Halloween 2019

Hey Guys!

I am here! I haven’t forgotten to update my blog with Halloween.  Things have been crazy busy with some personal matters and work, but I have time right now so I jumped on! 

Actually, since writing on here last, things have been going pretty great. Even if busy.  I partied Friday and Saturday nights, and did have cocktails.  The biggest difference though is one was enough each night, where a month ago I’d drink probably 5 (*at a party not just an average day).  I feel like a new light has been lit inside of me, and it’s empowering.  It’s a whole new clarity that I am pretty excited to see move forward. 🙂

Ok ..onto the Halloween festivities!

Halloween Night

This was a fun night. Our oldest dressed up as a VSCO girl, which means she dressed like her normal every day self thinking it was some outlandish costume. (eye roll here)  Our youngest dressed up as Maleficent.  She chose this so last minute, which now thinking about it, it was crazy how she changed her mind every day!  My husband helped me out with the headpiece.  I gathered an old unicorn headband, bubble wrap and black electrical tape.. and he was able to make the horn crown!  It was super impressive to see come to life in person, and it was pretty beautiful.

Yes, I have been wearing it around the house.

Here in our town there was an EEE scare, so they switched up the time earlier.  So I rushed from work to get all of us dolled up, literally rushed, like in fifteen minutes I had all of us done up.  WHAT A FEAT!! haha  So first, I dropped off our oldest daughter up the road to her best friend’s house.  Her plans were to hang out with all of her friends in that neighborhood, then order pizza and watch scary movies (I know, where has the time gone?!).  After I got her settled, I raced back to start handing out candy as my husband walked with our youngest and her friends for the first half of the night.  Our plan was to have my husband go around one section of the neighborhood, then as he crossed back with the girls in front of our house, I would jump in for the rest of the night.

I have to say this was a great decision; which at first, I was unsure of since where we live our house seemed to have been overlooked by the trick-0-treaters in the past because we don’t have sidewalks in the front….even if I’d light up the front with colored lights and candles. But this year?   I ALMOST RAN OUT OF CANDY SO MANY KIDS SHOWED UP!!  There was a great mix of young kids and teenagers, and so many clever costumes.   By the time my husband had circled back to get me, I had gone through three bags of candy!  That is a big deal!!

My husband went with our youngest back to her best friend’s house to barter and do the candy exchange as the time was coming to a close.  The second they left me I had a group of fifteen teenage boys show up for candy!  I WENT THROUGH ALL THE CANDY!

Woo it was so great.

Halloween Party

Saturday night our good friends threw their annual Halloween party, which they mash up with their kids’ birthdays.  It’s a great time, because after all of their family leaves we are left behind to be silly and cause a ruckus.  :)~

Our oldest dressed up as a Pink Lady, and our youngest as a sugar skull.  The best part of this year is that my husband opted in on a couples costume; something he doesn’t normally get into.  This year’s costume was so successful that I think I have changed his mind forever because he brought up ideas for the next following Halloweens! (win for me, folks!)

So, can you tell what we’re dressed as? 


Al and Peggy Bundy!

Maybe some of you closer to our age, or older, may have figured it out.  Most people at the party recognized me right away.  They all loved my wig and fake cigarettes (which blew smoke).

It’s hard being a giant red head in leopard print without being the center of attention! 

Our friends declared me the winner of Halloween this year, so that was pretty fun!  I had a great time playing Peggy, and enjoyed that big red wig a tremendous amount, but so did my husband haha.  I have to up our costume ante next year!!

Here is me, I mean, Peggy, in action..

Now, I tried taking pictures of or with everyone in their costumes, but I ended up stopping when the bday portion of the party ended.  We had a great time partying and feel so fortunate for having such great friends as family.

Hope you enjoyed the silliness.  xo

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