Holiday! O, A Holiday!

Hey everyone!

I’m back! Didya miss me? Of course, I missed you! 😉

Yay and ugh feels at the same time returning to work life here. Bahhhh. Why is it that work weeks take forever to live through but weekends or vacations start and end so quickly? What is the deal with that?

Before I start talking vacation…Just an update on things in my real life… I went in for that MRI this afternoon. Let’s just say that I am not a fan of being placed in a tiny tube. Holy claustrophobic vibes. Thankfully, the nurses were kind and they had good indie music to listen to in the headphones. And luckily, only the top half of me had to be in the machine…for thirty minutes or more. The contrast dye felt like nothing. But. What a joy. 😑 If I had to be fully covered in that contraption I may have died. Seriously. No exaggeration.. So, my doctor should have the images in hand tomorrow or Thursday the latest to read through with whomever reads MRI images. I made the appointment with the other ear specialist for surgery, who will also receive a copy of these images. My consult isn’t until June with her though. This MRI should give a better picture of what is going on with my left ear. I really hope it is a non issue or something easily fixable. I keep praying that it will all work out no matter what is found. So. Please. Wish me luck! 🍀

Anywhoooo… vacation time!! We had a great getaway. We went on an East Coast road trip with friends. Since covid19 has shattered our normal routines of traveling thus far, and I am refusing to fly anywhere till more people are vaccinated, we decided to go on a good old fashioned road trip to see some new to us places. Initially, we had planned this trip as a solo family thing but because we canceled our Wild West road trip with friends last year for covid19, we invited our friends to come. Woohoo! But we are still going to make the western road trip happen. That’s a given!

Our plan for this trip was to take advantage of the Southeastern weather and drive the coast till we hit Folly Beach, SC; making some overnight stops along the way to see some sights. Some old and some new. But trying to keep the majority of our time outdoors, as weather permitted. This trip was a success! Every looming storm that came up on radar somehow missed us. Well, after we left the Northeast on the first day, of course. Other than that one blip in weather, everything was smooth sailing.

Here was our itinerary:

  • Day 1- Drive to Washington, DC – stay one night
  • Day 2- DC to Raleigh, NC – stay one night (first time visiting)
  • Day 3- Raleigh to Folly Beach – stay four nights (first time visiting)
  • Day 7- Folly to Kitty Hawk, NC – stay two nights (first time visiting)
  • Day 9- Kitty Hawk to Philadelphia, PA – stay one night
  • Day 10- drive home

And…. Here’s a run down of our trip in pictures!

🚗💨Home to DC

🚗💨 DC to Raleigh, NC

Raleigh to Folly Beach, SC

Folly Beach to Kitty Hawk, NC

Kitty Hawk to Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia to Home 😃

On our last vacation day we grabbed snacks and breakfast in the Reading Terminal Market (my favorite spot in Philadelphia) then the kids wanted to go to the Rocky Steps.. We all just happened to watch the movie recently. Sooo, yo Adrian, away we went. We parked along the parkway. I blasted the soundtrack as we started waking over, and in 4 minutes 50 seconds we got amped up and jogged over to the steps. We made our way valiantly to the top of the 72 steps, where we jumped for joy. (I know you can hear that soundtrack!) wooo!! We hopped back into our cars and made our way home. Womp.


There’s a lot jammed in this post so I apologize for that. I just wanted to post one time about this trip. My blog is running outta space, too. Not sure what that will mean in the future but I got these to fit. 😃

Ok. I gotta get my butt to bed! As always, thank you for reading along. I really do appreciate all the support. Till next time, guys. xoxo

7 thoughts on “Holiday! O, A Holiday!

    1. Thanks, John! The whole tire issue was one of those blessings in disguise moments. That screw punctured in a spot it couldn’t be plugged, and replacing one tire wasn’t a good option since my tires just happened to be at a time they needed to be replaced. Mileage and wear wise. It just bummed me out that it happened on that first day in such a cool place.
      Such is life. I live in a sitcom. 🙄

    1. oh ces bretzels sont incroyables! j’aime l’idée d’une fête bretzel. 😋. le tshirt de mon mari dit “ces bretzels me donnent soif”. c’est une citation de l’émission de télévision Seinfeld. (My favorite tv show)

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