Guys! guys! guys!

Ok this post is gonna be super short cuz I just got the call from my doctor and I am so super excited I am beaming and talking a mile a minute.

Re: the MRI results…

My doctor says the MRI shows nothing. Everything is normal. There are no signs of cysts or tumors …or anything!!

I do have those three microscopic bones (the ones behind our ear drums) in my left ear that have scar tissue attached that could be causing my hearing loss. Which could be a result from a childhood of crazy ear infections and a lifetime of sinusitis. He repeated that the surgery is a day surgery, very common. Actually, it used to be more common before inner ear tubes came into the field thirty years ago. (Which I most definitely would’ve been a prime candidate for. I suffered a lot of ear infections, sinusitis, strep, etc, as a kid.)

I am so happy rn. I felt an unexpected weight lift off of me just now. I guess I was actually worried and didn’t want to admit it to anyone. Especially, not to myself.

I’m a tough girl …but with a squishy inside…hehe.

I look like total shit today, but a totally happy shit! 😆
Yay!! I am so relieved!!

Woohoo!! Ok I gotta run to a conf call. Well, not literally run. Ok. Gotta go.

Thank you so much for reading! Till next time guys! xoxo

6 thoughts on “Guys! guys! guys!

  1. This is sensational news Val.

    What a fresh perspective you will carry forward now, knowing how precious a gift every day truly is.

    Peace and Happy Friday

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