Tiki-Tiki and Pottery

Hey WordPress! Hope everyone is having a great week. I’m doing pretty well.

I’m here to update y’all on my weekend and pottery class. So let’s start.

Sunday– Tiki Hut Boat Cruise

On Sunday, my husband and I were invited to go on a last minute Tiki Hut boat excursion in Salem with some friends …and it turned out to be such a blast.

The boat is a tiki hut built on a boat. The business is run by a husband (Captain) and wife (bartender) team, that goes around the Salem Harbor for 90 minutes. The boat holds a maximum of six people for cocktails and a cruise- which is the perfect number to have room.

We started our journey meeting up with our friends and the Captain on the dock. It was an absolutely beautiful day with calm waters. Before making our way to the boat, we were introduced to the Captain’s wife and family dog. The Captain then ‘leied’ us, and immediately led us to the boat to board.

The boat was so cute!

As we hopped aboard, we were given the boat’s rules and started on ordering cocktails. The boat was decorated with colorful tiki accents, which added to the fun and festive atmosphere. We cruised through the harbor, surrounded by great views of the ocean, a mini lighthouse-and the city of Salem.

The best part of the excursion was the drinks. We sipped on delicious tropical cocktails-margaritas, mai tais, pina coladas, and other rum drinks..so much rum, while enjoying the beautiful scenery and the company of our friends. The menu was pretty extensive and a lot of cocktails were served. The boat captain, who was steering the boat from inside the bar area -so he was part of the conversation and fun as his wife was shaking drinks. He was incredibly friendly, his wife too.

We made some great memories and I can’t wait to do it again!!

Monday- Pottery Class

Monday night was an amazing day at my pottery class! I had so much fun creating and experimenting with different techniques.

Seriously though-such a great creative class!!

I arrived early to class, I wanted to finishing my sun and moon bowl, which I created last class. It was so satisfying to see it finally come to life from the firing, with its vibrant colors and intricate design. I had applied a lovely thick clear glaze to finish it and it was left for firing. Hope it’s ready next week!!

Next, I moved on to glazing my spoon and bowl set, which I made last week (a pinch pot and handworked spoon. This glaze was a new challenge for me. It took some time to dip in the glaze to get the shape and size just right, but I was pleased with the end result. I used a deep jade green and then covered it in clear glaze. Clear glaze actually dries opaque so all you see in the kiln line is coated pieces. But I can’t wait to see these pieces and use them!

The highlight of the class, though, was the second half of class. First, we learned how to make a leaf imprinted plate. I used a real leaf with a rolling pin to create the imprint and the effect was stunning. S T U N N I N G!!

But the most fun I had today was learning how to bubble glaze a mug. This was a totally new technique for me and I was excited to give it a try. Mixing the solution of dish soap, water, and glaze in a small bowl and then using a straw to create bubbles that floated over the bowl onto my creation was messy AND fun. I can’t wait to see how my mug turns out after firing! After this firing I will clear glaze it, so it won’t be home for a few weeks.

Thank you for stopping by to catch up with me. Your support is always greatly welcomed and appreciated. Hope you have a great week ahead enjoying this Spring weather, and I’ll catch you on the other side.

till next post xo

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