Sober October Journal- day 2

Ladies and Gentlemen…Let’s hear it for me! (Are you cheering? I can’t hear you.)

So, I woke up again ready to start another day of this sober challenge. I should mention that whenever I start something new I am to a fault pretty positive-minded. It’s quite obnoxious I know, but my brain likes to trick me into thinking that ‘I got this’ and that I am tough enough to change up my routines without much strain. Well, let’s see how this goes after day 7 or 8. Which will be just in time for a Fall-time getaway my husband has planned for us….and I can’t drink. 😂

Anywayyyys. I am sitting here after cooling down from working out in my living room. This virus led us down the path of cancelling gym memberships and setting up a gym in our living room. We, thankfully, had a lot of stuff already hanging around that came in handy…yoga mat, two large yoga balls, two sets of weights, resistance bands, an old total gym and a large firm foam roller. I did hint around that I would like a barbell with a full set of plates for deadlifts, but I haven’t seen anything show up yet. Maybe I should persist with my hinting.

I just finished an hour of exercise; leg / abs resistance band training, yoga and ended it w ten minutes of meditation. Today I used a different YouTube channel to follow. It was fun but I liked the PopSugar woman better. She felt more zen and walked through the poses thoroughly.

This is day two of yoga, which is new to me and extremely hard! I wasn’t expecting it to be so hard. I have cried twice for no reason during it. It’s like the second I go into pigeon pose to stretch my hips I have this bubbling up sensation to cry. (I googled this and it happens a lot to people I guess.) So I let it out. Yoga pushes your whole body to be felt and present, which is tough, but it feels good. Like lifting heavy weights used to feel. There’s a beauty in challenging yourself. You know what I mean?

Some people don’t. Like the people asking me why I am doing this sober October thing… the simple answer is..because I can and want to. It comes at just the right time for me to feel fed up with my Summer bad habits too. Plus, proving to yourself that you are able and strong is probably the beat high you can experience.

Also, it is hard to break a habit. Like drinking alcohol. Try not to drink alcohol when it is part of your daily routine. I drink a glass or two -sometimes four, of wine or something every day. Unless I am sick, which then I wait till I feel a touch better to have a glass of wine then say the wine made me better. 😆 but seriously. It is a part of my culture. My habits. My socializing. My stress relief. Plus, I genuinely love it. So much so that I tell my kids that when I die they have to bring a glass with a bottle of my favorite wine when they visit me. They are instructed to leave a full glass of wine on my stone for me. Because I am morbid and funny.

I am funny, right??

That’s the short os it I guess. The reason I wanted to try this challenge again. Because I like to prove to myself that I can do it and that the result is worth manifesting.

Well here I am before yoga this afternoon. I look like a train wreck now, who knew I’d get so sweaty and melted face? But I showed up to the mat. Which is the hardest part, right?

I am sucking in my potato gut. Ugh. but I do love my celestial leggings, so yee.

Day two is almost in the books. I grabbed fresh haddock for dinner, thinking of making it ginger glazed. I haven’t made that before and it might be fun. I will want a glass of Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand but I will wait till October 31 for it. 🙂

Gotta run to a conference call. Thank you guys for reading, and again, if anyone is doing something for Sober October hmu!


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