Sew On Point

(Tell me you enjoy the title puns!)

Hello WordPress!

Who is having a good time sewing!? This girl.

Who is having a good time following!? Hopefully you. 😉

Before my last post, I decided to focus the week less on perfection and more on fun. I practiced like a fiend all week. Drawing, sewing and snipping floss every chance I got. Ended up making ten projects – an eclectic mix of silly. I drew each pattern myself from random images I found online. The elephant and the ostrich are my favorites, though. They came out super cute and yes I know you can tell that they were the ones that took me the longest through the week. I should add some snarky quote to them or something, right?

Here are my stitches from this week:

I also updated my sewing journal with some fun Valentine’s Day stitches, but will hold off on sharing the whole thing again till the end of the month -maybe share it monthly or something because life is slow going. Ya know cuz of the pandemic.

All of these pieces, over the past few weeks, have been about the practice. I am learning so much, and there is so much more learning ahead. Was thinking that I may want to repeat some patterns to see how much I have grown, too. So keep that in mind when you start seeing repeats. My objective is to work my way up to being good enough to make art for the house or for gifts. I am a world away from being good enough for all of my ideas. In the meantime, though, this embroidery themed part of my journal may become a weekly thing. Even as life starts to normalize around here I will make sure to …loop you all in. 😝 (I’m sew punny.)

And this is where I gotta run…. I have been marinating pork loin all day for carnitas. I am starving and my family is staring at me to start. #mylife

Thank you guys- I truly appreciate that you are reading along! Hope you come back for my next post. xoxo

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