Communions, Brunches, and Broken Plates

Hi WordPressers! Hope you guys are doing well, and having a great week already. I’m currently working and, of course, daydreaming. Grey mornings like the one we have in Boston today makes my mind wander towards all of the fun I have planned ahead rather than the blah day we currently have.

Today is Tuesday, it’s my weekly post of my weekends and pottery class! Let’s get into it.

Saturday was a perfect day. Warm, breezy and it was also my best friend’s son’s first communion. My friends are family, as most of my actual family lives in Sicily and England, so being with my friends is always something special. My best friend and I have known one another for thirty years, actually this year marks when we met at my first job. Funny to think back right now. Anyways, I love his wife and children and am happy to be able to be a part of their lives. The son who was having first communion is such a sweet lively boy.

We got to church early, well my daughters and I had, my husband was at a class he was taking..making his way to the church. My friend’s sister and aunts sat around my section, not knowing where they’d be seated. When the communion families made their way in, it was great because I sat just across the way -good enough to see them. The best thing, however, was when my friend’s son saw me with the girls, his face lit up and he started waving his arms at us. Smiling bright and so proud of himself. He did not greet anyone else like that. It was so sweet.

Seeing the happiness on his face and the pride in his parents’ eyes filled my heart with warmth. The ceremony was beautiful, actually really special and it reminded me of the importance of faith and family bonds. They ended mass having all mothers stand up, they gave a blessing and a round of applause.. which was nice. It was a sweet surprise to kick off Mother’s Day.

Sunday, of course, was Mother’s Day, a day to honor the incredible women in our lives. Ahem.. that’s me included. We decided to celebrate by going out for brunch at State Street Provision in Boston. We had gone here for my birthday one year and enjoyed it. We had lively conversations about things going on in our lives, and engaged in lots of laughter. My daughters are so funny. Brunch was fantastic and-you can see the meal here on my Insta. Follow me, too!

After brunch, we headed to my parents’ house to spend quality time together and have coffee. It was lovely to see my mom and dad, and we made sure to spoil her with affection and thoughtful gifts. I have been on a basket making stint for gifts lately, so I created a very nice basket for my mom.

Monday brought a new week, and I was excited for my pottery class. This time, my focus was on glazing the creations I had crafted. I worked meticulously on my leaf plate, using three different types of green glazes to achieve the desired effect. It took time and patience, but the result will hopefully be worth it.

Next, I turned my attention to my bubble mug, I LOVE THE BUBBLE AFFECT. So cool! But the soap leaves a dull texture. I applied a clear glaze to give it a glossy finish. If all goes right, the simplicity of the clear glaze will allow the delightful bubbles to shine through, giving the mug a unique and playful charm. Here’s to hoping!!

Even though class was awesome, a small mishap occurred when I attempted to remove a plate that I had made on the wheel. It was a friggin cool ass plate too!! My instructor was impressed and everything. But. In my eagerness to remove it because class was officially over, I accidentally cut it in half with the wire. It was disappointing. Nonetheless, I reminded myself that mistakes are part of the learning process, and I can always try again. Which next Monday is our last class of this session and I will try again!!

The second Monday in a row where the sun setting was a complete red orb. It was amazing irl. Larger than life in the sky!

Reflecting on the weekend, I am grateful for the precious moments spent with loved ones and for the opportunity to explore my creativity. Life’s little treasures lie in these simple pleasures, and I am reminded of how fortunate I am to have such beautiful moments to cherish. 💗

Thanks for stopping by to catch up, everyone! Your support reading along is appreciated greatly, as I hope you know.

till next time xoxo

3 thoughts on “Communions, Brunches, and Broken Plates

  1. Thirty year friendship?! That’s impressive.

    And I can absolutely see why everyone loved your sun/moon bowl, it’s fantastic!

    Belated Happy Mothers Day Valeria

    1. Thirty years and fifteen years ago I asked him to be godfather to my daughter so we will always be friends. Whether he likes it or not he is in my life forever!😂

      Thanks so much! 💗
      I just saw that you posted so I am making my way over to read.

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