School Project!

Hey Everyone! Here’s a super quick blast about my daughter’s school project and an update on my day. So, first, my daughter’s big project.  She had been working so hard on this project, Eminent Person, for a touch over a month.  She chose J.K. Rowling, who was the one and only person she thought of when … More School Project!

Cocoa Butter and Heating Pads..This girl is a Party Animal.

Hey Everyone! Well, today felt like a perfect Spring day, didn’t it?  I am hoping this bright, warm day was a small taste of the early Spring we so rightfully deserve! (A girl can dream can’t she?) Since my last post.   Yesterday morning was my daughter’s big eminent person report, and my husband left … More Cocoa Butter and Heating Pads..This girl is a Party Animal.

Back to Basics

Hey Everyone! Well, I am so excited to blast out about my next big challenge..  I am getting back to basics with getting fit. Yes!  I’m back baby!!   I had taken a hiatus from the weight loss and gym scene in October 2013. I know so long ago! My intent was to learn how … More Back to Basics

Weighing In! #17

Hey Everyone! Ok, I am not going to beat around the bush with my post here.. I am so upset with myself, to a point. As you have read, I challenged myself to a mini goal of losing 5lbs by October 1. T’is October 2. And, I hate admitting this..but I #weightlossfailed.  (Ugh this hurts … More Weighing In! #17

Weighing In #14!

Hi everyone! I cannot believe how long it’s been since my last post! We have been so busy with trying to cram as much fun into every second of the day before school started this week.. that I have, unforch, neglected wordpress. Sorry!!  I have been taking every advantage of time, even working from home … More Weighing In #14!

Weighing In! #12

Hey Everyone! Thought to post an update on what has been going on in my life since my last post. It has been a while, but I have been without an opportunity to sit here to write! In the weight loss department. I have been feeling amazing. Which is all I can ask fir really. … More Weighing In! #12

Weighing in! #11

Hello gorgeous blog readers! I cannot believe the hideous day I have had. Glad it is over! And, for some reason I felt compelled to weigh myself. To see if I made progress, to lift my spirits. I know, I am crazy! First, since my last weigh in, we had the Fourth, a week of … More Weighing in! #11

Weighing in! #8

OK, finally have good weight loss news!! I lost 2lbs this week! Which makes a total of 12.5lbs lost AND it is my goal weight from 2010. WHICH MEANS I have officially lost 60lbs! Yesssss!  Well, I have actually lost more than this cause of the small gains since that I lost, BUT I am at … More Weighing in! #8