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Cape Cod July 2017 (in photos)

Hey Everyone!

Back from our Cape vacation, sadly. :(((((    

We had a blast even though the weather wasn’t totally cooperative the whole time. We started off great, with a super beach day… then the clouds settled in a bit.  Our one rainy day opened up to sunshine, though!  Which was great for go kart racing, arcades, ice cream for lunch and then a last minute beach day!  But not for my hair.. my god the humidity and my hair do not mix. (You know I am Sicilian when the humidity comes around…holy white girl afro!)

This vacation, however, we tried to disconnect to unwind.  Since my husband owns a business he can’t totally go off grid, people are always messaging him about stuff, but he did way better than me outside of his work.  Me?  Welllll, I didn’t fair toooooo well, but I tried a whole lot!  haha  Damn you snapchat!!  

We did get very lucky to come home with toasty brown tans though (first time!), and lots of fun memories to boot.  

So here is my pix rundown from this trip!  Each one is captioned for your pleasure.  hahah

We have a few other trips penciled in for this Summer…but … we will see you in August again my dear, Cape!


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It’s About Time I Updated You!

Wow, my my, I just looked at when I last posted and I swear it was last week…NOT that long ago.  So sorry!  This is a good sign though, right?  Too much going on to stop and post to the masses of WordPressland.  At least that is my excuse.

Ahhh, so much to talk about!  

First.. Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see a shadow yesterday.. that’s just awesome!  If rodents could really predict weather… 😉

Well, I just got home from a meeting discussing my youngest daughter’s communion at the end of April.  Yes, COMMUNION!  I can’t believe it!  She is eight, in the second grade, and she is on her way onto her second sacrament.  Seriously, where is this time going!?  How do I make it stop?

Or, how do I make it speed up enough for our upcoming gigantoid family vacation!?!? 

YAHHHH! It’s almost that time of year when we say goodbye to chilly New England and hello to the warmth of the south…Winter Vacation!!  Tropical temps. Sandy beaches. Hanging with stingrays. Mayan ruins.  ARRG I AM GOING TO EXPLODE!  Without giving out too many deets, this is going to be a smash you in the sack awesome trip.  Yes, I just said that.  haha.  This is a huge first for us.  We are joining up with my so awesome friends, from Australia, who are here on a 5 week trip of a lifetime.  They are kicking it off with us.  

How awesome?  🙂

We are going out on a 7 night cruise, my family’s very first cruise, to the Western Caribbean (Princess Cays, Grand Caymans and Mexico)..then..and please keep it on the dl, we are going to surprise the girls with a drive up to Orlando to hang out at Universal for three days.  <– They are HUGE Harry Potter fans, so this is going to liTerally be the best surprise of their child lives.  The other awesome part of it is that our Ozzie friends will be going with to Orlando..their kids know they are heading to The Wizarding World, but they don’t know we are going, too.  Everyone’s assuming we are up in Orlando to catch a flight the next day.  I am so excited!  

The countdown has begun, and my brain is on overdrive with all that needs to be done before we head out.

Next..  Things are going extremely well at the gym.  I have so much to catch you guys up on, but I feel like I am typing a mile a minute so it will come out all garbled.  Let me get to the good parts… I started a few weeks ago focusing on some new to me yoga and pilates moves.  My goal has been to strengthen my core, because I was real weak there.  Holy wow, what a big difference right off the bat. First, I sweat a lot.  I don’t normally sweat, never really have, but, oh my, I am a  lol  Also, what a big change in strength.  I am so much stronger in my core than ever.  It feels amazing. Very new feelings.

So, with this new found strength, I thought it was time to try out some hard core lifts and moves I have never done before..dumbbell pullovers, good mornings, back squats, Romanian dead-lifts and stiff leg dead lifts (barbell and dumbbell).  I started at some decent weights, then progressively added on.  I even impressed myself..through the sweat.  (I can’t believe I sweat!)  I push myself each week, and it’s funny how in competition I am with myself.  I noticed that I walk taller, am more confident and feel centered.  All from working out!  The bonus is that my clothes fit better, my tummy is flatter and my butt looks amazing  haha… So I have been told.  I am super happy.  Like ecstatic.

Oh, one more..  I have had a huge FOUR POUND drop recently!! This, as you know, has been an issue for me. Is it the pilates? Yoga? Weights? all of the above?  Who knows, but for now it seems to be working, but my focus remains strength and having tone…and continuing on having fun.  If I drop weight, that is a bonus for me. 🙂  

Well, that’s it on this hump day.  Hope you guys are all doing so great!!  I have missed updating on here, and I know I say this all the time..but I hope I can more often!!  😛



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Ringmaster Valeria

Hey everyone!

