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Mother’s Day 2018




Kicked off Mother’s Day Friday after work with my sister and Mom. It was a little chilly Friday, but sunny. When I arrived to my sister’s there was a lot of commotion going on in the streets. The town was on lockdown, lots of cops on the street and helicopters flying around.¬† Apparently, a strange man was seen wandering the woods near the local elementary school threatening to have a fire arm. It was creepy to feel some crazy person on the loose but within a half hour the lockdown was called off as they got the man.

We had a great time chatting, laughing and enjoyed some pizza before we exchanged all the cards and gifts, and the kids starting a fire to make s’mores!!¬† They made me feel so special. And I hope I did the same for them. It was a great way to end a long week, though the week wasn’t over..the kids had school Saturday!¬† Yes, school on a Saturday! It was the last weekend to make up for some snow days that infringed the calendar year. Phew!


Saturday, after the kids got out of school, we got together with our friends for some Chinese and scorpion bowls, my favorite. Afterwards we finished the night at our bffs playing games.

I was actually pretty proud of myself Saturday, because I didn’t eat any Chinese food, got maki rolls/sushi and stuck with only eating that. I have started a challenge this month to be mindful about eating; without feeling deprived I started to control portions, eat less carbohydrates and ramp up my workouts. So far it has paid off because I have lost 8lbs and I am still motivated. Feeling great in your skin is a wonderful feeling.

I love black and blue.. OOTD: INC pants and J CREW Tulle Tshirt


Today I gave myself a day off from the challenge to just be a total pig. As you know, it is Mother’s Day and I have been too accountable eating and just needed a day to eat steak n’ drink. Haha.

I woke up to cloudy skies, but that didn’t matter much since the girls came into the room acting super sweet. Lots of hugs and kisses in bed. They were so excited to start our day. Coffee was being made while my baby girl was showing me a PowerPoint she made for me. It was a slew of slides saying she loved me and why, and embedded with my favorite Mickey Mouse shorts. Haha. She knows me so well. Then they got me to sit at the table so they could present their gifts. First was my baby girl, who made some impressive cards. Then my oldest gave me her cards, who totally made me cry with her thoughtful words and a wooden structure that wrote out ‘love’. Melted me completely. Then my husband handed me coffee and gave me all his cards and gifts, he always spoils me too much. I really felt so loved, and of course, I cried. Like a lot. Even when I went to go get ready for the day.

They always know how to make me feel so good. ūüôā I really got lucky here with these three.

My husband took us to a new favorite location, the Ledger Restaurant in Salem, MA. We had been to this place for a party two month ago and loved it. Today did not disappoint. They offered a three course fixed menu, which actually rocked. We started off with side cars, because it is our cocktail of choice. I love me a side car. Mmmmmhm mm. I love em. My husband got the same appetizer, asparagus w a soft egg over grits and hollandaise sauce, which was to die for. The girls ordered off the kids menu, mac n cheese and pan seared salmon. Then for our main I got the steak and he got the scallops, and I have to say I was way happier than I thought I would be. Every bite was delicious. Then we finished the meal off with a large homemade yodel and ‘donuts and coffee’, and the girls meals came with a homemade cookie (which was warm and delicious). The yodel was so good but the donuts were amazing!! Ahhh maaayyy zinnng.



As we left the restaurant the skies opened to sunshine, and the city of Salem was vibrant with lots of families and people walking around.  We took some time to run errands then ended up back at home where our friend stopped by for a bit.  Once they left we started off on our evening plans..  watching a movie and relaxing before the week starts.

It was a great weekend, lots of love here, and I hope all of you had a lot of fun, too!



