Create! Create! Create!

Hey WordPress! Happy Tuesday! How are you?

I waited to post on here today because pottery classes started officially yesterday- delayed a week due to last Monday’s snow storm. In that weeks time, I kept busy with my family, and work, and crafting to carry on my creative vibes. I have been on a crafty kick!

Below you can see some of my latest creations. I made a Valentine’s Day heart for the kitchen. It’s a heart shaped hoop covered in chicken wire then I covered it in preserved flowers. That project led me to take down my dried orange garlands and update some other greenery around- giving the kitchen a Valentine refresh. I also made a small matching swag for next to the stove. Then one night I had found two full sets of linen napkins in my drawers. One set was nicer than the other so I decided to use the lesser quality ones for practice because Id like to jazz up the other set for the upcoming holiday. Then I had a minute one night to hand-sew a heart shaped balloon. And then one morning during a slow time at work, I painted and adorned a large mason jar that I had after I had recalled a project I had seen on Pinterest. It’s a memory jar. Each week (or more times) write down something good that happened to you on a piece of paper, then fold it in half and place it in the jar. Then at the end of the year, NYE night, open up the jar to read all of the great things that happened over the year. It’s like a small nod for grateful wishes.

Ok so let’s talk POTTERY class!!

I am so happy to talk pottery today. Last night was the first class of session 3, and I can’t believe it..but it was the type of class I was dying for from that instructor!!! FINALLY!!

So to back track a minute, there were seven repeat students from last session (which is all due to me and my enthusiasm with everyone tyvm). When we all showed up for class, the instructor immediately separated us from the newbies. Who also had a different first day curriculum! The instructor, Emily, and I am going to just call her by her name from now on, talked to us about her curriculum ideas and for our input. Emily expressed to us that she wanted to cater to our needs and help better guide us above and beyond. Like teaching us how to use the kiln, using some harder techniques and even setting up a recurring students class for Spring and Summer if we were all in it.

Crazy awesome, right?

So, after Emily walked us through her outline, she directed the class on a project (A PROJECT!!). I have been yearning for a real instructor led class project since the first session. Something we could all bounce ideas off each other on and learn something specific. So this project she assigned was to learn slip and glaze stenciling in two stages. One stage was to throw a cylinder vase of a certain spec during this class. Something none of us have done before. Stage two is to create a paper stencil during this week to use on the vase on Monday. She had shown us exactly what to do for the stencil after she showed us some throwing techniques.

Guys, it felt like a real serious class. Like Emily cares about us. 😂 Though we were always getting questions answered during class, we had no direction so we had a lot of questions. It feels like with each new session we sign up for.. she is waking up; maybe our excitement for pottery is reinvigorating her soul?

After a fully informative class, I surprisingly still had time to work on the Valentines for my daughters. I had made them jewelry/ ring plates for their rooms, in case I didn’t mention it last time or anyone forgot. I wasn’t sure this would be a great gift for the girls but the young girl from class, who came back this session- calmed my fears by telling me that if she received a homemade gift from her mom, at any age, that she’d cherish it. 😊. That made me feel good. And I’m excited to see the end results next week. They should fire uber bright and cheerful. At least I hope!

As I did not have time to finish my kitschy spoon, though.. Right now, while I am working and typing here, I am glazing it in my kitchen. I had some glaze left over in those squeeze bottles I have been taking into class. I’m waiting on some glaze to dry as I type. I like this folksy looks and it should be super bright red, bold and different looking. (Since taking that picture I drew a heart in the moddle)

Literally glazing right now! My folksy Vday spoon (decorative only)

So. I am always talking to my husband about the research I do online to understand process and techniques or all that happens in class, he listens intently and is such a great supporter of my happiness.With my last night’s excitable rave about class, he told me that he started browsing around for a pottery wheel (used) for me. 😀 My husband has noticed how much I am loving this class and thought it might be a good idea to think about getting one. He mentioned since we will be going through construction at the house this year, some major changes, that we could make space in the new area of the garage. And maybe get a kiln, too! This conversation got me giddy, I can’t lie, but I have to curb my enthusiasm. But if I could potentially get a wheel and kiln at home by the end of the year or even next year I would be so happy!! Gah. I want to practice as much as possible.

I love getting dirty w the mud!

Well, guys, that’s my post for today. I hope my creativity kick keeps going! Just like I hope Emily keeps feeling inspired to take the reigns in class leading us along. It seriously was a great class.

Thank you for stopping by to read along. I always appreciate your support. Have a great rest of your week. 😊

I will definitely update everyone each week with what’s going on now that class is back in session.

till next post. xo

3 thoughts on “Create! Create! Create!

  1. Hi Valeria! Before you know it you’ll have a kiln and wheel at home! I like your enthusiasm for the hobby, we all need a hobby. You are a very crafty person, enjoy it! ☺️

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