A Diaper Wreath

This project came to life after my mom and I made my older sister’s diaper cake .  It was such a fun project, and since I was left with a lot of left over diapers, and I mean A LOT!, I wanted to do something more.  I think I counted about 58 diapers left over from that project.  Instead of wrapping them all up plainly, I wanted to do something clever with some.  So, onto Pinterest I went!  <–I love Pinterest! There, I stumbled upon a fun idea…a diaper wreath!  I can do that! So, this is my version of a diaper wreath and how to assemble one.

This project took me no time at all, a touch over an hour.

How to Assemble a Diaper Wreath

What you’ll need:
25 newborn sized diapers -any size should work, the larger the diaper the less you’ll need
20 or so rubber bands
Curling ribbon to cover the elastics
1 wreath form- I bought this twig form at the dollar store!
Decor- I used 3 yards wide satin ribbon and 1 character bath mit.

But the theme possibilities are endless. The ideas I saw on Pinterest were as decorated as the diaper cake, but for this I wanted it to be simple, clean and sweet.

Diaper Wreath- What you'll need
What you’ll need to make a diaper wreath: diapers, a wreath form, and elastics
Diaper Wreath- What you'll need
Cover the wreath form with diapers- this sized wreath took 5 newborn diapers to cover it. Slightly overlaying them and securing them with a piece of tape.  This kept the twigs in place, and fattened up the shape of the wreath to look more substantial if she wants to use it as a decor piece.
Diaper Wreath- What you'll need
Take a diaper as is, with decorated front facing the back- this will create a white wreath.     Open it. (smell it, too. cause pampers newborn diapers smell so frickin good- I miss my babies.)   Fold over the covered wreath form, forming a purse, secure the top with an elastic, and firmly secure it in place by cinching it closer to the wreath.
Diaper Wreath- What you'll need
Continue along folding and overlapping the diapers, covering the wreath, filling in the gaps. I had made one row of ten around first, then overlapped another row of ten on top.
Diaper Wreath- What you'll need
Diaper Wreath complete!
Diaper Wreath
Cover the elastics with a slim ribbon.  I chose white curling ribbon.  Now you can decorate it!
Diaper Wreath
This is the finished wreath hanging on my wall. I took a wide ribbon and twirled it around the wreath then secured it in a large ribbon on top, tying in the bath mit. Voila! Super cute!

Next time someone in my life is having a baby, I am going to make them a diaper project gift.  What a clever idea!

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