Life is Good..

Hey Everyone! I have been trying¬†to relish all the remaining¬†parts of Summer that are left, and trying to get my kids ready for back to school..which is Wednesday officially! ¬†YAY..I mean, aww, I will miss them home all the time. ¬†ūüėõ Well, sooooOOooOOoo much has happened since my last post. ¬†Let’s see… -We went to … More Life is Good..

Gym Update

Hey Everyone! Hope you guys have been enjoying this gorgeous warm Boston weather this week! Ohh so nice! This is exactly my type of weather. And. This great weather should hold up over the weekend, which is great news as my good friend’s wedding is tomorrow! Last minute, it was decided that a large group … More Gym Update

Signed Up!

Hey Everyone! This girl was up super late last night reviewing the two gyms side by side, and I signed up for one! I chose gym…..number 1! ¬†(The first one I checked out!) I didn’t think that shopping for a gym would be this big of a deal, because my last gym was conveniently attached … More Signed Up!

School Project!

Hey Everyone! Here’s a super quick blast about my daughter’s school project and an update on my day. So, first, my daughter’s big project. ¬†She had been working so hard on this project, Eminent Person, for a touch over a month. ¬†She chose J.K. Rowling, who¬†was the one and only person she thought of when … More School Project!

Cocoa Butter and Heating Pads..This girl is a Party Animal.

Hey Everyone! Well, today felt like a perfect Spring day, didn’t it? ¬†I am hoping this bright, warm day was a small taste of the early Spring we so rightfully deserve! (A girl can dream can’t she?) Since my last post. ¬† Yesterday morning was my daughter’s big eminent person report, and my husband left … More Cocoa Butter and Heating Pads..This girl is a Party Animal.

A Quick Update!

Hey All! I am working at the kitchen table, which is in the¬†living room against the plastic sheet barrier protecting this part of the house from the debris.¬†As I am clicking away on this laptop, I am listening to the construction¬†crew arguing over something in Portuguese.¬† It’s very entertaining, especially when I understand a word … More A Quick Update!

Weighing In! #17

Hey Everyone! Ok, I am not going to beat around the bush with my post here.. I am so upset with myself, to a point. As you have read, I challenged myself to a mini goal of losing 5lbs by October 1. T’is October 2. And, I hate admitting this..but I #weightlossfailed.¬† (Ugh this hurts … More Weighing In! #17