Rowing into Spring: Pottery, Cars, and Crew – Oh My!

Hello WordPress!! Happy new month, and new week. Hope you guys are doing well and feeling fine. This recent Spring weather up in Massachusetts has given me that jolt of dopamine that I love and look forward to all Winter long. The warmer sun. The sounds of playful birds. All of the sleepy bulbs making … More Rowing into Spring: Pottery, Cars, and Crew – Oh My!

Under the Glaze

Hey WordPress! How are you? I am doing pretty good. Spring is here! There are a ton of bulbs and plants sprouting in my yard, which makes me happy 😃. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. Heh Before diving into pottery class, I want to take a moment to share that my husband … More Under the Glaze

Valentine’s Fun 2023

Happy belated Valentine’s Day, wordpressers! Firstly- is anyone watching the Murdaugh Murders trial?? I have been obsessed for 19 days watching this trial. Every day. All day. For those who don’t know about this case, Alex is an influential lawyer who is from a prominent family out of South Carolina. Alex is being tried for … More Valentine’s Fun 2023

tiz the season!

Hey everyone 👋🏻 Hope everyone is having a great start to their Tuesday. It is Tuesday, like I just said 🤭… December 20, there are four days left till the big day… If you’re Italian, you know Christmas Eve is the big day. Can’t believe that we are already here. So not into the holidays … More tiz the season!


Hey WordPressers! How are’ya? Hope well. It donned on me earlier that after tomorrow, I will only be in the office six days for the rest of the year! WoOohOoo! I love December. (Sigh). Not just for my superawesomebirthday, which is tomorrow btw *ahem*, but I love all of the holiday fanfare this whole month … More NYC’22