Sober October Journal- day 1

It’s Monday, September 28, and here is my first Sober October journal post.

You may notice that I am starting this challenge early. It is because I don’t like starting things midweek.

Symmetry is the name of my brain game, folks.

Since I wrote last..

This weekend I took full advantage of it being the last big party weekend before this challenge. We had the last of three rounds of birthday celebrations for my daughters. With Covid19, we split out the usual joint birthday party of fifty people into three outdoor parties. I know, we may be insane but we love entertaining and making our kids happy.

First we threw was the girls’ friends party. My husband put together a pizza oven on the grill, which was genius. The girls made individual pizzas and then decorated cupcakes. They ended the night hanging out by the fire cackling like little hens making tiktoks, of course. This was actually a pretty fun night for me and my husband, too. We had the large table to ourselves by the time they were done. We kicked out back to make some awesome pizzas while drinking our favorite red wine till everyone got picked up.

The second party was with our close friends. We hosted a Chinese buffet in the yard. Our friend group is insane for Chinese and cocktails.. by this, I mean we grab Chinese often and drink cocktails often :). We had a ton of food, cupcakes, drinks and good laughs. It is always a good time with our friends.

This last round of the parties was the family party. The girls one and only themed party, a mermaid theme. My husband made his mac n’cheese, which is pretty awesome, and pulled pork. We ended the party with cupcakes, an ice cream cake, rice Krispy treats, and candy. Lotsa candy. The party ended around dusk and right after everyone left we had our friends over to hang out fire side, eating leftovers and drink everything we had on site. It was a super fun day-great night- and I couldn’t have celebrated officially having TWO teen daughters under our roof any other way than with a hangover.

And here I am today! Starting Sober October the right way. No alcohol in site. No junk. Just me and me.

So far today I got my kids off to school with my husband. The girls are in school two days a week. It is the most conflicting two days of my week since they went in last week. I am happy they are back, but upset they are back in during this pandemic. After they left I hopped back into bed for a half hour snooze then got up to make coffee before sitting down for work. I worked (for my job) most of the morning. Then I made avocado toast with honey then used my lunchtime for yoga and some lower body weight exercises. I had time to even meditate!! I am right now feeling high- that mix of relaxation and drowsiness.

Tonight will be the challenging part since I don’t eat a ton or drink alcohol during the day. I did get all the unfinished bottles of wine ..finished before today. 😉 And all unopened bottles are in the basement. There is junk food in the house but I already put it in my head that it’s for the kids only, so my temptation for it is null. My only strong suit is resisting junk food temptation. (It is easier when the junk in the house sucks. Haha). As for dinner, I have yet to plan it but will during the lull when I pick up my daughters from school later.

Welp. There is my day one so far. Pretty uneventful but I am feeling fairly positive and motivated.

Here I am from the end of yoga earlier.

My feet ArE weird.

So here is to hoping tonight and tomorrow go as positively! If anyone else is participating in Sober October this year or has in the past, hmu here or any of my social media! I can always use your motivation and shared experiences.

Thank you for reading! Xo

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