Needles all around

Hey WordPress!

🙃 How are you guys? I hope well and experiencing better weather than up here in Massachusetts. We have had some frigid weather the past few weeks, then this Monday we had a pretty big nor’eastah that dumped the majority of the snow in my yard. Ugh, I swear, my town is in the middle of some messed up weather depression valley, because each storm my mom, who lives twelve minutes away, gets 4” of snow and we get 14”. She gets rain and we get 14” of snow. She calls to tell me she sees the sun and we get 14” of snow.

The view from my kitchen window right now.

I wish I wasn’t exaggerating 😆.

So since my last post, I promised a pic of Jack using his new loungier window sill seat that I made. He has been laying, napping and ‘hunting birds’ every day since making it. He is so tuckered out by noon time that he collapses next to me to sleep -it is actually pretty funny. Here he is:

What a model.

Oh ..if you noticed, nosey friends, we moved our birdhouse (which counts as a house project 😆). It is fastened with a plant hook above our bedroom window, for now. It was positioned with a pole we had zip tied onto the fence but the pole we used was not having my fat house on it any longer and bent in half. It was a temporary place anyways, but it just gave way with the weight of the filled house. I shooould mention that my husband bought me a forty pound bag of bird feed that day. I asked if he could pick me up some on his next store run, he went to Costco of course and now I have enough bird seed to fill my house forty times (and all of yours too 😆). He is so funny and obsessed with Costco. But so AM I!

🪡 I am continuing to learn embroidery. Even though I am enjoying it, there are so many challenges each time I try something new…or anything. 😆 I guess this is why I keep going back to it every day. I like a good challenge. I spent a lot of time over the past two weeks sewing free hand and well, it wasn’t pleasing to my eyes but I kept going. I can definitely see my hand at sewing is getting better but it is still a lot of learning ahead. This week I bought a ton of colorful sewing floss, more varieties of embroidery needles and grabbed some old clothes from my donation pile that I cut up to use as fabric to learn on. This way I didn’t waste the good linen materials I got for projects.

I will be embroidering for a loooong while.

I continued watching a lot of YouTube videos on stitches, for what I could make free hand. But most folks use patterns. I understand why. It is hard to keep track without the lines to follow. So, I traced out some simple free hand patterns and things looked better. Not great but to learn stitches I was ok with them. Then Sunday night, I had my husband trace out a pattern for me and I was way happier with what I sewed! Definitely need his help w patterns …or a keener eye 😂.

I am enjoying myself but have a lot to learn.

I think I am obsessed with embroidery though. The other night I was woken up in the middle of the night by Jack, he sleeps with me every night and nudges me to snuggle. It’s adorable but also, well no it’s adorable. I love that he does that. Hah so anyways, when I was in my haze of sleep, my mind was flashing off images of embroidering like a mutoscope- one of those amusement park coin operated flip-book machines from the late 1800’s. I haven’t had dreams pop up like that since I was a kid playing Super Mario Bros for the first time on Nintendo.

I am going to continue learning new stitches and pushing myself with different patterns. I have a big plan to make my husband a surprise embroidered valentine, which petrifies me. My plan is to make it funny. That is all I have so far. 🥴 I will keep you up to date!

💉 All of this excitement was while I have been recovering from some minor, VERY MINOR, surgery. I hate even bringing this up but I had a pimple on my back that was bothering me for a year. It was so tiny to start, but it doubled in size over the past few months. Never thought much of it till I figured out it was a cyst; they are hereditary and have had them on my scalp before. The weird thing about this cyst is it was on my actual body not just my scalp, and I could feel it every so often. It was at the base of my neck between my shoulders, and right after my birthday I found that it would ache or feel uncomfortable. So I ran to the doctor in late December (but they postponed my removal till January due to holiday hours). I am not a worry wart, but when a constant pain is associated with something I tend to worry. When the doctor cut me open last week she saw two cysts, not one! Crazy. But they called to tell me that they were both benign a few days ago… so I am still fabulously healthy. And that pain I was feeling from that area is completely gone and the scar left behind looks like it will be small—win win for me. Though removing the stitches sucked big time the other day. (I almost cried 😆 from the burning.).

Well, that’s what I have for an update today. Life keeps churning and I have the scars to prove it.

Thank you for reading along! Till next time. xoxo

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