not me!  

And, the working out I did six years ago compared to the working out I do now are drastically different, too.  Before I was dying to get out of the gym after only doing cardio most days, now I feel like the time flies and I want more sweat and heavier weights!  It’s funny how much change can come in a year.  

If you told me last year that in one year’s time you could feel the way I do now, I would’ve laughed and scoffed that was too long a road…   So crazy right?! yikes.  But I’d do it again, and am continuing to do it for as long as I can stand it.  

I love this feeling and am looking forward to my journey ahead.  So, in a synopsis of my post here, I think the best things I have learned in all of this year is:

  • I am not selfish if I take time out of my day to improve upon myself.  It’s actually quite the opposite.

  • A healthy body and mind are directly connected to my happiness. 

  • I can turn my weaknesses into strengths, if I just keep trying.

  • If I can conquer a weakness, I can do almost anything.

  • About an hour to an hour and a half of my day is spent challenging myself to be better, in all ways.  That is not that much time in the scope of life.

  • My kids look at me like I am Super Mom (Wanna say Wonder Woman, but I am not there yet).

  • I am not in competition with anyone but my own self.

  • Dedication to something is about loving the process, as well as, the outcome. 


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It’s About Time I Updated You!

Wow, my my, I just looked at when I last posted and I swear it was last week…NOT that long ago.  So sorry!  This is a good sign though, right?  Too much going on to stop and post to the masses of WordPressland.  At least that is my excuse.

Ahhh, so much to talk about!  

First.. Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see a shadow yesterday.. that’s just awesome!  If rodents could really predict weather… 😉

Well, I just got home from a meeting discussing my youngest daughter’s communion at the end of April.  Yes, COMMUNION!  I can’t believe it!  She is eight, in the second grade, and she is on her way onto her second sacrament.  Seriously, where is this time going!?  How do I make it stop?

Or, how do I make it speed up enough for our upcoming gigantoid family vacation!?!? 

YAHHHH! It’s almost that time of year when we say goodbye to chilly New England and hello to the warmth of the south…Winter Vacation!!  Tropical temps. Sandy beaches. Hanging with stingrays. Mayan ruins.  ARRG I AM GOING TO EXPLODE!  Without giving out too many deets, this is going to be a smash you in the sack awesome trip.  Yes, I just said that.  haha.  This is a huge first for us.  We are joining up with my so awesome friends, from Australia, who are here on a 5 week trip of a lifetime.  They are kicking it off with us.  

How awesome?  🙂

We are going out on a 7 night cruise, my family’s very first cruise, to the Western Caribbean (Princess Cays, Grand Caymans and Mexico)..then..and please keep it on the dl, we are going to surprise the girls with a drive up to Orlando to hang out at Universal for three days.  <– They are HUGE Harry Potter fans, so this is going to liTerally be the best surprise of their child lives.  The other awesome part of it is that our Ozzie friends will be going with to Orlando..their kids know they are heading to The Wizarding World, but they don’t know we are going, too.  Everyone’s assuming we are up in Orlando to catch a flight the next day.  I am so excited!  

The countdown has begun, and my brain is on overdrive with all that needs to be done before we head out.

Next..  Things are going extremely well at the gym.  I have so much to catch you guys up on, but I feel like I am typing a mile a minute so it will come out all garbled.  Let me get to the good parts… I started a few weeks ago focusing on some new to me yoga and pilates moves.  My goal has been to strengthen my core, because I was real weak there.  Holy wow, what a big difference right off the bat. First, I sweat a lot.  I don’t normally sweat, never really have, but, oh my, I am a  lol  Also, what a big change in strength.  I am so much stronger in my core than ever.  It feels amazing. Very new feelings.

So, with this new found strength, I thought it was time to try out some hard core lifts and moves I have never done before..dumbbell pullovers, good mornings, back squats, Romanian dead-lifts and stiff leg dead lifts (barbell and dumbbell).  I started at some decent weights, then progressively added on.  I even impressed myself..through the sweat.  (I can’t believe I sweat!)  I push myself each week, and it’s funny how in competition I am with myself.  I noticed that I walk taller, am more confident and feel centered.  All from working out!  The bonus is that my clothes fit better, my tummy is flatter and my butt looks amazing  haha… So I have been told.  I am super happy.  Like ecstatic.

