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Candy Bouquet Valentines

Hey Everyone,

Today we woke up to more snow falling, seriously Mother Nature?, but it was that beautiful romantic fluffy snowfall.  A perfect backdrop to make valentines for my two girls.  

Here they are while we watched the Pat’s win the Super Bowl; aren’t they the cutest? 🙂  

IMG_6775 They make my every day fantastic, and I love giving them gifts!





Here’s the skinny on their Valentine’s Day bouquets! 

My girls love Lindt’s chocolates; like obsess over them.  

Lindt Valentine's chocolates 

I found these valentine themed Lindt candy bags at Target last week for about $3.99 a bag. They are different flavors, a few they’ve never had before.  I used the leftover candy from their bouquets for goody bags with some other chocolates for my nieces, nephews and the grandparents.

While at Target, I grabbed two of the cutest mugs, too.

Close up of the Mugs 

Then I stopped into my local dollar store for some other valentine themed items: 1 pink and 1 red pack of heart picks, 1 bag of red shredded tissue, 1 spool of love themed ribbon and a generic brick of floral foam.  

Here is everything laid out together: Valentine Supplies


I stuffed the mugs with the foam; not too snug, but snug enough.  Want to make sure we can get it out easily to wash and make cocoa stat!   

cup filled with floral foam

There were sixteen picks all together. I took the tops off of ten heart picks, leaving 4 red and 2 pink to use, then clipped the tacky ends off. Then the untouched side was used for the candy; piercing the candy, not completely through, except on the ones that were doubled.  Stuck 5 candy picks into the foam, varying their heights, and added in three hearts to each mug.

Covered the foam with the shredded red tissue.  Added a few more truffles to the bottom 

Tied the ribbon around the body of the mug… and done!  

Finished Mug of Chocolate Bouquet

Two finished mugs IMG_6811 IMG_6813

They came out so cute, and I know they will be super excited to eat all this fun candy!  


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Mason Jar Gift Certificate Holder

Giving gift certificates is my least favorite thing to do; it really is!  I love buying what I consider tangible presents, but if the gift card is for something the person or couple really needs or wants, I am buying it!
But, for me, gift certificates leave less to the imagination than normal.  I stuff them in boxes, slip them into envelopes that are topped with bows, or leave them in the store given wrapping…which is boring!  But not this year!
Today I took my love of mason jars, and making a mess, to give a crack at making a gift certificate holder that I would love to receive as much as give!  I bundled up, grabbed my umbrella, and headed to my favorite local dollar store. There I found clear plain mason jars and glitter packets.  My creative juices were flowing! I have a ribbons and a lot of new ornaments from past post Christmas runs in my own personal inventory, and figured I can make something work out of what I got and what I own!
The theme to this family’s presents is a very rustic craft paper type wrap.  It has Merry Christmas stamped throughout in vintage stamped lettering in both red and green.
Let’s see how it turned out!

This is the very boring gift card with its generic holder from the store that they definitely will be stoked to receive…but like this?!

IMG_5968 SEE!? Super boring.  NO WY

Here is what I came up with to match their presents!:


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Glittered Pinecones

Hey Everyone!

Today I am sharing a project that I made 2 years ago, but I only shared on InstaGram, glittered pinecones.  It was such a fun project, super easy, AND super cheap!

Here’s what you’ll need:

-Pine cones (any type really, even store bought, but these are White Pine pine cones I collected from the yard-score FREE!)
-A large bowl of warm water
-All purpose glue
-Craft Brush
-Colored glitter of your choice  (For this I found a set of glitters from the dollar store with bronze, gold, rose gold and copper in little packets. Yes, a $1!)

First thing. If you find pine cones like I did in the yard, you need to soak the pine cones in that warm water to remove sap or debris.  Soak for a few minutes then let air dry overnight.  The pine cone will look as if it is ruined by retracting, this is normal.  Once they dry the pine cone returns to its normal shape all opened up.

Brush glue along the areas you’d like to adhere the glitter.  If you chose to alternate colors remember to glue only where you want that specific color to adhere first, then work along with the rest of the colors.  Also, glitter from top to bottom and completely cover the glued areas.

For this project I chose to cover a few pine cones in one complete glitter color (gold), a few with the tips in stripes of colors, and a few in alternating tips of color.

IMG_5444 IMG_5440
The different uses for these are endless. You can glue loops and bows on the stem to make ornaments, or use them as I do. They came out real beautiful and are a perfect addition to our Fall centerpiece!!


TIP 1: If you glitter a whole lot of pine cones in one color, a good way to coat them with glitter is to get a large plastic (for projects only) bowl fill it with glitter then shake the glued pine cones in the bowl.

TIP 2: Using a paper plate for each color is useful.  Add glue, shake on glitter over the plate, then tap off the excess.  You can reuse the glitter left over on the plate.


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A Harry Potter Birthday… Flying Keys

A Harry Potter Themed Party.. Flying Keys Project

This flying keys project was a lot of fun to put together, and it was super quick!  Took me all of 45 minutes.  These added a touch more whimsy to our daughters’ Harry Potter Themed birthday.