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Weekend Getaway

Hey Everyone!
What a great weekend!
We¬†took a drive up North to see friends who invited us up for the weekend; Well, we left after my husband’s job Saturday night and returned home last night around 7PM. This friend is my husband’s bestie from HS, and his family house is up in Weld, Maine, about 3.5 hours away, which isn’t such a bad ride. This was our third time together up there, once when our kids were 3yr and 1yr, and then last year. ¬†We had such a great time last year, our kids especially. So much so, that we had to make this trip this Summer for the kids.
This trip was great. ¬†I never relaxed so much in such a short amount of time ever. ¬†Never. ¬†My only goal this weekend was to enjoy some downtime with friends, eat and drink like I was 26, and maybe, maybe, get a tan. ¬†We spent one full day there flanked by the two nights, and that one full day was literally the best Summer day! ¬†It started off cool but then progressively got warmer and sunnier, till it felt like 85 by 11 AM(though it was only 76~). ¬†Their house is right on Webb Lake, literally. ¬†You walk out the back porch to a ten foot patch of grass then boom there is the sandy beach overlooking this massively beautiful lake and mountains-scape. ¬†There were times Sunday that I was alone on the beach, ¬†just getting lost looking at the view; watching an eagle fly by or listening to a family of loons squawking in the distance. ¬† ¬†I’d then realize where I was and just get lost again looking at the sun glimmering off the water. ¬†JUST PERFECT

Here is a slide show of the weekend. ¬†You can click through or let it stream, that is up to you! ¬†ūüôā¬†¬†

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next time you hear from me here I will be back to the Cape for one last Summer week away, ending the week with my husband’s big 40th bday party! ¬†Wooo! Then it is our last Summer weekend with Labor Day and then IT’S BACK TO SCHOOL! ¬†The girls go back September 7 this year. ¬†We haven’t had an after Labor Day start since my oldest started Kindergarten. ¬†Which is great! ¬†Except it’s my baby’s big tenth birthday on the first day, which she keeps groaning about. ¬†So I am going to try my best to make it the greatest first day of school ever for her. ¬†On the flip side, my oldest is going into her first year at the middle school, and she can’t contain her excitement. ¬†We literally haven’t had a day go by where she hasn’t talked about starting school- I had to take her supply shopping already!! ¬†(She is an academically inclined kid, very smart, so she keeps telling me in a sweet way how much she likes Summer, but can’t wait for school to start cause she LOOOOOOOVES school. ¬†Yes, she is my child!! tyvm). ¬†
I can’t believe I just talked about back to school, it’s still Summer here!! No more jumping ahead. ¬†
And.. Yup, I married a young one. :)~ 
Ok, tty all real soon!  xxoxoxoxo
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Cape Cod July 2017 (in photos)

Hey Everyone!

Back from our Cape vacation, sadly. :(((((    

We had a blast even though the weather wasn’t totally cooperative the whole time. We started off great, with a super beach day… then the clouds settled in a bit. ¬†Our one rainy day opened up to sunshine, though! ¬†Which was great for go kart racing, arcades, ice cream for lunch and then a last minute beach day! ¬†But not for my hair.. my god the humidity and my hair do not mix. (You know I am Sicilian when the humidity comes around…holy white girl afro!)

This vacation, however, we tried to disconnect to unwind. ¬†Since my husband owns a business he can’t totally go off grid, people are always messaging him about stuff, but he did way better than me outside of his work. ¬†Me? ¬†Welllll, I didn’t fair toooooo well, but I tried a whole lot! ¬†haha ¬†Damn you snapchat!! ¬†

We did get very lucky to come home with toasty brown tans though (first time!), and lots of fun memories to boot.  

So here is my pix rundown from this trip!  Each one is captioned for your pleasure.  hahah

We have a few other trips penciled in for this Summer…but … we will see you in August again my dear, Cape!


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Vacation Diary-Day 3-At Sea/Formal night

Helloooooo Everyone!

It’s Saturday, and I hope you guys have great big plans, because I am doing nothing. Well, nothing except cleaning! ¬†But first, I am journaling about day 3, the first full day at sea and our first formal dinner night.

Every night, late night, when we returned¬†to our rooms, we would find the mail for the next day. ¬†It would include notes from the bridge, weather, the happenings like the day’s activities/itinerary and major events, any words from the feature executive on board and shopping discounts that were happening. ¬†Like this:


On our first day, however, it was the first time we received mail before heading to lunch.  We received an update that our port plans had changed due to some sketchy weather.  Originally, the cruise was to go to Princess Cays, their private island, but since the weather was too dangerous to risk traveling through, they diverted us to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, on the following day.  Giving us an at sea day that first full day on board.

