Welcome Jack!

Hello WordPressland!

I am so super duper excited to share that tonight we welcomed a new edition into our family. (Seriously, I am beaming with joy!)

Welcome Jack- our new cat who we rescued.

Jack the Cat

After a couple of months searching for our cat match, we found him. Jack is a two year old sleek, black furred, green-eyed handsome boy. He is sweet, lovable and super spooky in all black. Jack’s former name was Rye, but when we brought him home his name just didn’t feel right, so we renamed him Jack, aka Jack Skellington. He is so handsome!

Gah! I love black cats!!

So far he has been here at home for a few hours and seems to be acclimating pretty well. He walked out of his carrier kennel right to exploring his digs. He loves looking out the windows of the sliding doors and walking on the couch. He is so cute. We have been hanging out in our TV room with all of his new stuff and he has been having a ball. Even slept on me a few times. Which is a huge compliment.

Snuggling next to me. 🥰

Jack took to us pretty much the second we walked in to the shelter to meet him, which was so special. He ran out of his cage right to me. It was a great greeting and of course, I fell in love. I am so happy with this decision to reintroduce a pet back into our lives …and right now he is staring at me with loving eyes and pining for me to touch him and ignore my phone. 🥰

I am going to listen to him. So I am signing off 😆.

Till next time! Thanks for catching up! Xo 🐱

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