Weighing in! #5 and Mother’s Day Weekend

Hope all the Mommies out there had a great day, and, weekend!! xoxo

I weighed in this morning before work, and I am pleased. Even if it’s not a big loss. I am down a half pound. I’m taking this as a great win after the weekend I’ve had!

What a great weekend I had! Started on Friday night. My husband surprised me with my Mother’s Day gift on the early a week ago. He got the tickets I hinted to for The Airborne Toxic Event at The House of Blues..which was for this past Friday night. I was so psyched, shocked… and psyched. I love TATE, and was hoping he got my hints.

Before the show, we went to eat at the Eastern Standard Kitchen on a whim; my favorite Kenmore restaurant. They make the most amazing drinks; vintage drinks are their speciality. One drink I like, more than any other on the planet, is an Old Cuban from there. It is an amazing drink. Minty. Rummy. Sparkly ..just the all around goodness you dream of. We treated ourselves to a round or four, and had a fantastic dinner. Ate and drank with reckless abandon. Then we walked over to Lansdowne to La Verdad for some sangria, beers and more silliness. First time there, and it was, uhm, interesting. Decor was sorta blech and dark; the bartender was strange; and the sangria wasn’t all that great. But! I was already happy off the Old Cubans, sat and drank it anyway. There was an awesome fight in the lady’s room though, so there was that.

Out on Lansdowne before hitting La Verdad.

Going to a rock show stuffed and happy on rum…is highly recommended. Seriously, a good time. This was my first time seeing The Airborne Toxic Event live. I had a blast; they sounded amazing, and put on a great show. Their talent is incredible. Literally, danced and sang the entire time. And then some on the walk to the car, too. I will definitely try to catch them when they come back to Boston again! Best memory, though it is sort of the worst, was when we got to the car after the show, and the battery was dead. Dead. Someone, ahem, my husband, left the lights on and it drained the battery. Thankfully, and luckily, a couple was parked in front of us that also were at the show. They happened to be walking to their car when we realized the car was dead. They helped jump the car and I am grateful to them. It must have been weird for them to get asked though. Cause there I was, sitting in the dark of the front seat of the car with the door open. I’m all melted and ‘fright night’ looking from being at a concert.  My 6’3″ husband is in the back trying to get the jumper cables out of the trunk from the back seats; cause as we found out quickly the trunk doesn’t open without the battery for some reason. It looked like we were waiting to scam someone. So, I am serious when I say I was grateful to them for helping, cause I am not so sure I’d of stopped if it were vice versa! ha!

A note of advice: Always carry jumper cables in your vehicle. And learn to jump a damn car. We both carry a set in our cars, and my husband taught me how to jump a battery when we got married..but the man who helped us..well, we taught him how to do it. hah. Funny memory after a greaat night.

Saturday was a fun day. The girls and I hung out in bed for most of the morning. Just chilling, watching TV and my favorite thing.. zerbiting. I love hearing them laugh, especially my youngest daughter. She is such a little cherub, and her laugh is intoxicating. I crack up laughing like a kid. Then, late afternoon, they had stage dress rehearsals for their big dance recital next Saturday. Unfortunately, the timing for my youngest daughter to be on stage was wrong, and she missed the opportunity. Luckily, she wasn’t terribly upset, and she was happy to watch her sister on stage …while running and jumping around the auditorium with her other ballerina friends, of course. Oh, to be a five-year old without a care in the world.

My oldest waiting for rehearsals.

Watching my oldest daughter on stage always makes me teary eyed though. I think how much she is growing into a little lady. When she first started dance, she was only 3 years old. To see her growing with confidence each year with dance, and to see her knowledge of dance, gives me a slight sadness and happiness mixed into one feeling. It’s tough to see how much she is really growing. Too fast! Right after their rehearsals, we met up with my husband for a dinner out. We let the girls decide where to go, cause the one place we wanted to eat was jammed with a two-hour wait. Which brings me to Saugus again this weekend. OYE! My girls are infatuated with the Kowloon on Rte 1. I am not sure if it’s cause they actually like their Chinese food, or, if they like the kitsch of the place, or, people watching, or throwing money into the fountains. Or to irk me. But they have kick ass scorpion bowls, that I can’t ever, and won’t ever, say no to. So, no complaints here!

Sunday was finally Mother’s Day! YEA!! I had a real great day. Relaxing and fun.  My children and husband made the whole weekend a lot of fun. I felt so loved and appreciated by the time Sunday came around. (And I can not thank you guys enough. I love you!)

I love how excited my girls are for this day every year. We did a countdown all month. I remember being like this as a child with my own Mother, too. Makes me smile so much to live through them every day. They are such an extension of everything wonderful in my life and this world.

And. They let me sleep in till 9AM..yerz, which is awesome and I’ll take that any time.

They woke me up with so many handmade cards, lots of smiles and hugs of joy, and just all around wonderful cheer. It felt so great. My oldest daughter was so proud of her presents. And for good reason, too. They were amazing. She made special wrapping paper , which she drew my face on. Then she wrapped a small bottle of perfume by herself with it. She made a great card, with the most sentimental and heartfelt words. Then she gave me a paper where she created three different puzzles, that I had to fill in at that second. I was so impressed with her puzzle skills. Then a fun drawing she made at school. So awesome.

All the wonderful gifts from my big girl.

My youngest daughter gave me a peanut butter cup the size of a dinner plate, which she kept asking to eat some of. hah NNNooo. She was so excited to show me the soap she made for me at school, too, and all the cards and special messages. She is following in her big sister’s shoes in the creativity department. Then my husband surprised me with a handmade card of his own, which is where the girls get it from, and then i got a gift box with my perfume and body lotion, then a gorgeous arrangement of flowers and a specially delivered latte. 🙂  It was a great morning!

My youngest’s gifts to me.
The front of the card from my husband. He always makes me the most special cards. Love them.

After all the gifts, it was time to get going to one of my favorite restaurants, The Gaslight Brassiere du Coin in the South End. If I could live next to this restaurant feeding off the fumes, I certainly would. I’d be a thousand pounds, after eating three meals a day every day, but I wouldn’t care. I’d be fat and happy…and prob die of heart disease at a young age. I never was a French food eating type of person before going to this restaurant a few years ago..now I am a fiend. Can’t get enough. My girls either. Saturday night, their first choice was the Gaslight, not the Kowloon!! The brunch menu at the Gaslight is always great.  Also, they make amazing drinks.  My favorite being the Madame Lillet.

Right after a fun, delicious and lovely family brunch, we headed to my in-laws to wish her a happy day. Then after about an hour there, we headed to my older sisters’ house down the street to spend the rest of the day with her family and my parents. We chilled out on her sunny patio enjoying sangria, mimosas, and, conversation. The kids played and had a great time. We exchanged gifts. I got so many wonderful things from my Mom and sister; and I appreciate everything. It was a wonderful afternoon spent together, and my children were in heaven at their Zia’s house. My youngest daughter is obsessed with my sister and niece/nephew, that all she seeks to do is go over to play, even when they’re not home.  We got home at 8:30PM, put the girls to bed then chilled out catching up on emails and some TV. I didn’t catch Mad Men last night, which is why I’ve been avoiding FB, and since tonight’s after work plans are not happening, we definitely are going to catch it. Actually..right now!!  Looking forward to it, too!

So, now that you have read about my weekend of eating and drinking, isn’t a half lb loss a big win!?

Yes. It is. ;)~

The girls and I…At the Gaslight
Sitting pretty in their dresses. How cute are these two!?
Late in the afternoon, my Sister (8 months preg), my Mom and me.

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