On the Fourteenth Day…

Hey WordPress! Hope you have been well.

I am about to leave for pottery, but wanted to take a minute to catch you guys up on things w my husband. Who has been a true champ through all of this.

It has felt like I’ve had three full time jobs at one time dealing with life these past two weeks. Life is a blur. It has been challenging, to say the least, but all worth it after my husband’s great news this afternoon. He saw two doctors today. They felt really good seeing him looking, moving and eating how he has been since discharge. He has been diligently recovering, and listening closely to the doctor’s instructions-improving every day. Better than they could have imagined.

For the first seven days, he went without food. Then on day seven he had clear liquids, like broth, juices, tea and coffee. Then when he got home they gave him clearance to go full liquids, which meant he could have all of what he had before but also soft consistency foods like cream of wheat, pudding, yogurt. Then quickly on Friday they gave him the green light to go to soft foods like over cooked pasta, roasted squashes, and stuff like that. Well today, guess what they said? HE CAN EAT NORMALLY (with very minor exceptions).

He has been waiting to eat normally!

He still has some rashes from the tegaderm bothering him so they prescribed a stronger topical, which is good. Then he still has his stomach port, which will be removed at the next visit. Which is unsightly but this is life, right? They say that procedure is easy but idk how it can be! Crazy.

The best news of all, however. After fourteen days of waiting, the lab was backed up, we finally got word on that tumor they removed. It is ….BENIGN. What a fricken relief! My God I have been secretly holding my breath waiting on the update.

Now he can heal without me treating him like porcelain. 😂

Ok guys, I have to split. Thank you for stopping by to catch up. I am always appreciative of your support.

till next post. xo

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