Oh, one more..  I have had a huge FOUR POUND drop recently!! This, as you know, has been an issue for me. Is it the pilates? Yoga? Weights? all of the above?  Who knows, but for now it seems to be working, but my focus remains strength and having tone…and continuing on having fun.  If I drop weight, that is a bonus for me. 🙂  

Well, that’s it on this hump day.  Hope you guys are all doing so great!!  I have missed updating on here, and I know I say this all the time..but I hope I can more often!!  😛



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Picnic in the Park..But First

A fitness update!

Hi Everyone! Happy Friday!

Well, I wanted to talk about.. my scale.  It’s been two hard kick-ass weeks straight that my scale has finally given in to our friendship, and I am extremely happy to finally breathe a sigh of fitness related relief; our friendship is that I stand on him and he tells me I am lighter.. and sometimes he says I am pretty..ok not really, but I need that type o’scale!

So, MY scale, my new bff, made me very happy this morning after these two long weeks, because for the first time since I started this fitness adventure my number has shot down 4lbs.  YES! I FINALLY BROKE THE BARRIER!

I have been seeing so many physical changes, that have been giving me such a high, and my mind is clear and I am even happier than normal (if you can believe it!), except the number on the scale wasn’t changing.  This was secretly bothering me.. And I want to say thank you to all my friends, who were cheering me on, listening to me complain, but ignoring me by telling me to stop weighing myself incessantly every morning and be happy with the physical changes, because things were happening.  So I did listen.  I did stop, and a few weeks ago I opted to just weigh in once a week on Fridays.  And, the funny thing is, this psychology has seemed to work.  haha

I am so so happy about these results that I can’t shake the smile off my face!!

Today's selfie..4 lbs lighter and a whole lot of inches smaller!
Today’s selfie..4 lbs lighter and a whole lot of inches smaller!

Ok so about the Red Sox event last Sunday.

Sunday we went to the Red Sox Foundation’s event, Picnic in the Park.  If you haven’t gone, can afford to go, I highly HIGHLY recommend it.  We only got to go because my husband works for the Red Sox and Fenway Park, so he was able to get us in to this event.

So, Picnic in the Park is an annual fundraising event hosted by the players and their wives, and it benefits two of their charitable programs…the Red Sox Scholars and the Red Sox RBI programs.  This event was a lot of fun.  As you walked in you were given a bag with a blanket and other stuff, then you were faced with all the tables of the Red Sox to sign autographs for an hour. Then there was an on-site BBQ with snacks, ice cream, and drinks.  Then The Boston Pops Jazz band played after the live auction, which was also online if you wanted to participate without going to the event.  Then they had face painting, caricatures, photo ops with the trophies if you were the last people in Boston to get a chance to myself hhahaa.  It was a real fun event and I am thankful I was able to go and to see my kids light up being out on the field playing frisbee and meeting all these famous players they hear us talking about.

It was real fun. 

Here are a slew of pics I had taken.

Have an awesome weekend, everyone!


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Feeling Great and Needing to Share!

Hello WordPressland!

Man, oh, man!  How amazing is it going for you all right now!?   Pretty awesome, right?

Yes, I know, not everyone is on a rad high like me, but I am hoping it is infectious!  I have had such a great couple of weeks that I can’t hold it in.

Just spent my lunch break at the gym.  Today is abs, obliques, and biceps day. My second fav day!  My first being Monday.  (Yes! MONDAY! Back at it after a weekend off is the best feeling to make the week!)  I have been having a real blast with my fitness routine for some time now and it’s paying off.

Not just physical, but mental, too. Something I wasn’t expecting.

You guys know that I started a fitness routine this year, around April officially, after all the bouts with strep throat and the flu running through my body, I never gave up with my motivation to  just start back.  I started though at a snail’s pace; going 3-4 days, but taking it real easy with weights.  Then about two and a half months ago, I felt ready to take the step into the world of weight training again and headed over the other side of the gym to do some real specific training.  It was amazing how my body started to change, and that visual gratification of seeing muscles happening felt so great.  But I was still taking it easy, not really pushing myself.   Then about four weeks ago, I started to really push myself.  I am hitting the gym at least 5 days a week, working myself into a sweating mess.

