Sober October Journal- day 10

Day ten! Day ten! Day ten! Hot damn, day ten! Yup I just sang that like The Old Man from A Christmas Story after he reads his telegram.

Ten days of no drinking. No junk food. Eating right. Keeping an active exercise schedule- all while I haven’t turned into a jerk. I’d say we all win!

Today has been crazy busy at work. Actually this whole week has been pretty crazy. My busiest time of year is now till Thanksgiving. Even though it was busy today, I did do my one self care thing this morning, a lip mask. Yes, lip mask. Yes, I buy outlandishly face treatments and patches/face masks all the time. The one I wore today was from Patchology. They carry such good stuff! They are clear gel patches, shaped like giant lips, that are infused with hydrating, anti-aging extracts. You place it over your mouth and chill out for ten minutes. I don’t know if they really work. Sometimes we do things just for the gimmick of it, right? That’s what these lip masks are for me, I guess. They smell so good though and I look super silly in them, like a cartoon character. I act like an idiot too, just for a reaction, as it slides around my face.

I’m a child, I know.

I mentioned yesterday how I was planning to squeeze in some activity today, but I just have to put that off. I have to head out right now to drop off my oldest for field hockey buzz back to finish some work then go back to get her. After I get back it is dinner prep time and all that family fun and packing. The glamours of a working mom’s life.

Maybe I will try to do yoga for before bed. Hmm. Maybe yoga before bed would be a great idea? Idk. If I miss today, it’s ok as it was my rest day. I have three days following filled with outdoor activities. Then the two days following off from work. Long weekend, baby!! (WOOHOOO!!)

Which brings me to being MIA for the next few days. I should post by Sunday night to update you guys about my time off. This trip may challenge me more than I am willing to admit because I like eating with abandon as if food has no caloric value along with a few cocktails. Isn’t that what vacation is about- Being a total oinker then paying for it later?

What I am saying is healthy food and seltzer won’t be doing it for me I can tellya that! Womp.

Well I am in the car for drop off. Thank you for catching up with me today. Till my next post! Try not to miss me so much. 😆 xo

This was me last night off to celebrate my mother in law’s birthday. (a party outdoors – boy was it chilly with the wind all night, too!).

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