Halloween 2021

Hey everyone! Hope you are having a great fall time Saturday. It is a brisk start up in MA, but the sun is shining bright. I just returned from my pre-op Covid19 test and have to quarantine till the surgery. Fun times. (I’m secretly excited for this weekend.) And- My husband just took our youngest … More Halloween 2021

Halloween 2019

Hey Guys! I am here! I haven’t forgotten to update my blog with Halloween.  Things have been crazy busy with some personal matters and work, but I have time right now so I jumped on!  Actually, since writing on here last, things have been going pretty great. Even if busy.  I partied Friday and Saturday … More Halloween 2019

This is Halloween… 2018

Happy Halloween!  Hope you all had a fun Halloween filled with lots of spookiness, laughter… and CANDY!   Halloween is the best holiday of them all, isn’t it? Dressing up. The creative makeup. Pumpkins. Haunting decorations. Spooky treats. Fun snapchat filters! (which I know you all love dearly from me!)  I get so ramped up for Halloween … More This is Halloween… 2018

Halloween 2014!

Hey Everyone! Happy Halloween 2014!  How was yours? Ours was real great! Wednesday Night Dance Class The girls’ class for dance falls on a weekday, which I do not love, but it makes for a fun afternoon after work gossiping with new people.  Their Halloween dress up day was this week, and since their costumes … More Halloween 2014!