This is not like me, as I never sweat.  haha

A lot of changes have been happening.  But most of all is my overall happiness with my body.  While on vacation last week, which was when the feeling of liking my body really sunk in the most, I decided to bring my favorite electric blue bikini.  A bathing suit I adored 5 yrs ago when I was feeling the best about myself.   I am quite the bathing suit fiend, so my collection is huge, but that blue bikini had been sitting in my drawer, sadly waiting to make its re debut.  So. Before going on vacation, I quickly tried it on to see how it fit again, and I thought to bring it, as I could wear a tank over it or whatever to hide my trouble spots.

YUP, I wore it! On about day three or four. I didn’t hide behind anything, or anyone and just wore it.  Believe it or not..No one gasped at my body or me, no one gawked and to be totally honest, I got checked out a lot!!  hah  Nice surprise there. But.  As I sat there on the beach, in my blue bikini, looking at other people, namely woman, thinking, ‘hey, that lady isn’t perfect. Neither is she. That one has chubby thighs, over there is cellulite, and that one has belly stretch marks, too. So, we arent that different, other than I am a different body type, if even that.’

It just felt like this relief of not needing to compete.  I don’t know how or where this all came from but, seeing these normal imperfections on those women made me feel real good cause it wasn’t about them being prettier than me or whatever I used to feel, but it was about me feeling good about my body and what I have worked so hard to achieve.

I am beautiful, too, dammit!

This all changed my perspective.  I’m so happy about this. I wish I could convey my feeling better.  But like I said, I am in no way perfect, maybe in my husband’s and childrens’ eyes, but I am not.  No one is.  We all have trouble spots or little nooks n crannies on our bodies we avoid looking at, but know all too well that they are there. But you can change them and you can change how you see them.

I am changing.  I see things flattening out, diminishing, and I feel like I glow.

I never thought that I would be this person talking to you right now with great changes in my mind and my body just in a few months.  No way.  I thought I would’ve quit by now with how sick I was when I started and with how slow I began the process. YES, even with all my motivating posts or whatever, I just know me. Giving up is easy.  Being lazy is easier than trying.  But I haven’t thought to give up at all.

Not one time.  <– That is major.

My mind has been on this high of feeling great, every day!

So, I hope you are all infected with the joy I am feeling.  It really does feel good to look at yourself, even with critiquing eyes, but not to the point of hurting yourself.  There are enough losers in this world doing that, we don’t need more.  🙂

Till next time, loves!


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Gym Update

Hey Everyone!
Hope you guys have been enjoying this gorgeous warm Boston weather this week! Ohh so nice! This is exactly my type of weather.
And. This great weather should hold up over the weekend, which is great news as my good friend’s wedding is tomorrow! Last minute, it was decided that a large group of us friends attending the wedding will be shacking up at our friend’s family beach house afterwards…uhm can I get an AMEN?! 88 degrees on the beach all day for the wedding then again at night! My husband and I haven’t had an adult getaway in a while, so I am super stoked about this with all our great friends.
So, I have been going strong at the gym! Still enjoying the workouts and now meeting new people, which is a bonus. I started making a gym friend this week, another regular I see there on the first few days of my week, and so far so good. He seems super normal with the same weight loss past as me, and he seems to like to talk gym talk with me back. (normal is a big feature, am I right? lol) And I hope to keep making nice friends that I see on the regular like him.
It’s a lot of fun. I finished off a four-day in a row streak this week, and I am feeling a lot of burn in new places this time. My lower abs especially…ouch. It is a different experience every day for me, in a great way, with all the new things I am willing (and eager) to try to learn. Even with the strength training and cardio I have already been doing like a champ, I approach it differently changing up strides or inclines or tension or weights. I feel results and see them, which is a driving motivator..more so the feeling.
Man, I love feeling so strong! I do not like the small callous I have developing on my left hand but I do love feeling my body move in a more meaningful way than I have ever felt before. So I will take the callous.
Well, it’s dinnertime and I gotta fly! Tomorrow is the big wedding, so hopefully I can post to you on that by Sunday night. I so cannot wait to see everyone and..well, to wear my new beautiful dress! Gah it’s so pretty! lol
Have a great weekend and hope you are feeling great, too!!
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Mother’s Day, Recital N Gyming It!

Hey Everyone!

I have been super busy lately with my family, work and the gym, that I have lost track of posting! To catch you up!
Mother’s Day:

Hope all of my Mom readers, and those playing the Mom role had a great day.  I had a real nice Mother’s Day with my family.