The girls are officially in the swing of back to school.  It has been a little hard for ME to adjust  hah.  Since day one we have been involved in getting them back acclimated to a better sleep schedule, homework and school activities. Ooof! Homework!  I don’t even know why this is still a practiced school process anymore.  But it is.

So, with back to school, we are back to school activities.  The latest was our oldest child’s open house Tuesday. This is when you get to see your child’s workspace, all the fun things they started to do for the year, talk about their goals with them and a quick hello with the teacher.  Her teacher seems super nice and down to earth, which is a relief.   Our youngest daughter’s open house will be this next week.

But till then I’m going to be in a whirlwind of running around.  I am in the thick of getting ready for the girls joint birthday party on Sunday, circus theme! You all know me, I go big or I don’t do it at all.  It is going to be so much fun! So far, we have a little over forty people coming and I have planned for a jumpy house, cotton candy and popcorn machines, a retro circus photobooth, BBQ, tons of candy, cake and homemade games, possibly face painting, too.  The girls will be dressed up as cute clowns in tutus with colorful suspenders, all dolled up.  I was thinking of getting dressed up for fun. Planning to be ‘The Ringmaster’; sounds fun doesn’t it?  haha

But, all I have so far is a mini top hat fascinator and well, me  haha.  Oh boy.

I have done a lot of work for this party, a lot of fun crafting things. So I can’t wait for it! I love making this party happen for my kids every year, and with this their last one together, for me, it will be immensely special.  Our oldest turns ten.  My God.  Ten? I still think of her as my five year old!  Time is just flying too fast.



My oldest daughter is so amazing.  I know every parent says that about their child(ren), but my oldest daughter really is such a wonderful person.  You know that kid that just has their thoughts in order and knows exactly what to say, or how to say it to make you see things differently? Well, that is her.  She makes me proud every day.  Not because she is academically smart or because she is artistically inclined, but because her heart is so big and she loves unconditionally, looking past faults and accepting of how people are. That is the mark of a good person, and it validates all my hard work being her parent.

She is my sunshine. 🙂

So. Now that I am teary eyed, let me get back to this. hah

On top of all this excitement…I am still killing it at the gym about five days a week. It feels so great.  I see a lot of results, muscle formation, whittling waist, but..I just keep hitting this weird wall.  My body is shrinking, but the scale is not going down. I’m stuck where my last loss was, so it’s a little frustrating; but I’m trying not to focus on that and focus on all the positive things happening. It’s hard for me to do this because it can be depressing; I am a scale person no matter how hard I listen to my supporters. I just can’t help but put my ass on that scale!  So not seeing it go down just hurts haha.  Going up would devastate me though, so I have to focus on the positive.  I am feeling strong and happy.  Which is a major win imo.

Well, I need to jump off wordpress now, gotta get to the gym soon!, but will definitely update you guys on this awesome party next week!   Wish me luck putting together a look!  Haha


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And The World Didn’t Stop

Hey WordPress World!

It’s Friday..FINALLY!   And a three-day holiday weekend to boot! Well, except for me, it’s a FOUR DAY WEEKEND! Wahooo. Taking Tuesday off to have some fun with the Mr..

So, I wanted to talk about something, I am not sure how it will shake out of me just writing about it without thinking it through but I am going with my feeling.

Most of you that follow me, have read about my changes and that I have been on this life changing ‘journey’ for quite a while.  Ever since I changed my exterior in 2009, it really changed me more than I realized it ever would. I realized that all that weight was covering me from a world I wanted to be around.  It’s hard to recap that feeling, but because of that one change, I just felt so free and able for the first time in a long time, that I couldn’t help but update everything about myself..inside and out.

You can say I upgraded to Valeria 2.0.

So lately, my journey is about trying to bring myself back to my inner happy place.  Yes, I am a happy woman, and you all see it I am sure, but, I seemed to have lost my center point where I am just content with me and not giving a rat’s ass about what others think. I am not meaning that I sit there with fears of what people think about me, because I can tell you all that I don’t care if people like me or not, but I carry this weird baggage of always having to be perfect.  Well, put together really.

