Sober October Journal- day 5

Hellooooo everyone!

It’s gloomy up in New England on this Friday, but it’s almost the weekend so who cares, right?

!!B R I N G. O N. T H E. W E E K E N D!!

Idk why I am cheering on the weekend. I have nothing but errands planned. Which I am actually happy about. I need a good two days in a row to do what I want at my own speed.

Speaking of speed… I just finished a thirty-five minute YouTube yoga session in my living room. It went by quickly but I may be the most inflexible, tense human on planet Earth. This (yoga) is so challenging to say the least, because fifteen minutes into the session I feel inept.

I feel like I suck at it so badly. I’m trying to catch up with the instructions most of the time and half the poses I sloppily flop out of with one breath. I was not joking when I said yoga is hard! Anyone have any tips? Should I follow anyone special or train myself in these difficult poses after each session? Give up? Go back to weight training? Get drunk? Heh. Hadta sneak that in.

So far all I do I is convince myself that getting out the mat is my way of saying I want to change. Even if my body is useless. 😆

Well, I guess I came on here to complain about myself. I wasn’t planning on what I would journal about today. Sorry about that! Knocking on myself is what happens when I don’t drink. 😉

Thank you for indulging me with reading along. I will be back with a weekend update on Sunday night.


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