Sober October Journal- day 16

Hey guys n gals!

Holy moly, I am beat today. Didn’t have the best of sleep last night. My eyes popped open at 4:30AM, where I bounced in and out of a million thoughts till 6:30AM, when all the alarms in the house went off waking up everyone. 😆

My life in a nutshell right there.

Also, being back at work sucks and it is pouring out today. I am one of those people who isn’t a fan of all day rain -just feel affected by it. But anyways.. Since I woke up early, I got right to work once my kids went off to school. Being away has its perks, but not returning to work! Seems like I always miss some stupid email chain between fifty people that clogs up my inbox. I have to say that I HATE WHEN PEOPLE HIT REPLY ALL when unnecessary. Why do people still do that? Blah. Drives me batty.

So, I just finished a 40 min workout during my lunch break; 10 min squats variations w resistance bands followed by 30-min session of yoga. Could be why I feel more spent than just losing sleep. Hah. It was a great break on this busy day. Today’s yoga session was different. It was lead at slower pace to be more focused on making the poses happen rather than banging out one pose after another. If that sounds easy, it wasn’t. My whole body feels the energy and flow, but my balance on my left side was so sad. I couldn’t hold a pose much because my leg kept wanting to do whatever it wanted to do. I laughed at myself per usual as I kept trying. What else can I do?

Namaste, my friends

Canya believe it’s already day 16? Last night my husband and I went on an errand to the super market where we had a way too long for normal people discussion on seltzer water. I have a love hate relationship with seltzer water. Not plain mineral water or anything, but flavored water. I like the taste and bubble of it for a half of a can then want to chuck it. I like bubbly drinks, champagne and prosecco are my favorites 😍. And I love regular water or plain mineral water, but am luke warm about seltzers. Weird. That is what our conversation was about.

My husband is a seltzer connoisseur these days. It has been a few years of him hunting down the best of the best. And he is a seltzer pusher. 😆 I swear he is on a mission to find one I will like, rather than leave me alone about it, which is sweet but I am all set not drinking any. Every few days he comes home with some new flavor to try or new brand or some on sale seltzer, then it becomes a taste-testing for my family. ‘Ooh this one is so good’. ‘I like that brand better’. As I take a sip then walk away saying, ‘no’.

So at the store, we talked and talked. And I grabbed a box of elderflower tonic water to try instead. 😆

The moral of that story is that I AM THE PUSHER IN THIS MARRIAGE! 😛

Welp. It’s the kids are coming out of the school! Thank you for reading, always appreciate it and hope you continue. Xoxo

3 thoughts on “Sober October Journal- day 16

    1. If it’s being drank in place of sugary/alcoholic drinks I’d say yes. But other than hydrating a body like water does, i dont think there are differences than w water. Some seltzers tho have hidden artificial flavors or juices so that changes their benefits like water.

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