Weighing In #14!

Hi everyone!

I cannot believe how long it’s been since my last post!

We have been so busy with trying to cram as much fun into every second of the day before school started this week.. that I have, unforch, neglected wordpress. Sorry!!  I have been taking every advantage of time, even working from home more than normal, just to have more time with my girls… and the beautiful weather we’ve had. Thank God we have this long holiday weekend coming up to get more time together and maybe a beach day!!

Alsoooooo, cause it’s our 12th Wedding Anniversary on Sunday!  TWELVE YEARS!  I cannot believe it!  So exciting!

So, ok. Weigh in!  I weighed myself last week, and did the best weight loss dance ever, cause I ended up down that .5lbs! Bringing me to that 15lbs loss I wanted this Summer! YES!

But then, I weighed in this morning, and with a touch of disappointment I am here to say..I didn’t lose anything since.  ARG!  I was really trying to not go overboard with all the eating out and splurging we’ve been doing, darn haddock plate and clam chowder obsession!   I guess not gaining is something.  Right?  Ugh, I just feel so blah about this, maybe it’s this gloomy weather today, but I am not going to let this defeat my spirit!

I have felt real good lately, and still ‘shopping’ in my old clothes bins that I stumbled upon three years ago.  I keep forgetting how many cute tops and skirts I used to wear before!  Which is the BEST feeling in the world!  Going into your “someday I’ll fit into these clothes” Tupperware, and trying that one special dress on and it fits!  Such an elation, excitement and motivator not to have to succumb to donating them because they won’t fit!  Even after all this time, I still get giddy when I get a skirt from back then to zip up easily. You know… without having to suck in the gut or lay on the bed sucking it in!  I do have one dress in the bin I haven’t tried on yet, cause I am afraid of the let down of not fitting into it.  It is a dress from my First Anniversary dinner.  A super cute black linen J Crew fit and flare dress that has eyelets peppered all over it and a plunging neckline; but the eyelets are about a quarter size in the shape of palm trees.  I was at my thinnest when I wore that dress, and it was the first time I wore something that made me feel sexy. So, I am waiting till I see a way smaller number on that scale for that fitting. hah

I did give myself a lot of time off from the gym this Summer, like A LOT!  Which I am not sure yet if it was a good idea or not.  heh I guess my first day back will be a good indicator.  But I love work out pains..so bring it on!  I am happy about the girls being in school full-time, because now I can jet to the gym, go for a walk, or take my bike out anytime during my work from home days.  That is a HUGE freedom for me.  Like HUGE!  I haven’t worked from home on a Thursday or Friday without children afoot since August 2005!  This is why I have been joking about how awesome it will be without them at home so much.  I had forgotten that I could just go grab a coffee in five minutes without them home. Wrap gifts anywhere in the house. Shop for stuff online without hassle or fear someone will see what I am doing.  Do you know how many movies they have sat through so I could wrap presents or buy stuff online without them hovering over me?  A LOT! 

Ok, well I gotta get my act together to finish some proposals and then clean up. It’s fantasy football draft at my house tonight, and it’s a late nighter!  I can’t wait to see everyone!



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