Sober October Journal – day 17

Hi! It is currently day 17. Doing great. Still haven’t drank a drop of alcohol, have been conscious about portion control, and exercising 3-4 times a week. I weighed myself today. I was happy to see that I dropped another pound. Yay! Just a few healthier, mindful changes along with sobriety can add up to some positives. Or in this case, positive negatives.

Well. Today was another busy work day. Also, my self care day, so I decided to treat myself to doing nothing because I totally forgot 😆!! My day flew so quickly while on the phone that before I knew it my workday was done. Accomplished a lot, but man I missed a whole day for work! Heehee

Of course I mean busy, but I always have time for my daily selfie though. 🤪

Today was also my oldest daughter’s first high school field hockey scrimmage of the season. It was great to see the girls playing on the High School field. I have never been on their field before. It is HUGE!! Their team lost but they did a pretty great job. On the ride home I had the ‘you gotta hustle to steal that ball’ conversation like I had with her last year. The girls play well -as a team, but sometimes the ball is rolling around while they watch it. So many missed opportunities. Thus the loss. 😝

She is #1…

Ugh, I still can’t believe my girl is a freshman. Why does time have to move so fast? Remember being a kid feeling some days dragging on forever? Where are those days now? I could use a few years of that.

Ok, well it’s time for me to go. I am going to make some black tea and grab a seat on the couch with my family. It’s my favorite time of night.. snuggling with all of them before their bedtime. 😉

Good night, everyone! Thank you for reading today. Till next time. Xo

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