Update and Halloween 2020

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to say hello and check in since the end of Sober October. Hello!!

Excitedly, I broke sobriety on Saturday night with the best zombie sangria that I ever have made. Like I mentioned, we had our closest friends over for a tiny Halloween get together after the kids went trick o’treating.

Everyone around us had so many restrictions for Halloween night or had the event cancel in their town that I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. Per our town’s suggestions, I had bagged up our candy to hand out easily: I wasn’t expecting we would have many kids coming by. I had my mask and gloves and arm ready to pitch those bags far 😆. It was way too cold and snowy to set up a table in our driveway as our town suggested.

As I got everyone ready, my husband was out running errands for me. After I got them done I dress up. I dress up every Halloween, I don’t care what my plans are that night. I dressed up as a vampire this year. I had bought fangs to Polygrip in and already had a cape and hair extension piece, so voila… A Vampire. My oldest daughter and her friends decided to coordinate their costumes, as the Strawberry Shortcake bunch; she as Strawberry Shortcake. We made her costume from random purchases online – a pink cap, pink skirt, striped nylons and a white t-shirt. My husband took the opportunity (he is an artist) to teach our daughter to air brush the designs needed for her costume. Worked out great. My youngest dressed as the Big Bad Wolf in Grandma’s clothing. All I bought for this were the ears and tail. LiTerally, she wore her grandma’s housecoat! 😂 My mother-in-law was so happy to let her use it, too. The cap came from an old costume I had in storage. It came out great with her face done up. My husband did not dress up but somehow wore some costume pearls when our friends got here.

Before everyone got here I had a slew of kids show up trick o’treating. I was so surprised. I went through 95% of my candy!! It seemed like NO ONE was going to let Halloween fail in our town. Most of the families came with masks and distanced themselves. Everyone was respectful and so happy to see the house all lit up for the night. Seeing all those smiles brought me so much joy.

Only my youngest daughter went out- and with strict instructions from both of us to be polite taking one candy, masked and socially distant at all times. She was with her best friend going around the neighborhood. My husband, his sister and niece met up with them after 20 minutes. Our friends showed up right as the traffic to the house calmed down and everyone looped back home. We got right to the business of having fun. Lots of laughs. Lots of sangria and lotsa junk food.

Just a great Halloween. 🎃

Here’s the breakdown of my Halloween season in pictures…

So here is where I flip the party girl switch.

I haven’t had any alcohol since that Saturday night. We celebrated my father’s birthday this Wednesday night and I didn’t drink. Didn’t even think of it. 😊 I made a promise to myself to be mindful. This doesn’t mean no alcohol ever. It just means that alcohol can be enjoyed in moderation for celebrations or a relaxing unwind but not every night.

Well. I am going to hop off now to get some work done. Thanks for being present reading! Always appreciate that. Till next time. Xo

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