Rowing into Spring: Pottery, Cars, and Crew – Oh My!

Hello WordPress!! Happy new month, and new week. Hope you guys are doing well and feeling fine. This recent Spring weather up in Massachusetts has given me that jolt of dopamine that I love and look forward to all Winter long. The warmer sun. The sounds of playful birds. All of the sleepy bulbs making … More Rowing into Spring: Pottery, Cars, and Crew – Oh My!

Halloween 2019

Hey Guys! I am here! I haven’t forgotten to update my blog with Halloween.  Things have been crazy busy with some personal matters and work, but I have time right now so I jumped on!  Actually, since writing on here last, things have been going pretty great. Even if busy.  I partied Friday and Saturday … More Halloween 2019

Dance Recital 2018

Well, hallelujah hallelujah, dance is officially over for the school year! After 8 months of getting the girls’ classes straight, washing and drying leotards/tights/pants each week, primping hair, and a lot of driving to rehearsals, we have made it to the big day!  YAHOO!!  (Recital, like Memorial Day weekend, gives me the feels to kick … More Dance Recital 2018