March 21Our first day at sea was spent poolside.  It was a perfect 81F on the Straits of Florida this day.  We had Cuba on the right side of the boat for the entire trip going South as we swam around. It was a beautiful view.

The pool set-up was nice. ¬†The Lido Deck¬†had two bars, one ice cream spot, a pizza place and a grill. ¬†There¬†were four hot tubs in the main area, two on the first level and then two on the second. ¬†There were also adult pools with hot tubs, along with a private pay area called The Sanctuary, that was all cabanas and service hands a foot. ¬†So back to the regular people, there was a large pool on one end that was split by a deck then to the kids’ pool, it was all surrounded by a two foot surround where people can sit and wade in the pool. ¬†This was all in view¬†of¬†a large TV and surrounding decks. ¬†You did have to get there early to get a chair.. so be aware!

There was live music a few hours on the Lido Deck every day, this day was the Jamaican steel drum player.  It was the perfect backdrop music for our first real day of vacation.  There was also a deck between the two pools that cleared out by 5/6PM, to reveal a water show nightly.

After cooking¬†our skin into a crisp all day, we got ready for our first dressy night of the week. ¬†Apparently, cruise ships require formal nights, which is a total b*tch to pack for alone, nevermind for four people. ¬†This night we went to Symphony at 7PM, this was the main dining room which was part of the cruise package. ¬†We dined and wined till almost midnight talking and goofing around. ¬†It was so much fun. The kids made a friend on the ship named Marvin, his job was to be aware of all the happenings in and around the ship, and the children. ¬†They loved Marvin, and coined this restaurant as “Marvin’s Place”.

This (below foto) made me laugh on this night.. so, long story short, I fell down the stairs at the pool area because i didn’t dry off my feet from the hot tub upstairs. And I mean I fell THE WHOLE WAY DOWN, breaking my favorite pair of jewel¬†encrusted¬†sandals..and bruising my left leg (bummer). ¬†I was so upset, but I am a klutz and am used to this stupidity.. I didn’t hurt myself, thankfully, but man, I loved my new sandals. ¬†I had only wore them a few times last year. ¬†But, from a crappy situation innovation is born.

Unfortunately, my husband lost his cufflinks, which he was bummed about because he just got them from the kids for Xmas.  BUT ALAS, his creative mind went right to my freshly broken sandals.  He tore them apart to fashion a pair of cufflinks.  He used a jewel from each shoe and my bobby pins!  Boom..cufflinks.  Now that is one sexy mind.. hubba hubba.


Then..our daughter found the missing cufflinks on the floor behind our luggage the last day of the trip!  She was so relieved!..and so was he. three!  Next up Ocho Rios!


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Thanksgiving 2013

Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving with your family and friends!!

This day went off without a hitch, and very relaxing. I couldn’t cook a darn thing, no apps, desserts or anything, which is frustrating, but a blessing. For the first time ever, while my husband went off with his buddies on their annual pancake breakfast and HS football game, I got to spend the morning with the girls taking our sweet ass time getting ready and watching the Macy’s parade. My kids rarely showed interest, until this year! This is a big deal!! I love the parade.

We spent Thanksgiving over my parents.  Which made it easier on my mind not having a kitchen, cause my mom and dad do everything, and I mean everything! We hooked up the dessert of course, but they do everything else. My mom out did herself again with her menu. It was all delicious and went down way way too easily! Especially the wine!

We had a small crew¬†spend the day together, as my oldest sister lives in Italy and my older sister was visiting her in-laws in the Mid-west, and my in-laws stayed together…but it was real pleasant even if they were all missed. Time flew, my kids had a great time with their Nonni’s attention (they love Nonno and Nonna so much!!), and I am still stuffed 9 hours later!¬† I think I curbed that pesky craving I’ve been having to pig out all week.¬† I think!. I least! (quick note on my weight…I have kept steady with it! Haven’t gained a lb since my last drop!! This is a HUGE deal, and I am secretly extra thankful for my ability to keep weight!!)

