Sew Much Fun

Hello WP! Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️

Well, belated.

Valentine’s Day was fun! But before I go into it I wanted to talk embroidery. I smashed through a lot of sewing this week, and I started on my 2021 sewing journal that I mentioned last post.

The journal is a different beast of a project compared to my other stuff. Since it’s ongoing I look at it a lot and am always thinking of what I am up to in order to stitch it on there. So I decided since I started it on a seven inch hoop, which isn’t terribly large, I will stitch major happenings or memories I want to recall instead of a daily stitch journal. Which I think works better.

BUT! I did purchase a large ten inch hoop this week to use for a journal or large projects in my future.

Check out my week in stitches:

I had a lot of fun sewing and tried hard to draw free-hand the whole time. I love love love sewing every day. It’s bringing me so much joy. Even if I am not the best at it, I am pushing myself to create. And I have so many ideas for the week ahead.

So Valentine’s Day…Wait! I have to share the embroidery I made my husband for Vday! Ok so here it is:

Super cute, right? I cleaned it all up since this pic was taken, and pit a bow on it. He loved it, because it’s referencing Back to the Future and it’s us. And cuz I made it. He would like it framed so he can put it in his office. (Yeee). So sweet!

Ok now I can talk about Valentine’s Day.

We decided to have a sugary brunch rather than order dinner out, with each one of us making something to eat; which was a great idea. Our oldest daughter made her sister a cake, though it was for all of us. It was a funfetti cake with homemade buttercream frosting. Our youngest made from scratch Mickey Mouse head shaped brownies with white chocolate drizzle. I made Linzer cookies, which are my favorite, and French toast. My husband made whipped cream, honey stewed figs and bacon. Needless to say we were sugar high as kites!

Here are highlights of our day..descriptions with each picture…

We spent the day hanging out- though we ran out for a lil drive. We watched a Marvel movie, as we are trying to fill in the blanks that we have missed over the years. We are re-watching the series in sequence really, because WandaVision. Soo side note…

I am obsessed with WandaVision. How friggin great is this show? Kathryn Hahn is in it too, who I adore. And well, I have a thing for Paul Bettany..not like that really, but yeah like that too. His accent is what dreams are made of and the only reason I liked Iron Man 😆. He was the voice of Jarvis. But he is a great actor. …so anyways. The whole storyline of the show is well written. Going through each genre-era sitcom life with each episode, it’s just-so clever; and I love it. Because we love it so much, we just felt like we needed to fill in the storyline with all the Marvel movies that we haven’t seen. We have been having a great time catching up.

On another note.. today I started back with Yoga. Yes. I am back, baby! Focusing on myself again. I had gained some crazy quarantine weight last year and it has recently started to bother me. I don’t like seeing things jiggle..especially the number on the scale. 😂 Gotta get back to real life. I have been in this cozy quarantine body long enough!

Plus. Beach season is not too far off.

Just a cute pic of Jack watching me from today!

Wow. I can’t believe it’s almost 9P! Welp, I gotta go grab some tea to snuggle on the couch with everyone. Goodnight and thanks for reading along! Till next post. xo

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