Sober October Journal- Days 6 and 7

Hello guys! Happy Weekend! Well, it’s almost over now but hope you had a great weekend.


With covid19 forcing us to stay in this year, I had to figure out what I could do to keep sane, aside from work and parent all day. Yard work seemed like a good move. So, one morning, when Spring started, I grabbed my work gloves to clean out the gardening beds and that turned into months of almost every morning outside with a gardening plan. Some mornings turned into all day events, too. All that work paid off as the yard bursted with colors all Summer. It was beautiful. It was so freeing. My mind loved that release. My body needed it.

Our yard is still beautiful out there, even though Fall has hit North of Boston pretty early. Lots of my plants are turning yellow and orange now that they’ve spent their energy and are prepping for the cold weather.

Which is what made Saturday a perfect day to spend in the yard. I made lots of moves replanting perennials, splitting, and repositioning bulbs and removing all annuals that died off. I have another day of planting bulbs coming up at the end of this month too, and I am soooo excited!! 🤗 I had ordered three dozen pink and red (and ruffled) tulip bulbs that just arrived. I am super-duper, crazy-excited for these tulips. I have always wanted to see tulips in my yard in Spring.

After yard work, my family and I took off for some errands up at the outlets. I am lucky that I married a man who likes shopping with me. Actually, he may shop more than me!

Then Saturday night went from us dropping off our oldest for a birthday party with plans for grabbing takeout and watching movies to us hanging out with our friends fireside. Of course, I didn’t drink. Though oddly I didn’t care to. I brought over some fun flavored seltzer water but didn’t even drink that! It is always weird being the only one not drinking but these moments, partying among friends, are the ones that I need to prove my strength.

Then, because of picking up our daughter from the party, we got home just in time to see SNL. Their first episode back at the studio since covid19 shut down the world. The opening skit was pretty hilarious. If you didn’t see it you have to. It was a spoof on the presidential debate-Jim Carrey played Joe Biden, and, Alec Baldwin played Trump. Then I was out for the count by 12:15A.

Glasses becuz imma blind


Sleep is amazing isn’t it? I had a complete, without interruption, sleep. Woke up at 8A! Felt so good to sleep!

Today was another uneventful day of errands. We did make brunch beforehand. My husband made his pumpkin spice waffles that I love so much. They are so darn good!

I love these days. And I mean uneventful as in not much is worth mentioning. Unless you guys love Costco as much as we love Costco. Which is a lot. Our obsession with Costco is an actual joke between everyone we know.

Well. I was writing here during an after dinner lull and now it’s time for me to go watch a movie with my family. I think the kids picked Spies in Disguise.. haven’t seen this one yet and seems cute. So goodnight!

Thank you for reading! Till next time. Xo

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