I’m sew fancy

Hello WordPress!

It it is another snow day up here in Massachusetts ..shocker. This month, so far, has been an entire Winter season.

What’s another foot of snow when you are surrounded by two feet already?

Anyways. We are five days from Valentine’s Day and I am so super excited to share that I finished my husband’s embroidered Valentine yesterday. I will share it after I give it to him. It came out so fun and (if I do say so) cute!

I know, you must be thinking… he will be so psyched to receive an embroidered gift, like most men. 😆 But all joking aside, I think he’ll actually love it because he is sentimental, and has been so supportive of my new hobby. And since I can be a lil bit more creative than picking out a card or making a horribly drawn card, why not?

… even if he stores it in a Tupperware forever. 😂

In my last post I mentioned how I liked using a template for my embroideries vs free hand. More so, I was asking my husband to help sketch things out but this week I went online and found some templates and simply drawn cartoons that I liked. And. Yes, I gave my go at drawing them myself, and I didn’t do so bady.

*the polka dotted material is too flimsy to use alone, so I double plied it for a project and it worked out better. It is just material I am using to practice on so it’s fine. Like the roses. I want to learn how to make those style roses. Still going to keep trying because I am having a hard time understanding why mine look so differently than the people I am following along on YouTube.

A project that I decided to try next is a sewing journal. My cousin showed me this embroidery journalling FB page that originated in the UK, run by this woman who thought journalling her year in stitches would be a good idea. It looks fun and up my alley of tedious projects 😆. This journal is a stitched picture journal. It is kept on one hoop for a year but the hoop is split out into twelve equal pieces (see my draft below). Some of the finished projects that I have seen are so clever and beautiful that I just cant stop thinking about trying it.

Working on a sewing journal template.

It seems like it could be a fun way to catalog my life …in stitches. 😉 🪡

Thanks for reading today! As always, I appreciate that you take the time, and if you have anything to share about embroidery please don’t hesitate to message me! xoxo

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