Woke up to my girls super excited to start the day.  You’d of thought it was Christmas!  They had made a new breakfast menu for me, which was so beautifully drawn I started to cry.. of course. I didn’t have them make me much as I wanted to eat at brunch.  My husband and the girls surprised me by taking me to my favorite restaurant for brunch, 62 on the Wharf, in Salem.  They had taken me last year, and because I said I wanted to go back, they took me back!  The restaurant is really exceptional.  They offered a wonderful menu for the day, and it was such a delicious meal that everyone enjoyed.  We had so much fun being together…and I had fun drinking my favorite cocktail. lol

We followed brunch with a walk around the wharf.  It was a real warm sunny day, and it was perfect int he sunshine.  The breeze was warm, and the atmosphere was pumping with families bringing their beloved moms out.  I love seeing generations together. I will have to take my Mom out with us next time.   After this, we stopped at home, where my husband and girls left me to nap while they ran an errand… I was surprised, and well, normally, I do not nap.  Napping usually ruins my day, or I pass out watching a boring movie, but to make the decision to nap is not me……..but this day, I DID!!  My husband gave me a blanket, and the girls kissed me goodnight.  Int he sunshine of my bedroom, I dozed off.

Woke up an hour later to my family handing me flowers and my husband holding dessert to bring to my parents’ house.  At my parents, my mom and sister were there waiting with my sister’s family.  We toasted each other on our motherhood right when we walked in, which I can always count on. Celebrations with my family. My mom is so wonderful a holiday goes by where she doesn’t make me feel totally amazing.  SHE is the best Mom. Great role model of a woman, a mother, a friend and a person.   Even on this day, which was also her own to relax, she made her special pizza and had the backyard all set up for us to be together.

That is what a loving person does, not just a Mom. All with a smile and joy in her eye looking forward to her family, her whole family.  We were all together exchanged thoughtful gifts, old stories, and enjoyed my mom’s homemade white pizza.

Really, I felt so special this Mother’s day.  All the glory and beautiful words from my loved ones made me feel so great this day.  I am so lucky to be surrounded by such a loving honest and beautiful family.





The following Saturday after Mother’s Day was the girls’ big recital!  8 months of their hard work paid off with a great show!  The theme this year was A Dream to Share danced to a NYC backdrop.  It was really a great show, best one out of the 6 years we have been a part of this dancing school.

They had a great year dancing with the Wednesday crew and it showed!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



I have been having a real blast at the gym.  I am enjoying the cardio, a lot, and have recently shifted from the 30 minute circuit room over to where the big boys work out..and that changed everything for me!!  The machines feel better to handle, and my body is responding real well. I haven’t been pushing myself to my limits, so I can really get used to working out again, BUT I am looking to up my weights and cardio starting next week.

So, I am there a minimum of 4 days a week (Monday/Tuesday – Thursday/Friday) and a maximum of 6 days, if I add in time over the weekend. With dancing now behind us, my schedule is back to normal and can squeeze in that extra day during the workweek for fun.  I am absolutely loving how I feel from working out. So much, that I gave myself a small challenge this week-an hour a day for five days (weight training four out of five-first and last two days)…and at 11:30AM today, I hit that goal when I walked out of the gym!

I rarely go in the morning, but figured to switch it up to see how it felt.  I loved it.  Monday and Tuesday after work are a lot of fun, and my normal afternoon workouts the other two days are great, too.  Lots of people watching and stuff during both those times, but today at 10:30AM, the gym was basically all mine.  So, I got up the courage to try other machines that I don’t normally go near…the rowing machine, the ab blaster and I forget the other one, but it twists your middle.  I had a lot of fun playing around, figuring out how things felt.

I don’t know if it’s coming across, but I am having fun.  🙂

I have to admit that taking care of myself like this, at the gym, is so wonderful. This is my treat to myself. And, having muscle definition appear, with that feeling of being stronger, is such a confidence booster and feels so SEXY!! .. fitting nicer in my clothes is a bonus.  Seeing my body change is so gratifying, and feeling happier (as if that was possible) is also a big bonus.

