Prom 2023

Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well!

Just wanted to update you on our daughter’s prom before my day gets out of hand with work.

Saturday was a very special day for our family. Our oldest daughter had her prom, and it was such an emotional and exciting experience for all of us. As parents, we were so proud and happy to see our daughter all dressed up, ready for this big night. She looked like a Hollywood starlet!

The day started with a flurry of activity as we helped our daughter get ready for her first event of the day SATs! Yes she had SATs the morning of prom. Then as soon as she was done with that test there were hair appointments, makeup with me, and the final touches of accessories all before getting dressed. Seeing her transform into a beautiful young woman right before my eyes was a moment I will never forget.

As she was getting ready, one of three of her best friends showed up so I could apply her makeup. Then quickly her two other best friends showed up with their parents. I loved seeing these kids in their dresses and tuxedo! We set up the yard with drinks and food, so much food! And right at 5pm our daughter’s boyfriend showed up with his parents a few minutes behind. He looked dashing and his mouth completely fell open when he saw our daughter.

Guys, she literally looked like a doll!

Quickly the kids started arriving. Once everyone arrived together it was incredible. Eighteen young people in their gowns and tuxedos, for the first time for most of them. To see all these kids dressed up, so grown up, and on their way to prom… it was all bittersweet. I could not ignore that sense of nostalgia bubbling up inside …for the time when my daughters were so little, so young and carefree. And as their friends came into our lives and for how I love them like my own. 😊 I truly love these kids.

As we watched our daughter and her friends pile into the limo to head off to prom, I couldn’t help but feel a mix of emotions – excitement, pride, and a little bit of sadness. They’re growing too fast! But I’m allowing it. Hehe.

Later on…. So. We had also invited our friends, who are more like family, to watch the kids get ready and leave. Our plan was after all the parents decided to go, we would continue partying on -grilling and setting up the fire pit. The great fun was we were all still outside having a good time, in the gorgeous weather, when our daughter came home with all her friends at midnight; they were here to get changed then move onto the next party. That part of the evening was so much fun that I’m sure we created some core memories not just with our daughter, but with her friends as well!

It was a memorable and exciting day to be a part of, and I hope that our daughter’s prom experience will stick with her forever.

Thanks for stopping by, guys! Hope to catch everyone up this week on my pottery class tonight. Hoping for many good things to happen tonight! Enjoy your Monday.

till next post xo

6 thoughts on “Prom 2023

      1. I sure am, Valeria. I’m 62 years young and still, feel 100% 21 years young in my head! Sometimes the body says oh no you don’t!

      2. Ha! The Atlantic just published an article between how old we are and how old we feel. My dad is 83 and says he still feels like he is in his 20’s. Personally, I think THAT is important. 😊 keep feeling young!

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