Here are a few shots of our sweet day.¬†I didn’t take my camera out all that much, but did snap a few good shots of my family and¬†the amazing feast!

Thanksgiving is not over for me yet!  Friday night is Friendsgiving, and I am looking forward to I do every year!!

Love you guys!


The sisters!  They got all decked out in their leopard outfits.  So cute!
The sisters! They got all decked out in their leopard outfits. So cute!
My girls are adorable!
My girls are adorable!
Blurry but still cute.
Blurry but still cute.  Cannot wait till this construction is over for a clean house again!
A little fashion show before we went out.
A little fashion show before we went out.
Il brodo, my mom's chicken broth...I almost stole this and left the family alone.  lol  it's THAT good.
Il brodo, my mom’s chicken broth…I almost stole this and left the family alone. lol it’s THAT good.
heh I just like this bird bottle opener, it makes me smile. :)
heh I just like this bird bottle opener, it makes me smile. ūüôā
The table set and ready for the day!
The table set and ready for the day!
My mom making the tortellini con brodo.  So drooly good.
My mom making the tortellini con brodo. So drooly good.
My Dad and I.
My Dad and I.
Sauteed pumpkin with brown sugar.  This is seriously the best dish.
Sautéed pumpkin with brown sugar. This is seriously the best dish. AND my favorite veg of all..broccoli!
Roasted potatoes
Roasted potatoes, stuffed mushrooms and artichokes/peas/mushrooms…. And yes, that is a 40oz¬†of Miller High Life¬†in the time I am buying two so my aunt can be toazty¬†and happi.¬† More wine for me!
Some stuffed mushrooms..
Some stuffed mushrooms..
My girls waiting patiently for dinner.
My girls waiting patiently for dinner.
A shot of the turkey, this was so last minute!  Sorry for the angle!!!!!!!!!!!!1
A shot of the capon!¬† We don’t eat turkey often!¬† This shot¬†was so last minute! Sorry for the angle!!!!!!!!!!!!1
A close up of my mom's stuffing.  It's a sausage stuffing that you cook IN THE BIRD. It's by far my fav way to have stuffing.  My mom's is the best.  Y U M
A close up of my mom’s stuffing. It’s a homemade sausage stuffing that my mom cooks IN THE BIRD. It’s by far my fav way to have stuffing. My mom’s is the best. Y U M
Crafts for the kids!
Crafts for the kids!
My mom made killer lady finger cookies stuffed with marscapone.  So pretty too!
My mom made killer lady finger cookies stuffed with marscapone. So pretty too!
No holiday is complete without someone passing out on the couch!  :)
No holiday is complete without someone passing out on the couch! ūüôā
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I am a Zia …Again!

Just got home from the hospital!  After the longest week of my families lives, my nephew is finally here!!

Coming in at 8lbs and 21.5 inches long, another beautiful child was born to my sister and brother in law.  Such an exciting time for their family.

These are a few of the best pix I got with him at the hospital this afternoon.

My new nephew! I'm a proud Zia!  What a sweet boy!
My new nephew! I’m a proud Zia! What a sweet boy!
My niece, two daughter, with me holding the baby.  He is so handsome.
My niece, two daughters with me holding the baby. He is so handsome.
A very proud Nonna
A very proud Nonna
My parents with their newest grandson.  Grandchild #6!!
My parents with their newest grandson. Grandchild #6!!
My youngest is enamored.
My youngest is enamored.
She wouldn't stop kissing him. It was real sweet.
She wouldn’t stop kissing him. It was real sweet.
Finally! He opened his eyes! Still not clear what color his eyes are, but who cares! He's so cute!
Finally! He opened his eyes! Still not clear what color his eyes are, but who cares! He’s so cute!

I am definitely sure more photos of him with my sister and the family will come along soon. It was just my sister was still in hospital mode, and the kids were everywhere in that hospital.  But thankfully this little boy is finally here. Happy. Healthy. And my sister is as well. Phew. What a relief!!



