Garden beds and tea kettles

Hey WordPressers! How are ya!? Hope all good.

Today is Monday (big womp, I know), but boy, do I have great feels today. The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. Jack is chilling by my side. All my windows and screen doors are open. My coffee tastes great and work is actually pretty quiet. Shh. Don’t tell them I said that.

Plus, that leaves me some time to give a quick update on our weekend and my latest embroidery.

This weekend flew by, the whole week flew by really. We had a lot of stuff to do around the house this weekend, especially the yard, but, we shuffled our Saturday around so we could host an all out BBQ with friends that night. It’s called prioritizing fun. 😆

You know it’s a friend gathering when donuts show up. 🍩

Sunday was our big day however.

Guys, we designed and started building our raised garden beds finally! Yay!

We had these gargantuan solar panels from the 80’s in this garden spot since we moved in 16 yrs ago. They were huge, outdated and started falling into disrepair in recent years. So at the start of this year, my husband, who is a liTeral strong man, took those suckers down one afternoon. The space left behind was enormous! So. We decided that we should build two 4’x2’ planters to take advantage of the space (full sun). Possibly leaving room for a decorative table between to house a bonsai tree or two.

So we. spent the first half of our morning shopping for supplies and some plants—veggies n herbs. We were shopping for a good amount of time, but guess what, guys!? We forgot to buy a few things and hadta go back later 😂. I still powered through while he was gone, however. I learned how to use the pocket drill jig (ugh, I think that’s what it’s called). That job actually helped us out a lot!

And guess what else happened? We didnt finish both containers as we planned, because…we underestimated how many screws we had at home so we ran out of screws. 😆 I told ya, I live in a sitcom. Thank God we both can laugh at ourselves and not freak out over nonsense.

So we may be going back to Home Depot later today. But look at all the work we put into that first container bed; not too shabby, right?

The other container will be to the left of this one. We plan to add a table in between to house a bonsai tree or two. With them both set up, however, I can visualize where to move or add plants too. Which could end up being a huge job. But first, once they’re done we are going to line them w plastic, stain them a weathered grey (cuz I like that worn look) then fill them up with all the dirt and veggies / herbs we bought. Then eventually, once things get growing, I will place trellises above each box to give height to the space.

Then I can work on updating the patio area. 😂 ugh…never ending projects.

On my embroidery …

I did work on a project last week. I wanted to try sewing something on my own, not a copy of other people’s work or anything. So I buckled down and thought of something that would be unique to me.

Later this year, we will be celebrating our twentieth wedding anniversary. I know what you’re thinking… how could that be when I am only 26, but it’s coming up and it has been giving me all of the good feels about my life with my husband. Although, almost twenty years married, we have been together since 1996.

So, my embroidery idea came to me because of our first date. Well, more so our first kiss. We first kissed under one of the most iconic symbols in Boston that night, the steaming tea kettle on Court Street. That whole night felt like a fairytale, really, and he brought me back there the night he proposed four years later (though he didn’t pop the question there), and I wanted to honor that kiss by making the tea kettle.

How romantic 😂. The Giant Steaming Tea Kettle

Some people kiss under mistletoe, not us, though.

Our daughters loved this project because they liked to hear about our date and stuff. I loved this project too. I tried really hard to keep my patience and enjoy the theme. Which I did. ❤️ ☕️

Ok well, I need more coffee now so it seems like a good spot to skedaddle. I will update you on my work and yard work too! I am not sure when the next gardening container will be started but sure am hoping this weather keeps up so it can be done soon. I would like to plant all my stuff in there this week!

Thanks for stopping by to catch up with me! I always appreciate your support reading along. Take care! Till next time. xoxo

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