Mother’s Day 2021

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

Hi WordPress -Hope you all spoiled the moms in your lives this weekend. We sure did. It was a weekend full of loving on mom over here. I got some love too, which was beautiful.

Saturday we hosted my in laws to a lil dinner. It started off as a plan for a coffee date but quickly changed to dinner. We grilled, talked, and had dessert, it was a good day. It got better when they left …and I got into pjs …and grabbed some wine! 😆 Sunday, my husband brought me coffee in bed as we let the girls sleep in. The girls, however, woke up pretty quickly. They have ultrasonic hearing, I swear. They came running down the stairs shouting ‘Happy Mother’s Day’. And. Within minutes I was being showered with hugs, homemade cards and soooo many gifts. It really was overwhelming but so nice, I didn’t expect that at all. These guys sure do love surprising me.

The cards this year killed me 😵. So much love! The sushi roll faces cracked me up too.

The best part of Mother’s Day for me, however, are the cards they make. Gifts are great but seeing their clever drawings and sentimental words, that is the sweetest part. Of course, that means I started off my day caffeinated and teary eyed, but oh well. Good tears are a good thing.

Right after a relaxing morning with my favorites, we got dolled up for brunch. A boozy brunch at that! Which is, my favorite type of brunch btw. My husband grabbed reservations at a new restaurant in our town, 34 Park. Reminded me of a place you’d find in downtown. Super swanky inside and a great menu. Our town is becoming quite the hot food spot and this place fit the bill.

They had two outdoor spaces set up. So we opted to be seated in the tented area. We hung out in there for a few hours enjoying the music, they had a jazz band- who were actually good, and the food. We grabbed some great dishes and (the adults) some great cocktails. We started with arancini, that didn’t disappoint though I don’t understand the scallions on the dish at all. I mean, I love scallions …but no. Aside from that we lived everything else. Our youngest and I had the chicken and waffles. Our oldest had the brunch avocado salmon special, which I can say was super good. Being that I taste tested it. 😉 My husband grabbed their play on steak and eggs, which was a petit filet. So good! Plus the cocktails were yummy. Such good selections. So I was happy.

Maybe a lil too happy. 🥴

Their bread was even great. Notice their dipping sauce has their insignia..loved it.

All I can say is that I had two drinks and felt content all day. I am either becoming a light weight or they made some dangerously strong drinks!

We then went on a fun drive around the area to look at all the beautiful neighborhoods and their spring flowers. It’s actually something I love to do on the regular, browsing houses. There is some old money mansions around here that would make your jaw drop open. Such sick neighborhoods. But anyways.., After our jaunt around, we went to my parent’s house to celebrate my mom and my sister, who had a birthday last week. There was cake and good laughs. Always a great way to end the day.

But again, it got better when I got home and ran for my pjs! 😜 I love my pjs, guys!

Well, that was my Mother’s Day weekend in a post. I sure hope you all had a great weekend!

Just a quick update… on my embroidery.

I hope to post some more embroidery soon. I am planning on making a few things this week. With taking so much time off from sewing I feel like I need some practice again! Look at what I made when I got back from vacation… it’s so sad. So I hope to get myself tip top and back into the hand-sewing action!

Thanks for reading along, guys! I really do appreciate it. Talk soon!

Till next time. xoxo

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