Catching up and Sober October 2020

Hello WordPressland! Remember me? It’s Valeria!

It has been ages since I have written out a blog post – ya know, cuz of having no life in the era of covid19. Eh also, I just didn’t feel right talking about my life while the country and the world was falling apart. Just felt so selfish to talk about the impacts covid19 has had on my life -i.e., work, not seeing family or friends, cancelled trips and projects, or the major changes to learning for my kids. People out there are having it and have had it way worse than I. Actually, as I am typing, I still feel weird that I am here. But here I am.

I still can’t believe we are living through this pandemic. Yes, by the way, if you didn’t realize, the pandemic is still going on and is heading towards wave two in Europe this Fall. I guess I should say that I am grateful to be able to live through this time and am fortunate enough to say those words. Life is so delicate. The world.. man, how I naively thought that there was finally a unifying issue to bring us all together across the globe. Humanity. Compassion. Technology. Previously I thought it was climate change. Boy, I was wrong. How the hell did America get it so wrong? We politicized a virus. People deny science and truth. In the worst of ways too, so we are now at over 200k dead in our country and millions infected. With a virus we still don’t know all the health implications of, ugh. What a disappointment. I liTerally hate how this country reacts to everything now. We are split on the most trivial of matters so we can’t fix issues that tremendously affect us all. It’s ridiculous.

So, because of all that, I just stayed quiet posting what I love (travel pictures) on here rather than indulging in the height of noise.

I thought maybe this would be a good time to break my silence.

So. With covid19, a lot of good happened along with the challenges. My family has always been close but during the stay at home orders a lot of good quality family time was spent. We made special meals and treats, binge watched a lot of series and had movie nights every night. We did the usual, like zooming with friends which basically was drinking on video with friends that turned to us social drink-distancing with friends. On the serious plus of it, however, my kids (namely my tough younger daughter) got along better; my youngest started to see her big sister as an ally rather than competitor. Which has been my biggest parenting issue. My kids are generally great except when my youngest feels the imbalance of attention. Smh. Another plus is that my husband got back to taking care of himself, and started running and intermittently fasting. He has changed a lot, physically and mentally, and I have been continually super impressed.

But for me, well, I just went down the food rabbit hole of doing a lot of cooking… and eating. I stopped working out at home after a month or two and consumed myself with my family life rather than just my own. Resulting in me going from a fairly chubby bunny to a completely fat hare. Shaped more like if a potato was being used instead of sand in an hourglass. Blerg.

Seriously though.

So with my own body shaming, what I am saying and the title of my blog hinted to, it’s almost Sober October and I am going to give it a go again this year. Last year was a great challenge and because I am tired of my covid19 body and mind, I need a good shaking up. I’m here telling you all so I keep some accountability on myself and will try to blog about it more than I had last time. Because I know you guys have missed me so. Haha

Here’s my plan… starting this Monday, because who starts on a Friday? So..starting Monday- I will not drink alcohol, not eat junk food, control my portion intake, and get back to meditating regularly and working out three times a week -body weight and weighted, until October 31. My hope is to kickstart myself back into taking care of ..well, me. I need to push back on myself and my family for ‘my time’ again because I just lost myself somewhere and need her back.

So there we have it. I live in a world of political idiocy and have gotten fat because of it. That’s where I am placing the blame. Haa! And I do apologize ahead of time for my attitude in the coming weeks.

Thanks for reading and for all your support! Xo

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