Sober October Journal- day 3

Hello everyone!

It is day three of the challenge. I have had no wine, no junk food and have tried to mind my stomach’s signals of fullness. So far I feel pretty good and haven’t been missing much, but it is only day three. 😉

Which is technically the day I chose as my rest day. Yesterday I had talked about starting yoga for this challenge and how hard I am finding it. Well, today I woke up to the craziest windy rain (it was intense) and with the feelings of those DOMS you get from lifting, delayed onset muscle soreness, in every muscle in my body. Even my toes, guys. Hah This feeling isn’t terrible, just there. I secretly like that soreness anyways. It reminds me that I am changing, and engaging my body, like a badass. Or I pretend I am a badass.

When I started planning this challenge, I decided rest days would be useful if I did something good for myself, like self care. I am thinking later on today that I will give myself a pedicure. I bought a pair of foot sock masks from Patchology a few months ago that I have not used yet, and my toes could use a good primping- egad! They look like total shit.

I still haven’t gone back to the nail salon since covid started. Nor the hair salon for that matter. My hair is so long now. My fingernails are messed up. I just feel it hasn’t been the right time to be inside for over an hour with a room full of strangers… even in masks. I am not going out to indoor restaurants either. Plus, I can go a long while not going to the salons, I am not high maintenance like that. Yeah I know, you are looking at me with my makeup like I am but I am not. I am a makeup artist, have been since I was 17 years old. And I have always liked skincare and makeup. It is my way of expressing myself, my creative outlet.

This is what I consider high maintenance. Not someone who likes to take care of themselves.

So anyways. though today was supposed to be a rest day I ended up squeezing in thirty minutes on the yoga ball during my last conference call. I couldn’t help myself but the call was so boring that I had to do something. Plus, it was just legs work, low impact enough. Bonus, it made that call way more enjoyable. Might have to use this ball on every call..even the ones I lead.

Hehe imagine hearing that rubber sound for an hour over the phone!?

So do I stop taking selfies to prove what I am doing yet? Or do I do this every post? Y’all must be sick of my face already.

Alrighty. I think I am all caught up for today and will take off to eat something for lunch, well breakfast. I am fasting till noon today. Oh wait. That ginger soy glazed haddock that I made last night was awesome! I didnt take pics of it but I can share the marinade recipe if anyone’s curious.

⬇ here’s the recipe:

  • 3/4 cup low sodium soy
  • Half onion chopped
  • Tbsp grated ginger
  • 2 tbsp light brown sugar
  • Tsp lemon juice
  • 1/4 cup scallion (and I threw in chives from my yard)

Pour over fish for a half hour, then remove from marinade and place on baking sheet on high broil till tender. That marinade can be used to baste the fish midway too. I served it with snap peas and potatoes (cuz my husband bought me a fifteen lb bag 🤦🏻‍♀️). It was a big hit.

Now I am starving and have to eat!! Have a great day! Thank you for reading. Xo

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