I’m sew fancy

Hello WordPress! It it is another snow day up here in Massachusetts ..shocker. This month, so far, has been an entire Winter season. What’s another foot of snow when you are surrounded by two feet already? Anyways. We are five days from Valentine’s Day and I am so super excited to share that I finished … More I’m sew fancy


Hello WordPressland! I am in an insanely good mood for a Wednesday. A snowy one at that. The snowfall out my window this morning is picture perfect, with those slow falling fluffy flakes. Looks like a dream. So yeah, my birthday! Officially, I am IN my forties, 43. Crazy, right? I am in my forties … More Forty-three

CUBA 2019- Viñales

Hello Everyone! Here we are on our third day in Cuba.  We had made three classic car reservations ahead of our trip.  One was for this day to take us to Viñales.  Viñales is a town, about 2.5 hours from Havana, known for their tobacco farms, and their 51sq mile lush valley that is surrounded by large mountain-like … More CUBA 2019- Viñales

Updated Blog..

I’ve been posting to this site since November 2012, and just as of now, I learned how to use WordPress the way it’s meant to be used!  Oye vay! I am not usually this slow, seriously. I just never sat down to learn the tools, menus or widgets until recently. Which was something I wanted to learn for the sake … More Updated Blog..