Guys! guys! guys!

Ok this post is gonna be super short cuz I just got the call from my doctor and I am so super excited I am beaming and talking a mile a minute. Re: the MRI results… My doctor says the MRI shows nothing. Everything is normal. There are no signs of cysts or tumors …or … More Guys! guys! guys!

Allergy update!

Hey everyone! I just returned from the allergy appointment that I had mentioned in my last post. There wasn’t much time to write anything during my visit, however. I was kinda busy with swelling and needles, so. 😂 It was fun. Sarcasm. I honestly wasn’t sure what was going to happen during this visit because … More Allergy update!

Needles all around

Hey WordPress! 🙃 How are you guys? I hope well and experiencing better weather than up here in Massachusetts. We have had some frigid weather the past few weeks, then this Monday we had a pretty big nor’eastah that dumped the majority of the snow in my yard. Ugh, I swear, my town is in … More Needles all around