Weighing In! #13 and OVERJOYED!!

Lucky Thirteen! (Italians believe 13 is a lucky number.)

I am just going to say it: I AM SO FRAQN HAPPY!  I weighed in this AM and guess what everyone?



I know it seems like nothing, but every pound counts!   And with this loss…I am so ecstatic to say that  I am officially down 62.5 lbs since I started this weight loss journey (March 2010)! And since my recent out loud 2013 challenge, of wanting to lose 15 lbs by this Summer, I have lost 14.5 lbs!  I will make this goal though, I just have to!!!!!

There are a few things I’d like to just bring up since it’s on my mind.  When I got on the scale today and saw this number, I remembered a day in 1998, when my husband and I (back then boyfriend) walked down to the Friendly’s in Melrose near my house.  We made a stop at Hunt’s Drug along the way. I remember what I was wearing, too.  I had on a tight white tee-shirt with the Guess Inc rhinestone logo on the front, and a pair of faded Guess Inc jeans that I had bought from my first few days managing the Guess Inc store. Well, I coManaged Newbury St and the Cambridgeside Galleria stores, which at that time, was a great job. Not great for my wallet, but my wardrobe loved it. I was so happy to own those two items and remember feeling like I was a real adult. (so dumb).

Inside that drugstore was a vintage standing scale, that still worked.  Back in those days, I never weighed myself for the fear of what I’d see, and I had no idea what I weighed.  So, we each hopped on that scale to get a reading. Ugh .. I was a pretty hefty gal, cause that scale’s reading made me depressed. And the kicker and saddest thing of all is that at this very moment, I am 1 lb heavier than that number and I am so happy over it.  hah How funny this is right?  But you know what?  I am so happy that I AM this number that I just don’t give a rat’s butt what it felt like 15 yrs ago.  I am a different person from that day, a totally different person.  The ‘new’ me is this weight. She feels amazing. Is beautiful and isn’t going to let a number get her down..unless it’s higher than this one. hah 😉

That introspective part of myself lately has actually felt happy.  I brought it up in conversation today that my surgery and the weight loss that I have been accomplishing is somehow helping me rediscover myself.  Like all that weight was hiding that real me.  I know this sounds strange, but I feel it’s so true.  I felt so lost, and I am finally being found.

Well, I gotta go clean up the kitchen. It was taco night!  And, my kids like to make their own, so needless to say..it’s a mess. If I had a dog, he’d have a field day eating off the floor.

Love you guys!

Thank you for reading!


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