Sober October Journal- day 28

Hello everyone!

We are ever creeping to the finish line. Yee!

I am just sitting down from my lunchtime yoga session. I saw the yogi I follow on YouTube Adriene, had a fun Halloween themed class that she posted yesterday so I went with it; which Halloween seems to be the running theme all week as I saw her post something new a minute ago.

The class was ‘Yoga for when you feel dead inside’. (Clever, as I am feeling dead inside.) 😉 She started the session off in eerie makeup as the introduction changed into spooky music. Her big grey dog hung out with her, he looks like a wolf. Just the perfect setting for Halloween yoga. For as cute as the opening sequence was, it quickly turned into a normal session to release the grump inside of me.

There were a few new to me poses, like a serpent pose, a dolphin pose, and what she called a balancing spider pose. It is like a mix of a spider and boat pose. I was looking it up and can’t find what she had called it anywhere. It’s like balancing on your bum holding up your legs up by the shins, but placing your hands on the inside of your legs and floating the legs up while you rock back. That one was tough but made it the whole way. Woo to me! There were a few more poses new to me but she didn’t name those. They were variations of warrior poses and focused on stretching your quads.

The crazy thing that I am learning from yoga is..well, it takes more patience than I realized. And I am a pretty impatient woman. 😂. While starting to learn you try to listen and follow the instructions more than experiencing what you are supposed to feel. After a few sessions you do figure out some breathing patterns and poses, so you are a little bit more at ease but as classes go on you realize there’s so much to learn; because the yogi says a lot of words that make no sense (yoga terms). So you just aren’t as poised or calm as the instructor is and it shows all over your face. But in the end, you feel a rush of energy and a sense of calm. Which is so counterintuitive to what you just struggled through. And that is why you keep trying.

I am proving to myself through every session that I am strong willed. Yeah, I mess up, or can’t understand how to transition so smoothly from pose to pose but I keep going. I am patient with myself and that strength, in my mind and with my body, keep me trying.

I can’t believe what I am about to say ..but I like yoga. 😆

Well, that’s on my mind for now. Thank you for reading! ❤️ till next time. Xo

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