DISCLAIMER:  I am not an artist of any type.  I just play one in my mothering life.  😛

How to make Flying Keys:

Supplies- Keys, glue, scissors, a black marker, bronze pencil and vellum.
Supplies- Skeleton type keys, glue (quick drying if you do not have glue dots), scissors, a black sharpie, a bronze pencil and a sheet of vellum.  This project was made for 6 keys, and one large sheet of vellum (18×24) was more than plenty.
My doodles of wings.
My doodles of wings. This came in super handy as a legend for shapes.
Fold vellum.  Trace image.
Fold vellum. Trace image in pencil, then cover edges with marker.
Wings in marker with bronze pencil
Wings in marker with bronze pencil veining inside.  The middle is empty, this is where you will adhere it to the keys, but you need to cut a stem to get it to really hold onto the keys (see below image).
Cut out the wings
Cut out the wings and stem
Add glue to key, near the loop edge.
Add glue to key, near the loop edge. I used glue dots, but any quick dry glue will work.
Attach Wings
Press firmly to attach wings
Making different wing shapes made them seem more aged and appropriate for the project.  Voila.. Harry Potter inspired Flying Keys!
Making different wing shapes made them seem more aged and appropriate for the project. Voila.. Harry Potter inspired Flying Keys!

Remember to make one with a broken wing!


View of the project in place during party:



Strung them up with clear, stretchy jewelry thread.  Then hung them from a tension rod.
Strung them up with clear, stretchy jewelry thread. Then hung them from a tension rod that I placed between the closest two walls in the bathroom.
Opposite side view
Opposite side view
View from living room as you enter the bathroom.
View from living room as you enter the bathroom.





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A Harry Potter Birthday…Floating Candles

One of the best visual images of the Sorcerer’s Stone is when Harry enters the Great Hall.  We see the ceiling enchanted, as if it were open up to the night sky, along with floating candles a few feet above all the tables.  It was so beautiful, and when I looked up inspiration on Pinterest, I found so many variations that just didn’t excite me.  But, I really wanted to give a shot at creating this for my girls’ birthday party…just on a much smaller scale.

A Harry Potter Themed Party.. Floating Candles

First, I had contemplated trying the one project that looked like it would work best.  It required toilet paper rolls.. So, I started off having my family collect toilet paper rolls.  My gosh, the amount of rolls I saved and received!  I was going to paint the rolls off-white then hot glue matching LED tea lights on the top. Then over use the glue so it would look like melted wax (which I would paint the same).  Then hang all over the yard.  But then as I started to make them, I honestly didn’t like the way they looked.

SO, I changed my mind and felt like maybe real wax candles would work.  Thought that if I heated a needle to poke through the top to thread the string it would look real, even unlit.  But, then I changed my mind again when I found these LED slim white candlesticks on a shopping trip to Joann’s.  That is my usual MO, really.  I have a thousand thoughts but then stumble upon something totally different.

I LOVED THESE!  They were soft gold lighted LED white candles.  They had a faux flame on top that worked for this project a little too well.  It created the best lip for the string to stay still when I tied it.  I used the same clear, stretchy jewelry string from my flying keys project, then strung them up under the umbrella in our yard.  I just wished we planned the party later or we had a dark blue umbrella!  But, the kids loved them, and that is all that matters to me!

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A Harry Potter Birthday… Party Favors

Harry Potter Themed Party… Party Favors


For the party favor I tried my best to keep it within a couple dollar budget, and I am proud to say that this is by far the cheapest goody bag I have ever put together in all my years partying!  Under $2 each! 


Because it was such a great deal I am sharing how much the breakdown was cause I love hearing about good deals, and imagine you must too!:  These chic polka dot boxes were purchased at my local Target a few months ago on super duper sale.. $.50 for a pack of 3!! ($.16 each! YES! I KNOW! How amazing!?)  Since they were so simple, and the price was phenomenally low, I couldn’t pass them up.  I cannot stress enough that when you see a great deal BUY BUY BUY!!  You will never regret it.

Grab a deal when you see them!
Grab a deal when you see them!

Then the witch pens were personalized with “Thank you from Ava and Liv!”.  These were bought from Oriental Trading Co online for $.83 a piece! I love personalized anything cause it makes it so easy, and being that these fit the theme so well, it was a good touch.


The boxes were filled with a pack or two of Haribo gummy bears ($.17 ea pack),  a few prism pumpkin stickers ($.03 ea sticker!!), and a handful of Hershey’s chocolate kisses or Rolo’s ($.05 ea), all purchased through OTC.  Then this was all wrapped in orange tissue, which I already owned. Free, I love free.


To keep with the theme, I adhered a glittery black ribbon, that I bought at Michael’s ($.24 each box), around the dotted box with the pen adhered under it.

Harry Potter Themed Party Favors
Harry Potter Themed Party Favors

Labeled the side of the box with the child’s name, and DONE!

Super cute!

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Card holder Birdcage

We just celebrated our daughter’s First Holy Communion with a garden themed party at home.  In keeping with the theme’s rustic feel, I decided to take my hands to glue to craft a few of the party details.

This birdcage was a thought since the inception of party planning.  I wanted to get a birdcage as a focal point of the day.  On a trip to a local floral supply store, where I was going for a birdcage, my sister and I spent three hours looking for a birdcage an associate said was in stock..but when we got to check out were told there was a birdcage although broken.  I still wanted to see it.  The cashier pulled out this perfectly aged birdcage just without a bottom.  I bought it because it was perfect, even without the bottom, and he gave me an insane price for it.  hah

This is what I came up with….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My husband will be making a base for this sometime, so I will have a fun birdcage to use wherever I would like in the house or for other parties.  Like the Harry Potter themed one for the girls this year.  I think a Hedwig replica will look great in there!  😉

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