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Weighing in #7 …and other stuff!

Hey Everyone!

I’ve¬†been MIA! Sorry!

I didn’t realize it has been so long since I’ve last posted on here last.¬† I guess I’ve just been busy reading my favorite sites, news,¬†blogs and drafting pieces for future posts, that it felt like I was posting, too.¬†¬† I’ve been MIA from my kitchen too, which stinks, but the nicer weather keeps me out of the house in my yard or in Boston.¬† But I am sure I’ll get to cooking again real soon!!

Weigh in!!

Idk why I am all exclamation pointing here, cause I haven’t lost or gained anything! It’s not a bummer for me, either. ¬† Cause I’m still down that 10.5 lbs, which is awesome imo.¬† I have¬†kept weight the whole time! I’ve noticed my body changing and conforming back to the¬†curves I want to see.¬†Odd that I am keeping weight, but I see and fit into my clothes differently. Idk.¬† My only change these past weeks is I have upped my upper body¬†weight training. I LOVE WEIGHT TRAINING.¬† So, I¬†feel good in my being at the moment.¬† I’m at a place where I am literally content with my body.¬† As I got dressed today, I looked at myself in the mirror and thought..”hey I can probably¬†wear¬†my¬†old green¬†bikini soon..with a sarong!”.. which is better than a few months ago, when I didn’t even want to step in front of a mirror naked.¬† So, aside from the few issues I see (like my fat butt and thighs, which I’ve had my whole adult life! lol), I’ve gotta swing with this contentment.

And life goes on….

Today, we headed to¬†our daughter’s First Grade musical performance at 9:30AM.¬† For weeks, we’ve been hearing about this performance and getting notices home for the¬†kids to be dressed a¬†certain way.¬† Wow.¬†It was so sweet!¬† The kids did a great job, and I am so proud of my little girl.¬† She was all a smiles on stage, just like her mum, and didn’t forget one lyric or movement.¬† She’s the best!
Then after their performance, the¬†parents were able to hang out at recess.¬† But, my kid, who I realize is Miss Independent, didn’t hang out with us much..she found it more fitting to play tag.¬†It was real fun to watch her on her own, playing and having fun. And kicking their asses running! My God, she didn’t stop for a second!!¬† She is such a great kid.¬† It made me feel real good to see her like that.¬†¬† Right after recess, they had a little Celebration of Writing for the¬†kids back in their homeroom.¬† We shared a great snack together. Then the kids showed¬†us all their creative¬†writing throughout the year for an hour.¬† What a big difference in my daughter from September to today!¬†¬†I couldn’t be prouder.¬† And I got reminded, through her journal, of all the wonderful memories this year, too.

And I got to see her desk. Which was affirmation that she takes after me more than my husband was NEAT!

Tonight is date night with a twist.¬† We’ll be hitting up the sushi and a movie at home, but not before I get out for a little girl time.¬† Which will be fun! ¬†I’ll be picking up my sister¬†to head over to¬†my friend’s¬†first jewelry¬†trunk show!¬†I hope she does real well, cause she is talented and worked real hard for tonight.¬† She has¬†an Etsy shop, which you should check out for sure- ArtHausStudios.¬† I’ve mentioned her before. She is a great local artist, and her jewelry is real unique.

Then tomorrow. OMG how I’ve waited for tomorrow.¬† We got invited to an all day get together to watch Arrested Development off Netflix.¬† The party was originally set for May 26th, the release date of the Netflix shows, but had to move to tomorrow.¬† Which means, I haven’t watched a single new episode, and have been steering clear of all media about them.¬† I’m going batty!¬† I absolutely love love love love (love) Arrested Development, and like most of us that love the show, have been waiting WAY too long for their wrap up.¬† Still a show I quote often!¬† Too Good!¬† So, I am really looking forward to tomorrow needless to say!!

Ok ok, I gotta jet!¬† It’s almost parent pick up, and I can’t wait to hear about the rest of my little girls’ day at school.