Sober October Journal- day 9

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I am in the car waiting to pick up my middle schooler. Perfect time to draft out today’s post!

Lemme see, today is day nine. Still doing great with no alcohol. No junk food and have really kept an eye on mindfulness while eating. Today is a typical Tuesday …except I weighed myself and lost three lbs and totally kicked ass at yoga today!! Woohoo!!

I chose a different type of video this time, it focused on the lower back and hips. I was pretty nervous going into it because I didn’t have time to watch the video beforehand. Boy, was I happy with myself when the yogi said ‘namaste’ ending the session, because I made it through the whole video without screwing up!! It was the first time I felt like my breathing was in tune with the movements and my shoulders weren’t tense the whole way through either. This video made my afternoon!

Yay me!

Tomorrow is my rest day. Which means I choose one self care thing to do, but, there is a chance I will also try to squeeze in a weight training session or yoga again. If I can. We will be away after tomorrow.

I mentioned it a few posts ago, two months ago my husband surprised me with plans for a family trip up in the mountains to peep foliage, hike and do some fun Fall activities. We have always talked about doing something like this but well, we never followed through. And now with Covid19 in our world, we decided while cancelling our previous plans, it would be best to turn our traveling minds from distant plans to local ones. Take it easy for a while and try to see the sights locally. Especially as this cluster of states have worked together to keep the virus at bay.

We are big travelers and have been since we met 24 years ago. To be honest, these local trips have been awesome. We do live in a beautifully historic and natural, and fun, part of the country, and some of my favorite memories have been made this year so far. Why I never pushed to make going local a priority I am not sure but I have always taken being so close to these places for granted.

Well, now it is time for me to get going on to my next stop, picking up my high schooler. Ohh the life of a working mom. Ok then, hope you all are having a great day too! Xo

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