Sober October Journal- LAST DAY??

Welp. I think my calculations were off because this is day 33. I swear I counted 35! Eh I guess it doesn’t really matter cuz it’s ovahhhhh! I did it!

I have reflected on the past month, a lot. Especially over these past few days where life challenged my stress levels. This has been my second Sober October challenge, and yet I learned a lot about myself each day. My biggest walk away was seeing my strength in will power.

I started this challenge to prove to myself that I can forego alcohol and still be my fun self. Still be happy in my day-to-day. And to see if I could just do it by again. Sober October isn’t just about sobriety, it’s about making positive changes in your life. And though I added in being mindful while eating and being more active along with the sobriety, they were mechanisms to help me stay focused on the health aspect goal of sobriety. It all worked. Each day I thought about what I wanted to achieve and set that for the day’s goal. In the end, what I really wanted was to feel good inside in every way.

I’m pretty proud of myself. ☺️

So now what? Well, short term, I prepped during work Friday making some Halloween treats and my apple floating zombie heads for sangria. Having friends over for a lil celebration where I am definitely going to have a drink or a few. Yeah I know, lame. But- this challenge is over! I am breaking sobriety.

After this weekend though, I have thought seriously about not drinking daily as I had before this challenge. Not drinking at all has really changed how I think. How I look. How I act. But mostly how I feel. I feel so good. Not just my body, but my mind. I have all around clarity and a sense of calm. I’d like to give my try at keeping drinking to a minimum going forward, if for celebrations, weekend fun or a proper unwind as needed. Certainly not daily. I want to continue being be aware and moderate drinking.

And continue learning yoga.

Who knew I’d like yoga as much as I have liked it? Each session invited me to confront my fears of …everything. Looking foolish. Inflexibility. Being inept. Quitting. In turn though, it has been a great experience and I love it.

So. I guess this is it, everyone. 😔 My Sober October journey is over.

Thank you for each comment and every like during this journal period. I was motivated every time I got a notification; knowing there were people following along gave me that good push of accountability each day. I may continue to journal here and there because I did enjoy the venting and babbling.

🙂 till next time. Happy Halloween. Xo

2 thoughts on “Sober October Journal- LAST DAY??

  1. You did it! Congrats, Valeria! I admire your willpower so much. I am considering tossing the evening brew aside for a few days, I always feel better. Enjoy your get together and a couple of drinks. 😎

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