I don’t like when people see me not put together is what I am saying.  I’m not sure why, but I think I like to know that I also have it together.  hahaha

Today, I did something I had never done before, which leads me to believe I am coming a step closer to this content center.  My husband and I were running late getting the kids off to school.  Staying up late like me does have its downsides too.  So. We still had to shower, and there was like less than ten minutes left to get them into school without being tardy.  So, I did something most people do, but I have never.  I just grabbed my kids, my glasses, keys, and drove them to school.  No washing up.. hair a hot mess in a makeup my glasses..tank and yoga sweats..and flipflops.  Usually, I have my husband throw on a baseball cap then rush off to get the kids to school, coming back to shower and off to work.  So this was new.

I have NEVER in my life done this.  NEVER.  I have always been so concerned with my appearance, being put together, that I couldn’t ever think I would be able to do this. If I have ever gone out without makeup, it was after I cleansed and moisturized, made sure my hair was straightened, put on large sunglasses and hid from the world.  I know this sounds weird, but, I have always wanted to just be this person.  The person that can just be, wake up and go.  No one would cringe, or say ‘oh my, what happened?’, or that I felt like I would stop the world because I was disheveled.

Strange right? Well, as I was driving to grab a coffee after dropping the girls off, seeing I was without makeup or contacts in the mirror, I gave myself a smile. I didn’t care if anyone saw me or if it would cause the world to stop.  haha  I had to do something and be somewhere.. and I fucking don’t want to care about other people.

I felt free.

Now, I am not thinking I will be all over the place without makeup on or fresh out of bed in my pajamas. I love love love being dolled up.  I am realistically saying that this small thing today defined a moment in myself where I wasn’t preoccupied with putting those concerns ahead of life happening. Today, I wasn’t concerned about who I would see or looking at myself with disgust and that is a big deal in my book.

We all have quirks about ourselves, and well, honestly, mine is and has always been that I never think I am pretty enough without my embellishments.  Whatever this body/face image issue inside myself is about, I am going to crush it and make it go away, because most of what is my unhappiness stems from there.  And I do not like there.

So today, was a big step in the right direction.

This made me real happy. 🙂




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Five Years and Counting

Hey All!

Well, I wanted to share with you another milestone. Seems like my whole life is about anniversaries and the like, huh? Well, it is! I try my hardest to keep tabs on things that mean the most to me, and the best way for me to do this is to give it an important anniversary date.  I feel like if I lose track of the happenings, even a tiny bit, then it wasn’t important in the first place. And. Today..well, today is no ordinary anniversary for me. Today is when I had my surgery. Here is the post where I wrote about my experience from pre and post surgery…and let me tell you, I AM SO NOT THAT SAME PERSON FROM FIVE YEARS AGO! Not even from three years ago!

Which is a good thing.

No. Lemme rephrase that.

It is a GREAT thing.

While I was getting ready for work this morning, which was a feat since my husband and I have been binge watching The Wire almost every night.  (Which means we were up till 2 last night, but we finally finished Season 4!!  What a great show!  How did I miss it!?!?!) So, while I was busting my groggy butt trying to get myself and three other people out the door to be on time for everything, it donned on me what date it was.  September 29.  Wow, has five years really gone by??

I cannot believe all the wonderful things that has happened to me since I took the plunge to go under the knife 5 years ago. All the positive things. All the great mental changes. All the amazing physical changes. All the things I have been able to be a part of and all the wonderful things I wanted to be a part of. Namely, not sitting out in life… ANND strapless clothes. JK. And, I couldn’t help to think about all the future things I won’t miss out on cause of my change.

It takes guts to change things in our lives, doesn’t it? Especially about us, in a personal manner. No matter how small or big we see it at the time. To put our foot down, swallow the fear, shut out our inner negative and just change, it takes courage, people! Don’t wait for life to change, cause without you making it happen it won’t happen. That is all I wanted to share about how special this day is for me before my day got insane.

Don’t fear your self-worth.. don’t fear what you are capable of doing… take charge of your life…and be great!! Know there are people to support you in this journey. That love you for you, but you have to love yourself enough to change! Loving who you are is something that took me a long time to figure out, and still am working at. That has to be the number one lesson learned from my experience.  And, I look damn cute in a strapless maxi!  Ha

Ok, my day is calling me .. yuk! Mondays!

Thank you all for reading! I haven’t said that in a while. It means a lot to see the comments here and on FB. And over the Summer I  acquired a few more followers, which is great. Thanks for joining along! I really have been off the hook busy with my family life, that I had forgotten my blogging life. Which is a good name for this blog now that I think of it! I miss sharing my inside thoughts along with the fun stuff I partake in. I just need to make the time.

