Wristy business

Hey WordPress! Hope you guys are having a great Tuesday. I’m doing pretty well. Eh, I’m actually not doing that good. Broke my wrist Sunday afternoon. Which sucks. I am typing this out with my left hand, and may use talk to text, just a FYI. My left hand is not my dominant one. So … More Wristy business

A Whale of a Time

🙃 Remember singing the Whalom Park commercial tagline as a kid? No, just me? Great. (It’s a former Massachusetts theme park which relates to my blog title.) Hey Everyone! After taking a healthy break from embroidery on June 30, I started back on tackling it this Monday. After receiving that insane amount of free embroidery … More A Whale of a Time

Let’s catch up!

Hey everyone! Sorry I missed out on posting earlier this week, I have been so busy obsessing over …The Doomsday Couple case! I am not sure who my true crime fans are out there, but holy life consuming this week, right?! In this case, indictments came out from Idaho, then indictments from Arizona followed, but … More Let’s catch up!

Guys! guys! guys!

Ok this post is gonna be super short cuz I just got the call from my doctor and I am so super excited I am beaming and talking a mile a minute. Re: the MRI results… My doctor says the MRI shows nothing. Everything is normal. There are no signs of cysts or tumors …or … More Guys! guys! guys!

Allergy update!

Hey everyone! I just returned from the allergy appointment that I had mentioned in my last post. There wasn’t much time to write anything during my visit, however. I was kinda busy with swelling and needles, so. 😂 It was fun. Sarcasm. I honestly wasn’t sure what was going to happen during this visit because … More Allergy update!

Sew It Begins

Hi WordPress! I’m starting off today with my past week’s embroidery. I wasn’t planning on having much time to do anything but then, luckily, time kept opening up! I am actually pretty proud of my duck stitch. He came out so cute and feathery-like. (Don’t mind the bubbles, I was having such a tough time … More Sew It Begins