Sooo, the trainer part of the gym.  Well.  The trainer is a funny story.  We are becoming friends rather than trainer and student. We hung out last week for an hour at Starbucks, which was a lot of fun, but we didn’t talk about training, at all.  We talked about work a lot and we just started to hit it off as friends. We hadn’t planned on talking workout talk.   Maybe I am a bad influence.  lol   But, to be fair, his schedule is just more work than workout time, even for himself, and I understand that fact.  To expect someone to make things all about me feels weird, when I clearly see they are busy, and well, I let it slide without making him feel like he was obligated.  Because he isn’t.

Stupid move?  Idk.  He is super nice and too funny to be human, so, instead of being my body’s trainer, he is making me content as a friend.   I can never have too many, especially when they are good honest people.

My motivation is that I am going to be fit NO MATTER what, and I am on my path.  Unfortunately, not as I initially planned but it IS happening!!  And happening happily.

Well, that is all I have for now!  Next week is a big wedding weekend, which I will def update you on when I can.  I am sure I will take a ton of pictures! lol.  I am so looking forward to celebrating our great great friend with his wedding!!

So, as you can see things are going real well…life keeps happening, friending up, and hitting it at the gym with eager motivation!  Let’s hope this good stuff keeps going!

Have an amazing Memorial 3 Day weekend!!  Yes!!





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Thursday Update!

Helloooo Everyone!

I am happy for no reason today; it’s awesome.  Ever have one of those days that you just wake up to everything feeling, hearing, looking, and tasting amazing, like you are on some crazy high?  That’s me today.  Not sure what it is, or who slipped what in my coffee, but thank you. lol   This is the best feeling ever.

So, I just finished making some sweet treats for the girls today and tomorrow. For today, I made chocolate cupcakes w choc frosting.  After school there is a scheduled play date with one of my older daughter’s classmates over their house…and I know I wrote about this before, you know i have disdain with play dates and how unlucky I have been meeting normal parents through this school.  (I’ve had weird experiences with play dates you can’t imagine!)  But I am crossing my fingers here and hoping this family is a winner. I know very little about them, but their daughter likes the same things as my daughter and my daughter likes this girl.  Sounds good so far!  lol  

Please God, don’t let me down with this one!!   😉

Annnd, tomorrow night is the Father Daughter dance!, and I have cupcakes and brownies for them to take with them.  I love this evening so much!  My husband in his suit, and the girls in their pretty dresses and hair up!  You have no idea how much happiness this brings me … uhm cause I GET THE HOUSE TO MYSELF!!  haha I’m jk! Sort of.  So..Every other grade is asked to bring snacks, but all kids with food allergies are asked to bring them every year and my kids requested my brownies (and this year they are extra good!).  I can’t believe it’s already this time of year!  May is upon us and it’s always packed with all these great events, birthdays, recitals, and days off.. but this year I am so excited for the end of the month!!  Our last single friend in our circle is getting hitched!  YAY!! I couldn’t be happier for him, he finally found a sweet girl to make his wife; how awesome right?!?! And, I cannot wait to partayyy my ass off celebrating their big day.  Because this is coming up so soon, I have been trying my best keeping it up at the gym.  I have to look good this night!  I mean, I want to look good in general, but the dress I bought for this wedding is pretty and I want to look hawt!  lol

Which brings me to updating you on my gym time.  Well, I have seen a lot of physical changes, in my waist, stomach, upper arms, chest and thighs, but am sort of bummed my scale hasn’t moved.  I mean, not down anything since I was ill with strep..not even a half pound.  Granted, I was away last week and have had so many deterrents with being sick and stuff, but not a pound?  BUT I am not letting this get me down, I haven’t gained any weight either.. and since I have so much fun and have seen changes I think it’s mental or something, so I am going to give it time because I am feeling so great.  I didn’t work out much in NYC, because we walked ten hours a day and carried everything, but my husband!  lol  So, I was happy with this vacation with how I ate and felt throughout it.  I was very active and jumped back on the gym the day we got back.  I didn’t feel I missed anything.

I still haven’t worked out with the trainer.  He and I are still talking through text about details (right now actually) and stuff, but we still haven’t gotten our schedules aligned to meet up, but he should be freer come next week is what he is saying.  We, thankfully, have a great connection as friends, which is a great thing in this type of relationship.  I hopefully will have more updates on my meet up with him, which we hopefully can schedule sooner rather than later.  Luckily, we live one town away and work the same schedule normally. SO wish me luck on this too.  lol 

Welp, it’s time for me to run to meet my girls to walk to that play date.. u g h.  Please send me normal parent vibes!  lol  ttys!