Which I will! But I gotta run for now!


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Saying Goodbye to 2013!

✯✫✩☆ Happy New Year! ☆✩✫✯

Feels like 2013 flew, doesn’t it? We celebrated anniversaries, birthdays, births, the passing of loved ones, graduations, sacraments, holidays, first days of schools, family trips, renovations, long distance friends, and even the mundane!  I am sad to see 2013 go, but I am so looking forward to a new year, with a fresh feel of starting anew.

To share all the fun of this year, I am photo-recapping 2013.


Our first trip to the Cape in April!  TOO CHILLY for this bird! lol
Our first April vacation trip to the Cape! TOO CHILLY for this bird! lol
The girls' recital!
The girls’ recital!
My oldest's first school concert!  So sweet!
My oldest’s first school concert. So super sweet.
My new nephew! I'm a proud Zia!  What a sweet boy!
My new nephew! I’m a proud Zia! What a sweet boy!
The girls and I waiting for our Tisbury Twix ice cream!  :)  Best ice cream!
Being tan for the first time in years!
All the best beach days!
All the best beach days!
The girls together dressed in their outfits for their Birthday Bash!
The girls together dressed in their outfits for their Birthday Bash!
An addition to our family we never realized would happen.
An addition to our family we never realized would happen.

Saying goodbye to our old kitchen!

Saying Goodbye to our kitchen! And ugly bathroom!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Being at a lifetime of a game of the World Series!



20131213-145018.jpg20131213-145147.jpg 20131213-144240.jpg 20131213-141927.jpg our grand fortOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA20131213-141428.jpg20131213-141836.jpg20140101-093920.jpg20131231-112138.jpg20131231-111856.jpg20140101-093933.jpg20131231-085445.jpg


20131213-141202.jpg20131213-141344.jpg 20131213-141650.jpg 20131213-142127.jpg 20131213-143001.jpgOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA20131213-143527.jpg20131213-143641.jpg20131213-143703.jpgI'm the luckiest Mom, this was Mother's Day.20131213-143349.jpg20131213-143325.jpg20131213-144634.jpg20131213-144410.jpgHanging out before The Airborne Toxic Event show20131213-144816.jpgP1060617P1060627P1060616The girls with their cousins!My youngest enamored. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

All the misspelled coffees from Starbucks!

All the misspelled coffees!20140101-100103.jpg20131213-143600.jpg20140101-100058.jpg20140101-100109.jpg

Just the best memories…

20131213-141024.jpg20131213-141221.jpg20131213-141125.jpg20131213-141244.jpgICE CREAM!20131213-141500.jpg20131213-141739.jpg20131213-141707.jpg20131213-142000.jpgOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA20131213-142354.jpgP1060516P106048220131213-142023.jpgP106052520131213-142525.jpg20131213-142218.jpg20131213-142934.jpgbest friends20131213-143051.jpg20131213-143122.jpg20131213-143205.jpg20131213-143714.jpg20131213-143729.jpg20131213-143740.jpg20131213-144027.jpg20131213-144113.jpg20131215-005013.jpg20131215-005025.jpg20131216-152342.jpg20131216-152352.jpg20131216-152358.jpg20131215-005032.jpgP1060614P1060621P1060622P106062620131230-210305.jpg20131230-210315.jpg20131230-210322.jpgP106027520131231-085314.jpg20131231-085326.jpg20131231-085353.jpg20131231-085414.jpg20131231-085428.jpg20131231-085506.jpgOur Annual Easter Egg Hunt!  Ready to hunt some eggsEveryone rubbing the baby belly20131231-085541.jpg

20131231-111443.jpg20131231-111507.jpg20131231-111529.jpg20131231-111555.jpg20131231-111628.jpg20131231-111654.jpg20131231-111724.jpg20131231-111832.jpg20131231-112119.jpg20131231-112152.jpgWaiting on Nick OffermanMaking my Sister's Boy themed Diaper Cake with our Mom. :)Making my Sister a Diaper Wreath  :))))20140101-093644.jpg20140101-093652.jpg20140101-093705.jpg20140101-093805.jpg20140101-094114.jpg20140101-094228.jpg20140101-094317.jpg20140101-094358.jpg20140101-094506.jpg20140101-100041.jpg20140101-100046.jpg20140101-100052.jpg20140101-100114.jpg

I still cannot believe we are standing at the edge of a new year!  2014.

So much to look forward to!  So much to plan! And hopefully a stellar year! (14 is my lucky number afterall!)