Sober October Journal- day 4

Hello guys! I almost didn’t post anything today but my husband came home early from work and swept my youngest daughter off to play some basketball with his friends. They grab their kids to play full court bball. Which I think is adorable. Plus I get some bonus me time! Which ..I just spent starting dinner and working late. 😖

Anywhoooo. How are you all? I am great. Feeling good and have had a smashing Thursday. It’s day four of sober October, and aside from wanting a giant icy gin and tonic right now I am doing pretty good. Haha. Ugh after I logged off from work I was like, ‘dammit! I can’t drink!’. It’s Thirsty Thursday, which means I usually shut down from work and post silly selfies with a drink to cheers the day away with some friends.

But instead I posted this…

No drink. And I do need a haircut

How exciting. Not that alcohol is exciting, I just like interacting with everyone sending me their Thirsty Thursday selfies or glasses in return. Plus I was dressed cute today. But so far from this pic on Instagram I have gotten nothing but creepy dms. Lucky me.

Well, I have to run already because I have dinner to continue while they are gone. Making a baked potato bar per request tonight. Remember I have that fifteen lb bag of potatoes to go through. So for this bar I have pulled pork, cheese, Greek yogurt (cuz I don’t like sour cream), cantina salsa, guacamole and spicy green dragon sauce. And when they walk in, which is soon, I will make over easy eggs to top them.

Oink oink.

Good night! Thank you for reading! Xo

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