Valentine’s Fun 2023

Happy belated Valentine’s Day, wordpressers!

Firstly- is anyone watching the Murdaugh Murders trial?? I have been obsessed for 19 days watching this trial. Every day. All day. For those who don’t know about this case, Alex is an influential lawyer who is from a prominent family out of South Carolina. Alex is being tried for the murder of his wife and youngest son; who were shot on their farm property by his family weapons in June 2021.

A lil back story- In February 2019, his youngest son was in a fatal boat accident where he was driving intoxicated which ejected and killed a young woman (his friend) when the boat hit a pylon. This caused the Murdaughs to be sued, for $10MM. In light of these murders, and boat case, he was found to be embezzling money from his law firm which is now part of the State’s charge- that Alex killed his wife and son due to these major financial crimes in conjunction with these life events. There are so many details!

Alex’s behavior in every body cam, post-incident video and now during trial leads me to believe he did the crime, and by himself. Alex had a lot of financial problems, (follow the money), his wife was already estranged living at their beach home, and his son messed up two years before – getting into a fatal boat wreck while driving the boat intoxicated that killed a beautiful young woman. When you watch Alex as they talk about his wife, Maggie, he seems to ‘duper’s delight’ by appearing to laugh or smile while he is ‘expressing grief- and no tears. His emotions seem ingenuine and hollow to me- with minor tears, but again, his physical responses lead me to believe he took him out purposefully to stop the financial bleed (they were being sued for 10MM from the wreck and he was stealing from his firm- hiding it in various places), and he is supposed to be ‘grieving but with some delight behind it. That’s just me reading his behaviors ON TOP of what the state is presenting. This is all circumstantial, but boy what isn’t being said just as severe..

Wow, sorry, ok I have to switch gears or I will keep talking about this case. The trial just broke for lunch so here I am haha. (Obsessed!)

* And guys, just remember how obsessed I am with the Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell’s murder cases – those trials are around the corner. Woo! Justice for Tylee, JJ, and Tammy!

Ok enough enough… let’s talk Valentine’s Day fun!

Feb 11

The Winter blues were creeping up on me and I wanted to shake them off, so I decided the best way to do this was to throw a party. The plans quickly went from creating a regular party into a valentine themed cocktail party. Yee!

Every room in the house was heart studded in pink and red. So pretty. I planned on making heart-shaped apps and desserts, then to have my husband shake valentine themed drinks. It worked out great. We even set up a mocktail station for our non-drinkers and the young adults.

My one suggestion to everybody was to dress in a valentine themed outfit- i.e. in all red, pink, lips, etc. they got the memo, guys, cuz everyone dressed up. So fun!

It was such a fun night!

Unfortunately, yours truly didn’t eat much all day while preparing for the night that I guess I got a tiny teensy bit very much tipsy. So photos from me stopped pretty early and silly videos of me surfaced instead- which will NEVER be posted.

Pottery Class

Then it was Monday, Pottery Day! Idk why I wrote this so excitedly, because this class was such a bummer.

Remember I had two valentines for my kids to pick up? Well they got ruined, possibly fixable, because someone’s piece burst in the kiln. It must’ve not been fired hut glazed. When a piece bursts the clay bounces everywhere and attaches to pieces nearby. So my girls pieces were damaged. The assistant said he could try to fix them but there’s a chance it wouldnt work. Ugh. Hope they’re there Monday. I had taken a pic of the items to show the girls on vday.

After dealing with the kiln ordeal, I had two pieces to work on, the pitcher to trim and pull handle on and to glaze the lemon stenciled piece. Trimming my pitcher took a long time, like most of class and still I had to leave it to finish.. no handle pulling. Emily, the instructor, forgot and was so involved with trimming pots on the wheel … she forgot a lot of things. 🙄 It seems like she loses her mojo every few weeks.

I then underglazed my lemon stenciled piece, yellow over the stencils and turquoise inside but couldn’t finish it. So, had to leave that behind for next week.

A lot was done, but nothing was finished, so I was meh after class. I didn’t take many pictures either as my hands were muddy. Hoping next week’s class is better.

Valentine’s Night

Tuesday was a great day, VALentine’s Day!

I woke up to two dozen antique pink roses by my bed, and lots of hugs and kisses. It may be the second best way to wake up.

I had to work but opted to work from home so I could get some stuff done. Which was perfect. I did yoga in the early afternoon – while watching the trial!-and I was able to set the kitchen table for a surprise. Since the house was still decked out for the holiday it was super easy to get it done. I love to surprise everyone. The table was set in red, with each place set with chocolates and valentines.

It was pretty and sweet. The girls were so surprised after school and couldn’t wait to share the valentines they made for us.

Quickly after my work day, we ran to get ready for our night out. My husband set up a reservation at our local Burton’s Grill, and we had a great dinner together. Lots of silliness and gossip, having girls means this is what we do all the time. Gossip gossip.

We love going to this restaurant, and since we have been eating less red meat these days, I couldn’t wait to get some red meat in my gut 😂 . My daughter started down this path last year or so, and we all decided to eat less red meat collectively, so she wasn’t alone… BUT she doesn’t red meat at all, the rest of us just don’t eat it at home in front of her right now.

Ok the trial’s going to be returning from lunch soon and Id like to hit the gym to watch things while I bike. Yee!

Thanks for stopping by, guys! Your support is always appreciated and I hope you know that. Enjoy your week.

till next post. xo

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Fun 2023

  1. It was nice that you got to prepare all of the Valentine-inspired food. I’ve been watching murder trial movies as a study of minds. There’s this why people do what they do and how they think. Did I just share that? Ok. I am an expressive abstract floral artist. I love nature!

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