Sober October Journal- day 27

Hello WordPress friends!

Wooo! We are so close to the end, canya feel it!? Actually, I have had a lot of fun writing during this challenge as often as I have, keeping accountable, so thinking that after Saturday this all goes bye bye is sad. 🙁

I know, it isn’t like I can’t keep journaling here even though the challenge will be over.

Maybe I should. Hmm.

Maybe if I had a life? 😆

Anyways… The past few days have been fun. Friday during lunch I did yoga which was the best session yet! It was a stress relief session and I am so proud to share that I can downward dog with ease and my warrior 3 was semi steady! Woo! Warrior 3 (holding my leg up) trips me up because I lose focus on the breathing and focus on my clumsiness. So I get wobbly and fall out of pose. 😂 Thank God I can laugh at myself.

Pre yoga. Ugh my gut. Bahhhh 😡

Friday night we hung out with our friends last minute to watch Borat. We brought over popcorn, some booze and my favorite Italian soda, blood orange aranciata. So good. Per usual, felt weird being sober as everyone else drank spiked seltzers, negronis and ciders. Eh. It really wasn’t a bother but I hate being the only one not drinking. Peer pressure is real, man!! 😉

Borat was super funny. The whole movie was put together so well. And I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. But. We died laughing a lot. I love Sacha Baron Cohen and his ability to get people to show their true colors. Some ignorant losers out there.

Saturday was awesome! We woke up late, woohoo! Since our daughters had their own activities going on for the afternoon, my husband and I went on a date. Which means we ran errands 😂. We went to our favorite garden center nearby to grab more plants and shrubs. Yes, I am a glutton for more planting! We got lucky there because their big end of season sale was in their last week, and we got some good finds!

Our haul. Two low climbers and three Winterberries..a male and 2 females. Lucky shrub huh? 😂

Then we went shopping for some stuff for Halloween. Not sure how many kids will come by but I am stocked with Twix, Kitkats and Mounds. Also, the girls costumes are set for Saturday! My oldest and her friends are going to get dressed as Strawberry Shortcake and friends. My daughter is Strawberry. I know, weird, but they will be super cute as a group. Our youngest is going as the Red Riding Hood’s big bad wolf in grandma’s pjs. I can’t wait to help them get dressed! Oh, and yeah of course, I will be dressing up too. 😆

‼️ I. Love. Halloween ‼️

After shopping we went home to grab the kids to take them out for ice cream at a local farm. When we got back home we decided to decorate our pumpkins. We had six pumpkins- two minis, two sugar pumpkins and two large ones. We like making a mess in this house. Between pumpkin guts and paint, my kitchen looked like a hazard zone. But the results were great.

What a cute group.

Our youngest painted her mini pumpkin black with glitter, and her sugar pumpkin was carved with Tinkerbell. She was happy to use the Dremel to make the pixie dust. Our oldest painted both her pumpkins- one buffalo check and one with flowers. Then I carved one pumpkin with a black cat with a moon and painted the other w a spider.


Today, Sunday, has been a laid back day. We spent most of the day hanging out. Then late afternoon started all the planting. Which was a lot of work. We ended up making some major moves and cleaning up the yard -getting it ready for Winter. We split a few more plants, so I ended up planting 11 plants along with the newbies we bought yesterday. I guess this is what old age is obsession with my yard and gardening.

I’ll take it! 😆

Alrighty, it’s time for me to make dinner. Oh wait! I weighed myself right out of bed this morning, and I am one pound away from my goal number. If I can lose that pound then it will make it five pounds lost; back to a number that I can understand. I feel good and look healthy, all just from not drinking any alcohol and being mindful with my eating and activities. Not so shabby! I’d like to lose a total of 10 lb by Thanksgiving ..if I can focus.

Hey maybe I can journal about that!

Well I do gotta scoot! Thank you for reading! Till next time. Xom

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